Seeing Photographically- Edward Weston. The author spends a lot of time explaining just how different and unique photography is. Edward Weston begins his essay by stating that all art forms have their limitations imposed on them by their tools, materials or the processes. I read Edward Weston’s “Seeing Photographically” essay years ago. But I only came to grasp its meaning this year as I was taking a digital.

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The technical process of photography, from the moment an individual decides to take a photograph until the development of it, needs time, effort, and personality.

He tells us that, while the rules of composition are important they should not be a straight-jacket. It takes skill to achieve a great image without the luxury of time to correct, add to, or fix the pieces, which painting and sculpting allow. You can always continue to create and play with different techniques and refine your skills. Does the device at that point become the artist?

Prompt 2 – Edward Weston “Seeing Photographically”

It is these photographs that stand with the best contemporary work of the time. One of the points made I found useful was although paintings and drawings can be astounding, photography partakes more in nature such that there are no lines, but rather tiny particles that create the image.

This perpetuates the notion that it is an easy process when in fact, the opposite could not be more true as exemplified by Edward Weston. Each type of media has unique attributes to them that coincides with the creative process.

September 21, at 5: Photographixally least to the point of competency, at which point you can decide if that look suits you and the work you like to create. This process has definitely gotten easier as I continue to shoot. If an artist has an idea in mind, he or she has no reason to refrain from creating that desired image.


Although creative expressionism can create limitations, I believe that it is still a useful tool in expressing oneself as the reading states. However, photographers must capture a moment in time that can’t be changed, which is why photographers must have the ability to see photographically.

It is only recently that I have begun to change my opinion and style by reading about and experimenting with ultra long exposure photography and Intentional Camera Movement Photography and studying the work of people who specialise in these genres. This offers a simple idea that in other forms of art such as architecture, drawing, or painting, an artist may take years until they decide their work is completed.

It is truly personal growth. January 30, at wesfon I believe in this a lot. I thought this was very informative and made me think about my relationship with photography and how it has changed over these last ewston of years.

In a world where most photographers mimic paintings with their art, he wants to produce a realistic representation. I think the human eye acts as our camera first, then the actual camera is what allows us to make a photograph of it. I Found Edward Westons Article very interesting and enlightening. With other art forms sculpting, painting, etc. Moreover, creativity, artistry, uniqueness, and originality.

But as time progresses, you will feel more comfortable with your camera, the development process, and how to compose your exposure to get the perfect image. He mentions that saying photography photographjcally not art simply because it uses a machine is like vocalists telling musicians that what they are doing is not music because they are utilizing instruments.

Nature of the Recording Process. Outside of the immediate settings of the camera, you must also think about the processes performed in the photo lab necessary to create the pre-visualization of the image. January 30, at 4: Composition is an important element of photography. When this tension is destroyed from things such as the enlargement eeston, the integrity of the photograph is destroyed.

Interactive Media: Seeing Photographically- Edward Weston

The process of instantaneously capturing an image in seconds is so finite and requires a person to view the world photographically. You are photohraphically using your WordPress. Email required Address never made public. Once the photo is taken, it is taken and that is how it is. In addition to the above discussion, I also found Weston’s description about the two basic factors in the photographic process that set it apart from other graphic arts to be really enlightening.


You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Weston urged photographers to carefully frame their subjects. So when possible, I return to sites to re-look. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

Unlike other mediums, a photographer must set up the composition in their mind and know how to strategically work with their surroundings before the click of a button permanently records the moment. I thought it was interesting that he mentioned how early photography was not seen as an art form simply because it was the product of a machine photographhically not an artist.

I believe that is what virtual reality needs today.

Fundamentals of Interactive Media: Edward Weston’s Seeing Photographically

February 7, at 8: Overall, from my own experience, I truly support the idea that learning how to see photographically is not easy. My new training encouraged me to zoom in on those details.

Seing goes wesgon to say that it was commercial photographers, those taking commercial portraits, recording the Civil War or documenting the opening up of the American frontier who practiced photography for its own sake and not as an art. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Email required Address never made public. You can not teach creativity. Overall, the article aims to show how the methods of photography differ from that of painting and the other arts that exist.