The DSC PC power supply board is used to provide additional power to the system modules and or detectors if you are using more powered detectors or. Back The PC power supply and high current output module will need to be connected to the keybus of the alarm system with the RED, BLK, YEL, and GRN. Back The total power that the PC power supply module can add is up to 1A of current. However it is best to leave a 10% cushion so that you don’t have a.

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PowerSeries Power Supply Modules | DSC Security Products | DSC

Should I assume the card is px5204 and replace? SMF – Just Installed! PC power supply issue Did you measure the voltage at the input terminals?

I’ve had several instances where the battery had an internal short and was pulling the aux voltage down to less than 9 volts. Unplug the battery and voila! Inquiry type Training inquiry.


DSC PowerSeries Pc5204 Power Supply Module | Old Stock

I don’t think it was a lower rating problem. Once i replaced the transformer and reset the system I got a code Bad first p5c204 shorted and fried transformer perhaps?

Logged Ginz Security Expert Posts: If esc have ac at the terminals, but a no ac trouble indication you may have a damaged module. Stay here Switch Region. Successfully added to wishlist.

Please provide details about your preferred slot: Ordered new battery installed about a week later after arrival on new battery. End user organisation name.

Are you sure you want to change region?

PowerSeries Power Supply Modules | DSC Security Products | DSC

Just something to keep in mind!! Thank you for Contacting Us We will respond to you shortly. Submit inquiry for training.

Our partners at Genetec require their users to be trained before they can use their products. Credit Card details deleted successfully. I didn’t check the dc output assumed it was nil. November 27, Chucked it out and replaced with new. Of course at this point powered devices expecially keypads don’t work.

  ERARD 2561 PDF

Logged Dajj Security Pro Posts: No stock information to display. I have all the answers. I did check the ac into the module is Cheers Logged lightningman Gold Member Posts: I had a showing dsf battery.

Well I can’t say I’m any smarter.

DSC Power Supply Module

Thanks Ginz Problem solved. Real Knowledge From Real People. IF you do not, the ‘panel’ will continue to try to ‘charge’ the battery up to its correct voltage approx All ok for 2 months. Thanks for the feedback. Logged I have all the answers.

Multiple entries to be separated by. The ac is however being supplied to the module. End user contact name. Credit Card details updated successfully. Ginz Security Expert Posts: I miread the codes. Thought bad new battery.

Please Visit their website for further information.