Alberto Manguel visits a Dublin that is haunted by the ghosts of modern literature. Vila-Matas Plots His Own Awakening in The Illogic of Kassel. The Triumphant Humiliation of Enrique Vila-Matas. . Anne McLean, Dublinesca, Reino Unido. Enrique Vila-Matas (born March 31, in Barcelona) is a Spanish novelist. He is the author In he has returned once more to the novel with Dublinesca, a book that deals with a publisher in crisis, as the author explains: ‘He was a.

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Interview with autor Vampire in Love. Ghosts and memories are more important on his journey than his three companions. Dublinesac changes seem to have brought on a depression, so that he spends most of his time in his own dubilnesca never a good idea and on the computer. Samuel Riba, a retired publisher from Barcelona, has lapsed into lethargy and melancholy since selling up his business and forswearing alcohol two years before.

Andere Autoren wieder hat Vila-Matas frei erfunden. Years later, Anno Dominiyou spend nearly 3 months rereading Ulysses in English, Polish and Norwegian, all in one go as a comparative exercise. A chamber of echoes.

Und ganz unmerklich wird der Leser, werde ich selbst Teil dieses Romans. Want to Read saving…. While there, he wishes to say a requiem for the culture of the Gutenberg age that has now morphed into the Google age and at the same time, say a requiem for himself, a literary publisher very much in decline.

Vila-Matas lives entirely inside a vacuous, nearly empty world of literary anecdotes and histories, with no texture, nothing sharp or fascinating or intrusive.

Enrique Vila-Matas : An English Page

Still Life With Books. I imagine that it might bear a slight resemblance to Finnegans Wake: Bel asks me if I’ve noticed that despite the fact it’s summertime Spider is wearing four shirts.


I do not see how he could address the second issue, and that is why I won’t be following his work in future. That is very resonant with me, and this is done better in this book than anywhere I have read in the past although the quote indicates I should read more Blanchot Juni, mein zweiter Urlaubstag.

Sunday, August 23, Where is this person who gradually became hidden behind the brilliant catalogue and the systematic identification with the most interesting voices contained within it? And although I don’t remember much of Ulysses it’s been 30 yearsit seems to be an interesting tribute to the great work and master.

Dublinesque by Enrique Vila-Matas – review

He begins drinking, and sees a ghost appear, that of Samuel Beckett, in contrast to Joyce, the great “taker-outer” of literature, a writer who stripped away all non-essential details. September Bloomsday, like Doomsday. New York Journal of books.

But this attempt to give form to that which has none, to give form to chaos, is something only good writers know how to do successfully. In he did his military service in Melillawhere in the back room of a military supplies store, vla wrote his first book, Mujer en el espejo contemplando el paisaje.

Views Read Edit View history. May 15, jeremy rated it it was amazing Shelves: After sitting with it for a little while, I hope to reread it and explore the images more fully as well as the interesting almost circular structure of the book. One of the standouts of to date. Irishness is for other people. But Dublinesque is otherwise a slog, alternately boring and frustrating. Me with a scarf inside the house, listening to my mother say that for a city like Barcelona, so abandoned by the hand of God, it was a blessing that, even if it was only the once, He should have remembered us and brought us snow on the most appropriate day, Christmas Day, with divine punctuality.


Er ist eins mit den Texten und Figuren der Literatur, und vergessen wir nicht: Sounds somber, but it may liberate him and set him free from his morosity. Dublinesc have some 15 books of his on my shelves, and each one chomps off another piece of the fictional beast: Will read at least two more titles soon before proclaiming my love.

He begins to think about the “end of the Gutenberg era” which has given way to a “digital age” of nearly non-existent serious sublinesca. And since I mentioned it: Lost a duvlinesca steam for me when they finally get to Dublin, but so much fun when recruiting fellow travelers for a funeral for the pre-Google Gutenberg age. And yet, the study of ruins is a worthy artistic endeavour. There are two reasons for my disappointment: Vila-Matas’ novel is bitterly human, riddled with loss and solitude.

Enrique Vila-Matas – Wikipedia

The Illogic of Kassel. It’s a dense, meditative, and triumphant mixture, xublinesca after the first refreshing taste the reader will be tempted to quaff it down quickly.

It has become a question of his personal life and his literary life getting in the way vil one another. Entre sus meditaciones, se encuentra el pensamiento de la muerte de la imprenta, de la Galaxia Gutenberg, a favor de la era digital.

May I have become increasingly enamored with Enrique Vila-Matas He mentions numerous authors he has read and admired, not just name-dropping, but thematically worked in so they contribute and clarify what he is saying. And I keep my fingers crossed for Riba that he might enter the big nothingness and the novel will come to an end at last.