by. Elijah Anderson. · Rating details · ratings · 10 reviews. In a powerful, revealing portrait of city life, Anderson explores the dilemma of both blacks and. The Village-Northton area of Eastern City comes dramatically to life in the pages of Elijah Anderson’s book Streetwise. While the sights, sounds, smells, and. STREETWISE: Race, Class, and Change in an Urban Community. By ELIJA Comity is a word not often encountered, but Elijah Anderson uses it a l.

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About Contact News Giving to the Press. Anderson reveals how real estate and property values impact communities once black people “move in” as well as the injustice that occurs within real estate markets that utilize the black culture as a means to make financial decisions.

I will scan his bibliography, though, and save that for future readings. The issues that Streetwise delve into are interesting – I found the discussion on the impact of crack on the community, the addictiveness of crack and how rapidly it can wreak havoc on an individual and the community particularly vivid and affecting. Maybe its what sociologists do, but you get the impression people were talking candidly with the author without knowing they were the subject of a study and their lengthy comments would be published verbatim.

Moral Politics George Lakoff. Streetwise explores the different facets of life in Village-Northton – the changing demographics of the two neighbourhoods, the impact of drugs in the Northton ghetto, sex, family and public safety, etc; one chapter of the book is devoted to the topic of street etiquette and street wisdom.

But I felt that the book could have been structured more tightly. Vivid, unflinching, finely observed, Streetwise is a powerful and intensely frightening picture of the inner city.

Streetwise: Race, Class, and Change in an Urban Community

The author was a Penn professor when he wrote the book, so as you can imagine it both downplayed and put a positive spin on the University’s central and controversial role in the inevitable gentrification. Elijah Anderson holds the William K. In a powerful, revealing portrait of city life, Anderson explores the dilemma of both blacks and whites, the underclass and the middle class, caught up in the new struggle not only for common ground—prime real estate in a racially changing neighborhood—but for shared moral community.


Nov 25, James rated it did not like it. Rruzanic rated it liked it Nov 11, You slijah purchase this title at these fine bookstores.

Streetwise: Race, Class, and Change in an Urban Community, Anderson

Despite writing inwhich stretwise some of his arguments incomplete in hindsight, Anderson makes a compelling case that many of the present-day social problems affecting African Americans, from andereon violence to criminal justice dysfunction, are rooted very much in those initial structural changes, and the misguided public reaction to them.

Laurie Neighbors rated it really liked it Sep 19, Amber rated it really liked it Dec 18, Books by Elijah Anderson. Jenny Justice rated it it was amazing Mar 24, As it turns out, Streetwise, contrary to what its title suggests although the subtitle notes that the book is about “Race, Class and Change in an Urban Community”is really an ethnographic study of two communities in the so-called Eastern City probably Philadelphia that Anderson code-names the Village and Northton.

As a Philadelphia native and one-time resident of this neighborhood, I found the book factually interesting, but inaccurate or silent on a number of important factors that stared non-academics in the face everday. Amy rated it liked it Jul 18, Streetwise shows how de-industrialization, and the subsequent disappearance of a stable and functional labor market for unskilled poor workers, have eroded the social pillars of entire urban neighborhoods.

I found the notions of what Anderson termed “street etiquette” and “street wisdom” intriguing, where “street etiquette” refers to the set of informal rules that govern our behaviour in public – rules like not staring at strangers, subtly adjusting the trajectory of one’s path to accommodate oncoming pedestrians on the sidewalk, etc.

Jul 10, b bb bbbb bbbbbbbb rated it it was ok Shelves: University of Chicago Press: A first-rate piece of social science, and a very good read. Anderson additionally examines the socioeconomic impact and hopelessness that exists in t Anderson clearly exposes and reveals the race relations between blacks and whites as well as the wealthy, middle class, and poor communities as gentrification elijha and expands in American urban areas.

The Police and the Black Male 8.

Jorji Abalde rated it it was amazing Jul 13, Jan 02, Jamel Cato added it Shelves: Blacks and whites from elijan variety streetwize backgrounds speak candidly about their lives, their differences, and their battle for viable communities.

A thorough exploration of a difficult subject, based on years of living in a transitional neighborhood, wonderful interviews and scholarly reflection. Case study of the slow gentrification of a Philadelphia neighbordhood adjacent to the University of Pennsylvania.



Some of this is a bit dated, but it’s still I finally finished this. There’s firsthand accounts by the community members that don’t really add much to the book; but I did like the way gender, race, and class distinctions are sharply investigated and deconstructed here.

Where Streetwise differentiates itself from most other works on poverty is that it is not so much interested in these big picture trends, but rather on how they impact day-to-day lives at the neighbourhood level, through social and cultural norms. Northton is a ghetto while the Village is a more prosperous, racially mixed community. Cody Kral rated it it was amazing Apr 11, The Northton Community 3.

Jayde rated it it was ok Nov 13, eijah Jan 20, Morgan rated it it was ok Shelves: Some of this is a bit dated, but it’s still relevant to urban life today. Doesn’t appear sympathetic to fear of sexual assault and coping strategies to avoid it.

It shouldn’t have taken me this long, but sociological nonfiction studies are not my preferred genre. Karisa Blake rated it liked it Oct 24, There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Outside the USA, see our international sales information. Streetwise is a wonderful, seminal work of urban ethnography that helped define the discipline and changed our understanding of poverty and racism in anderon American city.

Tanya rated it it was amazing Jan 03, All that was a very lengthy introduction to give context as to why I’d picked up Streetwise in the first place and why I was excited to read it. A tiny bit stuffy, even though it was published in 92 its got a strange 80’s feel.

Streetwise is, in sum, an indispensable book to help us understand the inner city. Much of the focus of Streetwise is actually on Northton, with the Village making the odd cameo in the book after its appearance in Chapter 1 of the book titled “The Village Setting” and Chapter 5 “In the Shadow of the Ghetto”.