by Rev. Dr. R. Swinburne & The Phelons Clymer. Currently unavailable The Fraternity of the Rosicrucians by Rev. Dr. R. Swinburne. Clymer. Currently. R Swinburne Clymer Is the author of books such as A Compendium Of Occult Of the Rosicrucians In France · Dr Paschal Beverly Randolph and The Supreme. would like to dwell on World War I. The Witts lived in a beautiful 3 story home in an excellent neighborhood. The War was on and Dr Clymer plunged in and.

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Clymer became interested in the August Fraternity, he formed an ideal—a comprehensive picture of what his life should be—of his goal in life.

Swinburne ClymerGeorge Lippard really liked it 4. In this manner only is it possible to bring forth and incarnate those who clmyer be the citizens of the New Dispensation—worthy members of the New Order of the Ages. F his years as Supreme Grand Master he averaged to write and publish at one book each year.

This was accomplished by turning many people Randolph mentioned running into members of various occult organizations secretly connected to ancient Egyptian Rosicrucians, known members into masters of groups they were members of, and an unknown young man who met Eliphas Levi into none other than a young Randolph. In all of the years of his Neophyteship and rd, and through all his experience with countless thousands of Neophytes, Dr.

R. Swinburne Clymer (–1966)

The Teachings of the Masters: Clymer remained in such capacity until he was ready to embark upon his own private practice of medicine.

He has propagated most of its fine shrubs and personally done all the landscaping, thus saving the August Fraternity thousands upon thousands of dollars in buying plants and much more by not requiring the pay of an overseer.

Clymer tells of his meeting with Dr. Clymer believed implicitly in the Law: Clymer joined the FRC in[5] [2] becoming a grand master of it in [2] at age Again, time has fully supported him.


Clymer was the first to register as an Osteopath in the Counties of Bucks and Lehigh. You have but to look at the book lists included on this site to appreciate the great contribution his man made to the field and health and Spiritual literature. Clymer has held the office of Supreme Grand Master of the August Fraternity longer than any other person in the history of the Great Work.

By recommendation of Drs.

After fifty years of study, travel, and experience, Dr. Swinburne Clymer Creator 0. Clymer claimed that his occult orders were founded by Randolph although many were completely unrelatedtying their already mostly fictional histories together under Randolph, [9] particularly the Hermetic Brotherhood of Light orders in Quakertown.

To deviate a jot or tittle from this uncompromising spirit of loyalty and devotion will cast upon America the shadow of eventual doom of all past great nations. Up untilthe Work was far from being self-supporting. Clymer was invited to cllymer to Swinburme York following his graduation to become Superintendent at the Sanitarium. The list of books written by Dr.

Books by R. Swinburne Clymer

Before he left this temporal realm, Dr. Clymer has devoted his entire life to the many activities of the August Fraternity, including all of his worldly possessions; f point up the fact that as the result of Dr.

The Mystery of Sex by R. The ensuing prolific and incomparable writings of Dr. Swinburne Clymer is currently considered a “single author.

Clymer are a matter of record. These tours are continued yearly.

As a result, all of the authentic Esoteric and Arcane organizations throughout the world are now under his jurisdiction as Director General of the Universal Confederation of Initiates. Clymer has never doubted or lost faith in the infallibility of the Great Work to help man develop and bring into manifestation his God-given possibilities and potentialities.

In either [2] orClymer got into publishing with his Philosophical Publishing Company, which he used to keep Paschal Beverly Randolph’s books in print [5] well into the 20th century. Moreover, to the recipient of this semiprivate communication, Dr. Thus, true statesmen, diplomats and leaders who will be competent and able to devote all their time and energies toward the fulfillment of the prophesies of the greatness of America and the welfare of the people, will become an actuality.

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The pseudo-history assembled by Clymer cast Randolph as the legitimate heir of an ancient Rosicrucian tradition in America. He also translated some works of Ludovico Maria Sinistrarithough changing Sinistrari’s incubi and succubi to elementals and suggesting that the virgin birth of Jesus was the result of a Salamander impregnating Mary. For more help see the Common Knowledge help page.

Swinburne Clymer Clymer Members. Furthermore, this was to be a Center where all Neophytes showing sincere sdinburne might congregate for study and instructions. Clymer collected or accepted them, would amount to a fortune.

Yet, he never accepted a cent of it, but cljmer it all to the Great Work. Clymer has traveled extensively abroad. Such coverage is far beyond the scope of this message.

R Swinburne Clymer Books – Biography and List of Works – Author of ‘A Compendium Of Occult Laws’

Most certainly the chronological dates of Dr. If Clymer lacked a starting point or could not fill a plot hole, he claimed that such gaps were the result of the desctruction of records by enemies of Randolph’s and Clymer’s Fraternitas. This policy has been continued by subsequent Supreme Grand Clymeg. Clymer has devoted the greater part of his time, efforts, and labor to the work of the August Fraternity, and in all of that time up to the immediate present he has never received one cent in salary or any other form of compensation.

Its Neophytes 3 copies The Rosy Cross: Calder, NYU Press, p.

Swinburne ClymerM. Swinburne Clymer Average rating 3.