You prefer to fight alone. Effect: You gain no benefit from flanking a foe and instead suffer a -4 penalty on attack rolls made against a foe you. Realms Helps Aberrant Paragon Prestige Class. Aberrant Paragon – Eberron Prestige Class. This Prestige class uses elements that may not be applicable to. Hi, I was wondering if anyone here knows where I can get information on the Changling Paragon class? I know there used to be a page on.

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Good quality, great art, great additions to your campaign. Once home to many kingdoms, it is now dominated by the empire of Riedra, home to the Inspired.

This page was last edited on 11 Octoberat Write a customer review. Elves have occupied parts of Khorvaire sporadically, only recently forming their own nation there known as Valenar. Wizards of the Coast; Supplement edition June 16, Language: Deeply spiritual and meditative, the Kalashtar work within the communities they live within, helping spread good and the light to every corner of the world.

Although they are the same race as the Warforged, they have come to be set apart by being referred to as the “Psiforged”. A Kalashtar focusing purely on the movement is said to be staying in the light while one who instead uses it to train for battle is facing the shadows. Dark Sun Dark Sun: This event helped expedite the end of the Last War.

You’re probably considered a hero or perhaps a villain? Please help rewrite it to explain the fiction more clearly and provide non-fictional perspective. Dragonmarks come in five forms: The war, however, had diverted most of the Five Nations’ and Houses’ resources away from the continent and, seeing beerron new opportunity, Tarmikos and his crew returned to Khorvaire to begin operations anew there, renaming the faction the Blackwing Brigade and legitimizing themselves as a mercenary company.

Paragon Paths

Finally, Eberron introduced the kalashtar — humans bound with a spiritual psychic connection to a quoria creature originally from Dal Quor, the Region of Dreams.

Because of their scarcity and importance to powerful groups, a new find of Siberys shards is often the focus of intrigue or theft.


They are spirits of rage, capable of driving mortals mad by their very presence. Alexa Actionable Analytics for the Web.

Swiftwing shifters gain a bonus to their Dexterity scores while at the same time growing leathery flaps of skin similar to a bat’s wings which allow him to fly at slightly less than walking pace. The lich -like beings are enchanted with positive energy instead parayon the negative energy that animates eberton.

Current game products suggest these past quori were in fact refugees from an unknown event in Dal Quor who were attacked by the giants, now all destroyed with the last shift of Dal Quor.

Aberrant Paragon – Eberron Prestige Class

A special warped race of drow called the Umbragen or the shadow elves also exists, with information on them revealed in Dragon magazine and the computer game Dragonshard. Thus, the only way to completely destroy one of the good-aligned Quori is to exterminate eberfon entire lineage. The Siberys mark is pxragon greatest mark, but someone cannot have both a least, lesser, or greater mark along with a Siberys mark. A Siberys mark is gained by taking the Heir eberfon Siberys prestige class.

According to Gatekeeper legend, Dyrrn the Corruptor is the mightiest daelkyr. Long white hair trailed down in a pony tail across his back and his well groomed and thick whiskers appeared to be mocking me. There they established their own nation where a court of Undying rules over the living. He rose amongst the ranks of the organisation in time, until he eventually gained the privilege of commanding a handful of men for delicate missions.

The quori lifecycle is somehow eherron to Eberron; specifically, each new Age on Eberron changes the nature of Dal Quor, causing the otherwise immortal Quori to die and be reborn into a form more fitting to the new age.

He soon gained a reputation for being almost fearless, pulling death-defying stunts and laughing in the face of death. Dragonshards can be crafted to power magic items, artefacts and constructs, or to augment dragonmark abilities.

There is only one recorded expedition to the Frostfell from Khorvaire and it was little more than a notch in a belt than a true exploratory mission.

In their own world they appear as great red and black worms with two massive pincered arms and lots of smaller, useless arms beneath them, and chitinous armor plates. The Path of Light was first developed by the de facto “mother” of the kalashtar, known as Taratai. Having broken contact with House Medani, Elaren had gone rogue. Tsucoras are among the weakest and most numerous of the Quori.


Familiars by Artifice | Eberron Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Over the course of millennia it collapsed into savagery, and by the time humanity arrived on Khorvaire, all that was left of the empire was ruins and several clans trying to preserve the remains of the ancient lore and dreaming about the reestabilishment of the Empire.

As the divine rulers of Riedra, the Quori act openly, sending their supernaturally charming Inspired Ambassadors to the ebfrron of Khorvaire and posing as benevolent allies.

Khorvaire is the main continent of Eberron consisting of most of the world’s people. Reposting previous bits with the added stuff so it’s all in one place.

Dyrrn is responsible for the creation of dolgaunts and dolgrims. A void of darkness sits where its head should be. The three most powerful — Siberys, Eberron, and Khyber — discovered the Prophecy. Is the book worth the money? These crystals help focus the psionic energy that can be found in all living things. A few seek a promised land below the surface.

Not all members of the Houses have dragonmarks; nor is it an assurance of power. The 4th Edition player’s guide for Eberron also features a paragon path called the Self-Forged, which is for creatures that strive to make themselves like Warforged by replacing parts of their bodies with magical metal prosthetics, becoming fantasy-themed cyborgs.

Khyber shard items have an affinity for binding magic. The Dragonmarked Houses are thirteen extended families which control most business throughout Khorvaire. Snakelike creatures with four-armed humanoid torsos. Beyond words or comprehension, Xoriat is aptly called the Realm of Madness.

Daelkyr are extremely powerful, evil creatures from the plane of Xoriat, the Realm of Madness. A warforged juggernaut, from the Eberron Campaign Setting.