You’ll be fine to start with Galactic Patrol, and in fact if you start with Triplanetary ( as I did, many years ago) you’ll get confused when you get to. First Lensman E. E. Smith downloads; Triplanetary E. E. Smith downloads · The Skylark of Space E. E. Smith and Lee Hawkins Garby downloads. by. “DOC” SMITH. The Lensman series. TRIPLANETARY FIRST LENSMAN GALACTIC PATROL GRAY LENSMAN SECOND STAGE LENSMAN CHILDREN OF.

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In other projects Wikimedia Commons. The scope of the story is galactic, and yet Smith takes us in for a close look at the gritty action. Subspace Explorers Bursting right through the four-dimensional travel zone of subspace, Tellurian psiontists make an amazing discovery on the other side.

Apr 28, Fintan rated it it was ok Shelves: Your use of the site and services is subject to these policies and terms. Triplanetary The Arisians, benevolent sjith who have declared themselves Guardians of Civilization, war with the Eddoreans, shapeless, malevolent beings, hungry And because it’s laughable, I kind of enjoy the campiness of it all.

The underlying assumption for this series, based on theories of stellar evolution extant at the time of smithh books’ writing, is seriez planets form only rarely, and therefore our First and Second Deries, with their many billions of planets, are unique.

The first of these was designed by Philip N. The Children of the Lens, together with the mental power of unknown millions of Lensmen of the Galactic Patrol, constitute the Arisians’ intended means to destroy the Eddorians and make the universe safe for Civilization.

Books by Smith, E. E. (Edward Elmer) (sorted by popularity) – Project Gutenberg

The good guys practically wear white hats, perfect physical and mental specimens that could adorn a recruitment poster for the US Army or the Wehrmacht. In their breeding, “almost every strain of weakness in humanity is finally removed. First Lensman lfnsman written in to act as a link between Triplanetary and Galactic Patrol and finally, in the years up toSmith revised the rest of the series to remove inconsistencies between the original Lensman chronology and Triplanetary.


Unique was the only way to describe him, yet alone in So I’ll just remember watching a couple of episodes of Flash Gordon on Saturday morning TV with Larry ‘Buster’ Crabbe, of course lenmsan, maybe see Errol Flynn best the Sheriff of Nottingham, then ride my bike to the top of the hill and sit reading about the noble Lensmen. Three additional Lensmen novels that feature the alien Second-Stage Lensmen known as the Second-Stage Lensman Trilogy were written by David Kylepublished in paperback between and and reissued in It wasn’t until the meat of the narrative — the long story called “Triplanetary” — that I settled in and enjoyed this book in any way.

It details some of the interactions and natures of two distinct breeding lines, one bearing some variant of the name “Kinnison”, and another distinguished by possessing “red-bronze-auburn hair and gold-flecked, tawny eyes”.

Triplanetary (Lensman, #1) by E.E. “Doc” Smith

There was to have been at least a seventh volume. Also note that Smith authorized William Ellern to write stories in the Lensman universe as well, which he did through the ’60s and ’70s.

The Complete Lensman Series by E. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. The women are smart, s,ith, and essentially decorative.

The story lurches from one event to dmith next, crisis to crisis, in an erratic fashion. And, for those who think I rated Triplanetary too low, please recognize my protest that if I were rating the last part of the book it would have been, at least, four stars.

Email Required, but never shown. Lensman series Novel series Science fiction book series Lists of fictional planets Space opera novels Novels adapted into comics American novels adapted into films. The hero Costigan is a swashbuckling, two-fisted tough guy. The characters are pretty much archetypes, but such wonderful examples of them that I found it hard to be annoyed. Chronicles of the Lensmen, Volumes 1 and 2 by E.


Absolute hard core real physics with speculative aspects; 2. He comes up with the ingenious idea of letting two galaxies collide with each other. Tolkien’s The Sseries of the Rings would win. Centuries pass, and eventually the final generations of the breeding program are born. But he smitu me the ending orally and in private.

It is stated that coc was the only thing the Arisians could not have done by themselves, but without its accomplishment the Eddorians would have eventually turned the tide and beaten the Arisians.

Want to Read saving….

The aliens are also very non-human in appearance. Some books age well but this one does not stand the test of time.

One man against the basic energy of the universe, unleashed in ravening fury that was Storm Cloud. Shelve Children of the Lens. Why, oh why, did descriptions like this go out of style?!


Human military is therefore annihilated on first encounter. If you like Heinlein’s military stuff e. Why didn’t anyone think of that? On July 14,Smith gave written permission to William B. InRon Howard’s Imagine Entertainment and Universal Pictures began negotiations with the author’s estate for rights to film the Lensman series.

The “near-miss” theory turned out to be wrong in a variety of ways, but the one which most upset both Barnes and Smith was that stellar encounters would be extremely rare, so hardly any suns would end up with planets.

To see what your friends thought of this book, smiyh sign up. Somewhere among the galaxies was the stronghold o… More.