Specifically designed to improve efficiency, eta/DYNAFORM reduces the tryout time and costs that are associated with the design and development of the tooling . eta / DYNAFORM is the only stamping product and die development technology software to provide total CAE solutions. DYNAFORM software provides total. eta-dyna-logo. DYNAFORM is a simulation software solution, which allows organizations to bypass soft tooling, reducing overall tryout time, lowering costs.

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ETA/Dynaform Sheet Metal Simulation Software

In the process of determining the process parameters: I agree to the terms and privacy policy. Antivirus Software in Gurgaon. E ngineering T echnology A ssociates. Apart from experience, the use of tools is already the product design stage to assess the product’s main means of formability. Stamping force Can be mapped to the die structure for stress, strength, fatigue analysis, thus optimizing the structure.

Cranes Software International Limited – eta-Dynaform

Hardening of Steel at two temperatures. The following example shows the result of hot stamping of the patch: The original blank is automatically corrected during the iteration to obtain the exact product shape, and the product shape ultimately matches the target trimming line.


Tailor Welded blank layout: BSE- Stamping direction adjustment, automatic and manual, convenient, support for the single-piece, two-mode, variety of stamping process conditions. You can manually drag and drop to adjust the nesting results: Example is shown below. Main Features Blank Size Engineering: FS includes a QuickSetup for standard single-stage draw die and springback simulations.

BSE automatic forming reports 7. Springback and Springback Compesation. Mold structure is reasonable, and die fatigue analysis. It streamlines the challenging and time consuming process eynaform laying out drawbeads for large and complicated parts and guides the engineer to efficiently achieve optimum configurations for drawbead forces.

The method of iteration is used to optimize the dimension of the sheet. Call Send a quick message. Not only supports the use of volume simulation sheet metal forming, but also supports the use of volume simulation tube forming.

You can also optimize multi-step and sideline: Analysis and surface quality inspection By Industry: As a result, higher performing, higher quality products dymaform be developed, while greater manufacturing efficiency is achieved. BSE automatic forming reports.


Autosetup and Multiple-Stage Simulations AutoSetup is available for complicated multiple-stage forming setups for all formability applications of various die systems. It can accurately predict wrinkling, cracking, rebound, stress problems, surface defects, BHF, press dynaorm, and so on. Mold Ega program to help determine the process, the analysis may appear in the mold problem: Bend simulation interface, and tool parameters are as follows: Nature and process analysis of home appliance parts Industry: It has following functional modules: Material Library To maintain accuracy, the bundled material library contains a large selection of standard material types and users can also customize the library to meet specific needs such as: View Contact Call Seller Now.

In the early stages of product development and mold development, springback analysis provides the basis for product design, as shown following example: