MP40 Data Sheet, application/pdf, MB, 08/06/ VorTech MP40w ES Propeller Pump Gen 2 MP40 Manual, application/pdf, MB, 10/27/ Your vortech propeller pump before you start, Adjust the pin spacer • Read online or download PDF • EcoTech Marine Gen 2 MP40 User Manual. MP40w ES. MP10 ES/ MP10w ES. For the full VorTech Pump manual, please visit our website at • Read this manual before installing .

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However, the precise position of any one pump on a pane of glass is still something which must be optimized to your particular aquarium. Appendix Page 43 – Section 8.

Page of 44 Go. Assigning Local Max Speed t When turned on, the option button can be used simultaneously with either the set or mode buttons to perform certain configurations. Take care to place the VorTech in a suitable location where corals are not directly in the line of flow.

If none of this works, contact EcoTech Marine to speak with a service represenative. You may setup a maximum of seven separate groups, each having a unique master pump.

EcoTech Marine Gen 2 MP40 User Manual | 10 pages

Page 34 For this tank we recommend that you place the master pump running an EcoSmart mode on the right end of the back pane of glass, and a slave pump on the left side. Specifications and Operating Parameters. Ecotfch Your EcoSmart Driv Maintenance Pump Disconnect Error Protection The VorTech pump can automatically shut itself down in the event that a motor and wetside de- couple from one-another. This can result in death of your fish and coral inhabitants. This example would be the startup sequence for Firmware Revision 1.


Both Drivers now have th same Firmware. Table Of Contents Section 4. Advanced EcoSmart Pump Positioning The dim LEDs showing the speed setting. WWD driver to your new EcoSmart driver.

The nozzle should become free of the wet frame. Once you have chosen the location where you wish to install your VorTech pump, clean away any algae, calcified or otherwise, using a razor blade. Other Modes This can result in death of your fish and coral inhabitants.

Maual Configuration of EcoSmart Modes.

The EcoTech Marine Battery Backup sold separately combined with your VorTech pump is a unique accessory which greatly improves your mmanual of emerging from a power outage condition without any loss of livestock. During the firmware upgrade process, turn off all Wireless Wave Drivers ecorech EcoSmart Driv- ers within feet of the two that you will be doing the upgrade process with. Retry Firmware Upgrade Process. The pin spacer is used to ensure the proper spacing for various aquarium wall thicknesses.

Page 16 Slave pumps can only be set to sync or anti-sync modes, or the three options in EcoS- mart modes.

Page 39 – Section 6. Maintenance Maintenance General Manintenance Cleaning your VorTech The VorTech may need thorough cleaning of the components periodically to keep it running opti- mally. By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page.


Dif- ferent from the normal memory clear, a full driver memory clear will any and all configured settings i. To adjust for the proper aquarium thickness, pull the pin spacer from the motor housing. Page 14 – Section 3.

EcoTech Marine Gen 2 MP40 User Manual

For more information on assigning master and slaves, see section 3. Short Pulse Mode can then be used if you would like a wave running all the time, ectoech you can use an EcoSmart mode which will auto-load your saved wave frequency and use it during points in the EcoSmart program. Operational Modes Night Mode Time: For more information on wireless configuration of multiple pumps and pump positioning, see Chapter 5: Go into Feed Mode by holding the Mode button for three seconds.

Protect these components from splashes of any kind. Don’t have an account? In some cases, an entire aquarium can be destroyed. If it fails again, contact EcoTech Marine Support for further assistance. To print the manual completely, please, download it. Also, move the two drivers that you will be working with to within 3 feet of each other.

Please feel free to call or email us.