Emma Zunz On January 14, , when Emma Zunz returned home from the Nine or ten smudgy lines covered almost the entire piece of paper; Emma read. Known for creating complex stories full of irony and psychological puzzles; The short story “Emma Zunz” is based on the plot of a transcript draft. Returning home from the Tarbuch and Loewenthal textile mills on the 14th of January, , Emma Zunz discovered in the rear of the entrance.

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After having lunch, she lay down and, eyes closed, recapitulated the plan she had plotted. With Elsa and with the younger of the Kronfusses, she talked about which eenglish they would go to on Sunday afternoon. The man led her to a door, then to a murky entrance hall and afterwards to a narrow stairway and then a vestibule in which there was a window with lozenges identical to those in the house at Lanus and then to a passageway and then to a door which was closed behind enflish.

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Los buques suicidantes Lot No. She did not sleep that night and when the first light of dawn defined the rectangle of the window, her plan was already perfected. October 14, Leigh. She squeezed the trigger twice. Deeblog book reviews, film reviews, translations, essays. Perhaps it consoled her to affirm, in the insipid hustle and bustle of the streets, that what happened had not contaminated matters.

She entered two or three bars, noted the routine or technique of the other women.

January 22, Jeff. But things did not happen that way. On the lamp table was the money the man had left. April 22, deeblog. I never would have understood it wmma this just reading dmma in spanish. Before Aaron Loewenthal, more than the urgency of avenging her father, Emma felt the urgency of punishing the outrage she had suffered because of him.


She was afraid that one man, very young, would fill her with tenderness, so she opted for another, coarse and perhaps shorter than she was, for whom the pureness of the horror would not be mitigated. Engliah the little night table was the money that the man had left: April 22, alexia. The man, a Swede or a Finn, did not wmma Spanish; he was a tool for Emma as she was for him, but she was serving joy and he justice.

Loewenthal did not know that she knew; Emma Zunz derived from this slight fact a feeling of power. Her voice was trembling; the trembling suited an informer. She got that day, which to her seemed interminable, to be like the others. May 27, deeblog. October 15, deeblog. May 27, happy happy. She hangs out with her friends, goes to the sports club, and has a stable job at the Loewenthal factory.

Not out of fear but because of being an instrument of Justice she did not want to be punished. You are commenting using your Facebook account. She thought she could not but think that her father had done the horrible thing to her mother which they were now doing to her.

Emma Zunz by Jorge Luis Borges

Francis of Assisi St. In the growing darkness, Emma cried until the end of the day of the suicide of Manuel Maier, who was Emanuel Zunz in the old, happy days. She entered two or three bars and saw the routine and manners of other women. High praise, EllJee, you are too kind! Then they talked about boyfriends and no one expected Emma to speak.


April 5, enblish.

She thought with faint astonishment and immediately took refuge in her vertigo. One attribute of the infernal is its unreality, an attribute that at once mitigates and aggravates its terrors.

Emma Zunz by Jacqueline Tris

The evil words did not slacken; Emma had to fire again. Well-written, true to the original syntax and flow.

This was an adequate translation, thanks for the help: Even fish do it — Male fish trick rivals when mating. Ripley film The Talented Mr.

“Emma Zunz” by Julia Skoczylas on Prezi

March 1, kaity. An excellent translation of Borges’ work. Her first impression was of a weak feeling in her stomach and in her knees; then of blind guilt, of unreality, of coldness, of fear; then she wished that it were already the next day. Things did not happen the way Emma Zunz had foreseen them. More importantly she leaves her values and morals of purity to execute her revenge. Tearing money is an impiety, like throwing away bread; Emma repented the moment after she did it. Kaity, you’re very welcome and thank you for your comments.

I love this translation it is the best and thanks for saving me time. Thank you, Katie, for your comments. At what time apart from this time, in what perplexing disorder of unconnected and atrocious sensations did Emma think but once of the death that motivated her sacrifice?