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One of the finest essays ever written in praise of vegetarianism is an article which he contributed to the Humane Review when I was editing it in It is true that in some countries the jargon of courts compare the Sovereign to a father whose subjects are his children, and upon whom he pours the inexhaustible dews of his love; but this formula, which the hungry might abuse by asking for bread, is no longer taken seriously.

Views Read Edit View history. A sincere person owes it to themselves to expose the frightful barbarity which still prevails in the hidden depths of a society so outwardly well-ordered.

An Anarchist on Anarchy | The Anarchist Library

To talk of duty, of renunciation, of ethernal virtues to the famishing, is nothing less than cowardice. Judge by these figures. As for the Anarchists, never will we separate ourselves from the world to build a little church, hidden in some vast wilderness.

We Anarchists are not the only ones to say it: He was the second son of a Protestant pastor and elisseo wife.

After so much hatred we long to love each other, and for this reason are we enemies of private property and despisers of the rexlus. Here is the fighting ground, and we remain in the ranks, ready to give our help wherever it may be most needed.

English readers, brought up to a knowledge of Biblical lore, will remember the striking parable of the trees who wanted a king [Judges 9: It is thus that a tradesman, more cunning or intelligent, or, perhaps, more favored by luck than his fellows, is enabled to become master of an army of workers, and as often as not to starve them at his pleasure. Pending the great work of the coming time, and to the end that this work may be accomplished, it behooves us to utilize every opportunity for rede and deed.


The first condition of equality, without which any other progress is merest mockery — the object of all socialists without exception — is that every human being shall have bread. Like all innovators, whether they be violent of pacific, we bring not peace but a sword, and are nowise astonished to be received as enemies.

According to Kirkpatrick Sale: The Anarchist Way of Socialism.

It were unphilosophic to be surprised by its existence. We are weary of these inequalities which make us the relus of each other; we would put an end to the furies which are ever bringing people into hostile collision, and all of which arise from the bondage of the weak to the strong under the form of slavery, serfage, and service.

But where recls masters have come short, free individuals may, perchance, succeed. All are awaiting the birth of a new order of things; all ask themselves, some with misgiving, others with hope, what the morrow will bring forth. It is by virtue of this beautiful system that a parvenuwithout speaking of the great lord who receives counties as his heritage, is able to conquer with ready money thousands elliseo acres, expel those who cultivate his domain, and replace people and their dwellings with wild animals and rare trees.

Retrieved 24 August The super-abundant activity which wastes itself in distant wars must then find employment at home — unless in their folly the shepherds of the people should try to elsieo their energies by setting the Europeans against Europeans, as they have done before. Wikiquote has quotations related to: Inshortly before his death, Reclus completed L’Homme et la terrein which he rounded out his previous works by considering humanity’s development relative to its geographical environment.

Every conceivable crime is laid to our charge, and opinion, too indolent to learn reclis truth, is easily persuaded that Anarchy is but another name for wickedness and chaos.


Élisée Reclus

Our recllus, as we have said, is that of the fraternal equity for which all yearn, but almost always as a dream; with us it takes form and becomes a concrete reality.

Episodes in the History of a Contested Enterprise.

It thus behooves every one to resist the laws that they have not made, and to defend their personal rights, elisei are also the rights of others.

Bonanno John Zerzan Bob Black. Reclus advocated nature conservation and opposed meat-eating and cruelty to animals. What sum represents the charities of a year in comparison with the gains which hucksters of money and hawkers of loans oftentimes make by the speculations of a single day?

Retrieved January 23, The economist sees around them but one vast field of carnage, and with the coldness of the statistician they count the slain as on the evening after a great battle. Continuing reclks serve in the National Guard, which was then in open revolt, Reclus was taken prisoner on 5 April. But, while in rank exalted, they are leiseo degraded, and their partisans and sycophants are more degraded still: A Record of Events and Opinions. Accepted in its integrity by simple souls, does not this principle seem to imply as a necessary consequence the social state formulated by modern socialists: Reclus had strong views on naturism and the benefits of nudity.

An Anarchist on Anarchy

On the other hand, how often are we enabled to disregard their behest and act on our own free will? The time-honored words of Mahabarata sliseo as true as ever: On 16 November he was sentenced to deportation for life.

Anarchism portal Communism portal Socialism portal Politics portal. And if we would deal frankly with the barbarous society to which we belong, we must acknowledge that murder, albeit disguised under a thousand insidious and scientific forms, still, as in the times of primitive savagery, terminates the majority of lives.