Oleg Jefimenko Electrostatic Motors FULL BOOK 75p – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or view presentation slides online. Electrostatic. OLEG D. JEFIMENKO West Virginia University. Electrostatic M o t o r s. Their History, Types, and Principles of Operation —. With many illustrations, of which power electrostatic motors can transfer to demonstrate their usefulness and utilize the by Professor Oleg D. Jefimenko and graduate students in the ‘s.

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For example, a electdostatic sharp point can draw electric current from the surrounding air at a rate of only about a millionth of an ampere. Why not tap the field motosr supplement conventional energy resources? Discovered by Ben Franklin in the 18th century, electrostatic motors are an all-American invention. We drilled out the old hub and cemented in a new one — this time, carefully. To make wiring simple, we used standard connectors on the Wimhurst collectors, and meter leads with regular banana plugs and alligator clips to hook up the motors.

Oleg D. Jefimenko

Strongly charged carnauba-wax electrets are available commercially, along with other electrostatic devices, from the Electret Scientific Company P. Jefimenko worked jefmienko the generalization of Newton’s gravitational theory to time-dependent systems. Unshielded electrets attract neutralizing ions from the air and lose their charge within hours or days. Nevertheless his example calculations are important basic references to the topic of Faraday induction.

The imbalance was only a fraction of an motorss — but it was too much. When Franklin placed opposite charges on the top and bottom films and gave the rotor a push, the machine ran just as well as his first design, and for the same reason. An electret is a sheet or slab of waxy dielectric material that supports an electric field, much as a permanent magnet carries a magnetic field.


Evidence of that is the fact that EM waves are widely held to be propagated by the E field creating the H field and the H field creating the E field as it goes along. And like a magnet, it can be used to build a motor. Corona motors require no brushes or commutators. Jefimenko worked for the development of the theory of electromagnetic retardation and relativity.

If you like clear edges, you can buff them on a wheel and the whole thing becomes transparent.

Oleg D. Jefimenko – Wikipedia

Jefimenko has demonstrated a similar motor that was designed to turn at a rate of about 60 revolutions per minute and develop a millionth of a horsepower on a foot antenna having a small polonium probe at its upper end. Effective cylinders can be formed inexpensively out of plastic sewer pipe.

Never fly the balloon in a city or in any other location where the antenna can drift into contact with a high-voltage power line. Notwithstanding the problem of handling potentials on the order of a million volts without effective insulation materials, Jefimenko foresees the possibility of at least limited application of corona power machines.

Air conducts reasonably well at that potential. The bearings that supported the pivots were salvaged from the escapement mechanism of a discarded alarm clock.

It described an electrostatic motor fitted with a rotor that carried no electrodes. The weight in pounds that a helium-filled balloon of spherical shape can lift is roughly equal to a quarter of the cube of its radius in feet.


The shaft can be made of plastic that turns in jefimmenko bearings.

As Jefimenko points out, a limiting factor of the corona motor is its required minimum potential of 2, volts. These are truly books full of thought-provoking new ways of looking at tired old physics!

Motorss charged particles floating through the air charge the surface of the palstic disk nearby. This rotor is sandwiched between four semicircular sectors that are cross-connected [ see illustration ]. The distances between the electrodes and the electrets were needlessly large, so that the forces of attraction and repulsion were needlessly weak.

It is conceivable that such motors could replace the complex installations now needed for converting the high-voltage d.

He was trying to develop and expand Newton’s theory, making it compatible jefimrnko the principle of causality and making it applicable to time-dependent gravitational interactions. Reviewing the history of electrostatic machines, Jefimenko came motosr a paper published in by Johann Christoff Poggendorff, a German physicist. When we crank up the electrostatic motor at the top of this page, people always want to know what makes it run.

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