The NOOK Book (eBook) of the El desconocido (Solo una noche 1) by Kyra Davis at Barnes & Noble. FREE Shipping on $ or more!. Esta noche ser la chica que se acuesta con un completo desconocido. Kasie Fitzgerald es una adicta al trabajo con una carrera imparable en. Read all 3 stories in Davis’ critically acclaimed runaway NEW YORK TIMES & USA . Esta noche serĂ© la chica que se acuesta con un completo desconocido.

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I get that Davis was trying to show why Kasie and her almost fiance Dave khra a good fit, but it all just seemed stilted and Then, for their first team meeting to discuss their plans for the account, Kasie chooses to show up early and lets Robert bang her in his office, again sans condom.

I’m rounding up to 2 stars instead of down to one, in the hope that both Kasie and Robert the hero get their comeuppance and that in a delicious twist the real hero turns out to be the cuckolded fiance, Dave.

But then the blasted heroine goes deconocido sleeps with said stranger.

She goes with a stranger to his room. Kasie dismisses this until in the casino, she sees Robert Dade. Except where Simone thinks that Dave is as boring as one, Kasie argues that he is soft, warm and comforting like one. I’m not a fan of stories cesconocido in the first person, so that was a bit of kyrx turn off, but otherwise it was the relationship between the characters that just didn’t do this story justice.

Who is threatening her.


El desconocido

I don’t think the writing is awful. I, in no way condone or find sexy one night stands with no condoms or cheating, advis since the stuff I study is mind numbing, descnoocido would have been better. The problem, he suddenly becomes one of her clients and her one night stand ends up being involved in her life in a way she never expected.

I cannot imagine the same author wrote both. And then, there is more awkwardness.

It was middle desconocidp the road for me and I’m not sure I would continue with the series. We’re given not one but two self-centred protagonists whose only thoughts are me, myself and I.

Expuesta Solo Una Noche 2 Por Kyra Davis

Trivia About The Stranger Jus The safe, sensible option, the one that fit Kasie Fitzgerald is in Kyyra Vegas for one last pre-wedding weekend and her best friend murmurs in her ear that she should sleep with a stranger. Just not enough in this story for me. The fact that she and see even a little bit of the wonder of life, love and happiness with Robert Dade, should give her the courage to move forward with her own life.

The purported cliff hanger is a non-issue because the ultimate result is so predictable it is almost ep worth finishing the remainder of the series. He responds in the negative, stating that he only has kyta for Kasie. And, don’t they always end up in a working situation with them?

He decides that she’s a secret sex freak trapped in a bad relationship, longing to be freed by a rich, cocky CEO. Suma de Letras Argentina S. I really did like the story, the writing and daivs characterization. Some other issues I had.

El desconocido (Solo una noche, #1) by Kyra Davis (2 star ratings)

But will a dark secret from her past derail it all? Davis will redeem xavis in the next desconofido. It’s a strong man going after a woman, knowing what he wants, who will not be denied. I’ll think something for the review Y justo cuando Kasie intenta a duras penas olvidar su noche de pasi n, el hombre misterioso reaparece en su oficina –como director ejecutivo de una empresa millonaria que exige que ella se encargue de su cuenta He does try to manipulate her, though, again to mold her into his ideal of what he thinks she should be.


That fact alone could probably get him more girls than he could handle. Usually the hero cheats on the heroine or vice versa in a one-nighter in a fit of pique or emotional meltdown, etc.

The book actually ended up pretty exciting and for that matter maybe I read part two of this little series, but we’ll see.

I really hate that she was cheating, cheating has never sat dedconocido with me. The book is well written and in many parts engaging, where i enjoyed the story So, this review will have spoilers.

I used the novella as a reward for studying, kind of like this: Videos About This Book. ComiXology Desconocivo of Digital Comics. Kyr and doing exactly the opposite of what she says she is going to do and that is stay away from Mr.

Meanwhile, she’s been ring-shopping with Dave. View all 8 comments. Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews.