Gods of the Ancient Northmen by GEORGES DUMEZIL edited by EINAR The Drama of the World: Haider, Hoder, Loki 43 Translated by 71 lan l oth,\. Results 1 – 27 of 27 Loki. by Dumézil, Georges and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available now at Title, Loki. Author, Dumezil. Publisher, University of Chicago Press, ISBN, , Export Citation, BiBTeX.

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Berkeley and Los Angeles: Paul-Louis Couchoud was issued as the first volume of this excellent series Mythes et Religionswas composed at the very beginning of my active period in comparative research.

But when Hcenir was present at meetings or assemblies without having Mimir at his side and was asked for his opinion on a difficult matter, he would always answer in the same way, saying, “Let others decide.

There is a profound harmony between this sociomythological event and the appearance duemzil intoxication, and it is not superfluous to remark here that neither the poets of the Mahabharata nor Snorri could still have been aware of diis, which lends a strange air to their talcs.

Bhaga, whose chief concern is to see that all men receive their fair “share,” presides over the distribu- tional aspects of his master’s sovereign domain. While Indra, being a god, is allowed to be purified of his crimes, Starcatherus’ heroic counter- part Herakles must share the Norse hero’s fate by putting a volun- tary end to his mortal existence. Another of Philippson’s objections deals with the cult of Odin, which even dc Vries admits could have undergone evolutionary changes.

Giintert and more recently E.

The reader will not have failed to notice tile analogy between the fabrications and the liquidations of Kvasir and Dumwzil, an analogy that it is easy to delimit and define. Gods of the Ancient Northmen three recipients, served to make another drink, more durable in that it still inebriates Odin, poets, and visionaries. Mouton,dhmezil In addition, its principle is easily understood, if one pays attention to the social conditions and conceptions which must have existed among the Indo-European peoples.


Georges Dumézil

There is the “God’s Truth” school of lin- guistics versus the “Hocus-Pocus” school; the former aims at recon- structing patterns that once truly existed as such, while the latter defines structure as “what you dmezil to the data.

In Dumczil’s mind, the differences that do occur are the result of more recent historical developments. It is notable that the two episodes of the war of the two divine clans in the Vgluspd correspond to loku two, with the same functional features.

This is impossible in those cases where he Rives the only information about a myth. Lkoi the poets of the Mahabharata, the Nasatya are no longer what they were at the time of the Vcdic compilation, typical canonized representatives of the third function.

Loki – Dumezil – Google Books

At Rome, Juventas, at Jupiter’s side, serves Aryaman-likc functions, while Terminus, who is paired with Iuventas in a well-known tradition, appears to be a counterpart of Bhaga 17 Terminus’s Bhaga-like role is clearly evi- dent in Ovid’s Fasti, especially 2. Essai sur la formation de la religion scandinave. Finally, there are two articles that discuss the problem of the relationship of folklore to myth. Trampas Jones marked it as to-read Jun 01, First one must understand their internal structure, which justifies the ordering of their elements, even the strangest and most bizarre.

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Professor Dumezil loko kindly cooperated in our work of revision and translation, so that all changes in content from the originals are either proposed or authorized by him.

Wolf rated it really liked it Jun 09, Nor do we contest that Germanic religions, olki the Scandinavian, evolved during the course of centuries. All in all, Dumdzil’s successful test of his comparative scheme in the Ger- duezil area proved to be pivotal and determined the direction his thought was to take for the next several decades.

Appended to Du mythe au roman are several articles-some of them new— dealing either more closely with particular issues raised in connection with Hadingus specifically the hanging and drown- ing episode or with similar transpositions of myth to epic in other parts of Saxo’s writings, where Dumezil is able to show that Saxo took more liberties with his source than had been previously sup- posed.

Often he was away so long as to be gone for many years.

Notably their ideologies of insobriety had become just about inverse. Odin is the supreme ma- gician, master of runes, head of all divine society, patron of heroes, living or dead. This river divides the three continents. The dymezil function was reflected by the mass of the society, the herders and cultivators upon whom the priests and warriors depended for their sustenance e. Roxane rated it it was amazing Jun 13, He was called Kvasir.