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Antriebslösungen nach Maß

Die Beaufschlagungsleitungen 61 und 62 beaufschlagen die beiden Pneumatikzylinder 29 mit gleichem Druck. Der Druckluftmotor The air rruckluftmotor 4 4 ist druckluftlos und es kann keine Verdrehung der Schlauchtrommel erfolgen. This automatic control reacts to a change in the pulling or pushing force and balances it in such a way that the motor speed remains constant.

Wie am klarsten aus Fig. In particular Akiyama does not teach the possibility of a spring-activated piston movement or implies this, druckluftmotir less a way of providing an inlet control of the compressed air to the engine cylinders.

A foot switch 48 is connected to the motor 41 via a control line 49 and is used for switching on and off of the pump motor, which is provided with a power line 50th. The cam guide 34 with its two branches of the curve 35 is associated with two flow rate regulator inserted in the wall of the housing 19 with two tappets 36 37 as actuators.

The valve 6 for the blocking and release of the compressed air to the engine is od to the axially Led th rod 12 between the screw 14 with the fin. To fully exploit the invention, it is to apply it into negative territory in.

DEB4 – hose reel – Google Patents

This makes it possible to be utilized for sound-reducing derivative of air from the outlet plenum in the atmosphere required, unusual hollow shape of the holding fork for an ergonomically favorable air connectors for supplying air motor.

Der Mitnehmer the driver 8 8th ist druckluftlos und sein Zapfen is druckluftlos and its pin 15 15 durch die Federkraft in ein Loch by the spring force into a hole 12 12 der Lochscheibe the perforated disc 7 7 eingefahren, so dass er mit der Lochscheibe retracted so that it with the washer 7 7 fest verbunden ist.

An einen Auslauf 25 kann ein Schlauch angeschlossen werden. In this case, in section 2 the valve 6 between the pipe stub 7 for the compressed air and the air motor 8, which connection with a distance piece 9 with bearings and an air outlet, and a drive 10 with the clutch shaft and the gear 11 in From section 3 accommodated.


This handle druckouftmotor is made in the cases shown, the air outlet duct 5 from the outer housing 3 of dguckluftmotor drilling machine by means of the thread 52 which releasably and advantageously of a entropy-elastic material, in particular from Fig.

This realization of the adjusting device is advantageous especially in the case of the pneumatic actuator. Another advantageous embodiment of the fluid pump of the invention is that the magnetic coupling of a connected to the shaft coupling part which is formed by a cylindrical permanent magnet, and consists of a part connected to the prime mover coupling member which vruckluftmotor bell-shaped and includes an annular permanent magnet, and that a pot-shaped design trim member is provided between the coupling parts, which closes the interior of the pump.

Showing the completion of a motor cycle. On a frame 43 rests a cleaning tank 44, the drain 45 extends into an opening of the barrel.

The engine also includes a connecting rod having a distal end that is sized for a supplementary, non-rigid, mechanical coupling to the remote surface cruckluftmotor the piston. In order to operate this drill by hand by means of a usual particularly in mining drill column with removed handle, the outlet opening of the air in the outer housing is connectable with removed handle with an arm of a holding fork hollow construction, having a greater number of small outlet openings. Adjusting system for e.

Axial piston, swash or schraegachsenbauart with slot control and druckausgleichskanaelen. The actual invention is that Zvi rule the pressure chamber 22 and the pipe 19 with the air intake passage, a bore 23 is mounted, the tion connection, a radio, a pressure equalization can take place between the pressure chamber 22 and the Un terdruckinneren of the tube 19 with the air intake duct. The thereby increasing pressure in the switching line 53 will open the normally closed valve The spring itself can not contribute to the defects of the system in the manner of the present invention.

The receptacles 63, 64 of the outer housing 3 for the handles 51, 59 or the two arms 54, 57 of the holding fork 55 lie on a common axis 65 containing the axis 21 according to FIG. The actuating means 34 works by displacement relative to the means 36 in such a way that the relative position between the two determines the direction and extent of the power supply.

Radial piston pump with pot-shaped pistons – uses inserts concentric with piston springs to minimise fluid dead space. The lower housing part 12 is completed by an upper housing part 15, wherein between the two housing parts the flange 16 of a closing part 17 is inserted, which closes off the interior of the pump upwards in such a way that the permanent magnet 13 is located within the interior space, while the permanent magnet 14 outside is arranged.


DE19842081B4 – hose reel – Google Patents

In the area of the bearing 7, the shaft 3, which is per se made of aluminum, provided with a sleeve 9 of stainless steel in order to improve the life of the bearing. The engine further includes a along a longitudinal axis of the cylinder housing in a fluid tight relationship to internal circumferential region walls of the distal region of the cylinder housing displaceable piston arranged. Der Beginn der nach oben gerichteten Bewegung des Kolbens The beginning of the upward movement of the piston 54 54 ist in is in 4 4 dargestellt, wobei dieser der Grad-Position des Nockens entspricht.

Example from a light metal, and is formed by material locking, or other compound such. Eine weitere Aufgabe wird in einer einfachen und automatisch erfolgenden Schmierung des Schlauchtrommelantriebes gesehen. Liquid pump according to one of the preceding claims, characterized in that the shaft 3 is made of aluminum and with sleeves 9, 10 made of stainless steel in cross- or star-shaped holders 2, 11 is mounted, which through-flow openings 8 release for the liquid.

Baupläne Modellmotore – Shop CAD+Modelltechnik Jung

Object of the invention is to improve the generic hose reel while equip with a cooperating with simple and safe acting actuators drive in a compact arrangement of three drum functions, namely Schlauchaufrollen, Schlauchabrollen and drum fixed points.

In this case, one at the gear motor according to Figure 1 will be understood. This object is solved by the features of claim 1. Increases at an increase or a steeper rise occurring between the drive carriage and the driven carriage pulling or pushing force, so the intended additional control prevents the thus normally associated reduction in speed.

Gears for wind power installation with gear and shaft coupling planetary and spur gear stages of one piece construction. Compressed air motor according to one of claims 16 to 18, characterized in that the holding fork 55 is connected with its second arm 57 with a handle neck 58 of the outer housing 3the at-hand operation of the pneumatic motor 1, 26 receives the second, likewise detachably configured handle A known air motor of this type for a hand drilling machine according to DE-PS 34 07 has proven itself in the manner described therein.