The R. Buckminster Fuller Collection documents the life and work of this 20th century polymath, and contains his personal archive, correspondence, manuscripts. In , Buckminster Fuller began to catalog all of his personal documents into the “Dymaxion Chronofile,” a chronological filing system that. Fuller called it the Dymaxion Chronofile. He cross-referenced its contents with 13, index cards. The archives also include “over 2,

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Buying chroofile digital storage when you have files on your drive that you could delete without much consequence is, to me, akin to moving into a bigger house or getting a large container for your junk rather than getting rid of it. And yet chronofioe Chronofile, now housed at Stanford University Library, is very rarely how people discover Fuller. Despite a fire inand an extended closure, the structure still stands today, open to the public as an environmental museum.

This is said to be the most documented human life in history. But I do know why Chronofi,e keep them. He saw people suffering, and he saw homelessness. Dymzxion just as much as we need to worry about permanence, we need to make sure that the data we store things on, chronofils be used 10,20,30 years down the line. Fascinating question, which does cut to the heart of the uncluttering dilemma. I think how much space those files would physically take up if they were printed out is a moot point.

I took a deep breath, and proceeded to shred my bank statements and checks from — without scanning them first. The round footprint of the home was built around a central mast supporting the roof, and the structure could easily collapse into its own central tube to be shipped long distances. Building an app also forces you to create a logo for the app icon.


Ahead of His Time

Fuller lost his job as president, and took to drinking. Once a project is complete, I review any correspondance hanging out there and decide what needs to go and what needs to stay. The Dymaxion House looked vaguely flying-saucer-ish, like something out of The Jetsons.

It is statistically unlikely that DH will outlive me, and so I anticipate several years alone. Dyjaxion whole ship goes by and then comes the rudder. Would I have loved it if my parents had kept it to show me?

I believe that Ms. For the paranoid, they can run their own version of this service or manually put in authentication credentials. But some researchers contend that many of the most productive people do have some degree of hypomania. And that aesthetic is appropriate when you consider the home was designed to be produced in the no-longer-in-use aircraft manufacturing plants abundant after World War II.

It was made of aluminum — expensive at the time, but a material which Fuller recognized the potential of for its weight, strength and durability. Most of it goes. We take so many photos now of the same thing to get that perferct shot.

Although this type of record-keeping may initially seem shocking when one considers the sheer amount of paper involved, many of us might be surprised to realize that we are unwittingly engaged in the same basic undertaking in the digital realm. It includes detailed notes and sketches, incoming and outgoing correspondence, and even minutiae like his dry cleaning bills.

cgronofile He has since been called an architect, an engineer, a philosopher, a designer, and much more. Maybe they are keeping us stuck in the past instead of being rooted in the present. Beyond that, the company he founded with his father-in-law, Stockade Building Systems, failed to turn a profit and shuttered. Buying a newer-bigger harddrive dispells energy and environmental impact as does throwing out the smaller information storage pieces.


He was around ships, and the way ships were designed—the sails, and the mast, and the tension of the ropes—that all really worked into his designs later on. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. I like how author Elizabeth Kolbert put it:.

A ton personal archive

cbronofile You need not go to your computer and search e-mails for the supporting info. Also as more companies offer webspace storage you have to consider that someone somewhere is taking up space with massive energy sucking super-computer harddrive machines. Just like we probably do for physical items. As long as we have tools that enable us to easily organize and manage our ever-expanding personal digital records, should we really worry about the overall size?

Digital data has several problems data rot being the major problem with the physical medium, obsolescence and the physical degradation of the medium. I agree with Anita.

Also the compulsion to write like that is associated with bipolar. Which, really, is not unclutetring, but just displacing clutter. I wonder, though, whether some things are actually detrimental to our happiness to keep. I was allowed to do anything I wanted. I would say there has been an overall net benefit to my emotional health, but there have been times when I wanted to reference something or reminisce before realizing that I purged the item.

This record of a human life divided into minute increments is now the centerpiece of the Buckminster Fuller Archive at Stanford University. Whether or not you have the room is a crutch question.