Problemas del realismo – Georg Lukács El asalto a la razón. La trayectoria del irracionalismo desde Schelling hasta Hitler – Georg Lukács. by Lu ka qi; Georg Lukacs.; Wang jiu xing.;. Print book. Chinese El asalto a la razón: la trayectoria del irracionalismo by György Lukács · El asalto a la razón . (). Introduccion General a la Historia de Derecho. Barcelona, Gedisa. LESSIG , , , , , LUKACS, Georg. (). El asalto a la razon.

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One potter will resent another, one carpenter the other, beggar envies beggar and singer envies singer. Nietzsche had fl acquired this status before the first imperialist world war, and he retained it even after the second. For Nietzsche, biology was one of the means of arguing and making concrete on quasi-scientific lines an essential element in his methodology.

The Destruction of Reason by Georg Lukacs

Deutsche Philosophie Im Xix. True, remnants of Romanticism from Schopenhauer, Richard Wagner are still palpable in the young Nietzsche. The fact that everything recurs is the very nearest approach of a world of Becoming to the world of Being razin a lulacs peak.

Here his opposition to the revolutionary traditions of bourgeois development is quite plainly perceptible. So the systematic framework has not disappeared. Since such commentators as Kaufmann e. So as to avoid repetition, we shall pick out only the motives which complement these statements, and which, indeed, became very significant for the development of the militantly reactionary world-view in the imperialist age.

This simulated keeping in step with needs of the times which diverted attention from objective realityalong with a mythicizing of history in nature and society leading not only to the emergence of other reactionary evolutionist contents and aims, but also to the self annulment lukacss evolution in the mythical presentation — this was the most fundamental intellectual attainment of Nietzsche the irrationalist.


It must deliberately restrain itself from reverting to one of its old forms, and must have not only the intention but also the means of preserving itself from all repetition The ideological consequences of these events were very widespread. Not that Nietzsche by now had acquired clear ideas on politics and more particularly on their underlying economics; we shall soon see his naive ignorance when it came to the latter. laa

Scientifically speaking, this methodology has not geoorg since the famous fable of Menenius Agrippa. The Left saw the problem thus: Firstly, an oscillation between the most acute feeling for nuance, the keenest over sensitivity, and a suddenly erupting, often hysterical brutality is always an intrinsic sign of decadence.

As early as the Joyful Science he treated Darwinism with irony on account of its plebeianness: Of course we razom find many latecomers — especially in literature and art — for whose work this thesis by no means holds good we need only to mention Dickens and Keller, Courbet and Daumier.

All those seeking to absolve Nietzsche from any connection with Hitler now cling to the assertion that his racial concept was utterly different from the Gobineau Chamberlain-Rosenberg view. On the one hand, we read in his Zarathustra notes: His whole epistemology was for him just one weapon in the main battle against socialism.

In the pseudo-objective form of myth, the bourgeoisie countered real evolution with wishful thinking. Sign in to use this feature.

Die Zerstörung der Vernunft der Weg des Irrationalismus von Schelling Zu Hitler

There is so much uncertainty in the end that men will kow-tow to any old will power that issues the orders. Significantly, all that comes afterwards is the antithesis which was decisive for Nietzsche at the asaltk of his career: If it is slaves we want, we are fools to raise them as masters.


Hitler and Finland — At that time, the injustices of feudal-absolutist society were driving high-principled men into crime, and the study of such criminals constituted an attack on that society.

And hence its content embraced every area of human life and thought; it extended from the most general questions of philosophy and epistemology to the fields of ethics and aesthetics. The chief manifestations of decadence he perceived quite correctly: This further helps to explain why the ideological struggle against Marxism took place on an incomparably lower level than did, in its own day, the reactionary irrationalist critique of Hegelian dialectics.

In the second part of Human, All-Too-HumanNietzsche maintained that ggeorg would of all parties profit most from the general dread of socialism, asatlo he concluded: Much as the basic objectives accorded with the ideological outlook of the parasitical intelligentsia, to voice them in a systematic, brutal and open fashion would have repelled a wide and not insignificant circle.

But in the case of honest intellectuals, these often turned into sincere despair and a consequent mood of revolt Asaltoo, etc.

There follows a critique of Guyau, ibid. This Eris is beneficial for mankind. Although backward-looking inferences inevitably resulted from their critique, which was only partially accurate, their correct critical observations lq of significance in the history of philosophy nonetheless. With regard to the former, we have already touched on the most important social happenings of this period.