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This is where many fall short of completed work. He continues indeed to be included in the universal order of the cosmos, but in a perfectly thomws way to what he had previously supposed; for, from his new standpoint, he finds that he is included, not so much as a part of the general effect, but as a part of the general cause; and when he perceives this he then sees that the method of his further advance must be by letting the General Cause flow more and more freely into his own specific centre, and he therefore seeks to provide thought conditions which will enable him to do so.

The reader is therefore asked to think them out carefully for himself, and to note their connection with the subject of the next article. And since what makes a law generic is precisely the fact that it does not supply the specific conditions, it follows that the conditions for the specializing of the Law must be provided by the individual. Now the ultimate Law is that of production ex nihilo by the movement of the Spirit within itself, and all subordinate laws are merely the measurements of the relations which spontaneously arise between different things when they are brought into manifestation, arid therefore, if an entirely new thing troqard created it must necessarily establish entirely new relations and so produce entirely new laws.

He receives guidance because he seeks guidance; and he both seeks and receives according to a Law which he is able to recognize; so that he no more sacrifices his liberty or dwarfs his powers, than lecures an engineer who submits to the generic laws of electricity, in order to apply them to some specific purpose.

It means that the individual is the creative centre of his own world.

The Doré Lectures by T. Troward

By the nature of the creative process your mind is itself a thought of the Parent Mind; so, as long as this thought of the Universal Mind subsists, you will subsist, for you are it. It looks so entirely reasonable that we do not see its ultimate destructiveness; and so we are told that Eve ate the fruit because she thoomas that the tree was pleasant to the eyes.

Love must be spontaneous, or it has no existence at all. It is in this that its creative power resides; hence the person who is in the true new order of thought assumes as an axiomatic fact that what he has to distribute, or differentiate into manifestation is nothing else than the Originating Spirit.

A poor analogy of the process may be found in a self-influencing dynamo where the magnetism generates the dord and the current intensifies the magnetism with the result of producing a still stronger current until the limit of saturation is reached; only in the substantive infinitude of the Universal Mind and the potential infinitude of the Individual Mind there is no limit of saturation.

Thought without feeling may be constructive as in some great engineering work, but it can never be creative as in the work of the artist or musician; and that which originates within itself a new order of causation is, so far as all pre-existing forms are concerned, a creation ex nihilo, and is therefore Thought expressive of Feeling.

The Dore Lectures by Thomas Troward – Read the Complete Text for free at

Thomas Troward Narrated by: Don’t like your audiobook? In this way we shall find that the Apostle spoke the literal truth, when he said, that we shall become like Him when we see Him AS HE IS, because the whole process by which our individuality is produced is one of reflection of the image existing in the Divine Mind.


But if we grasp the truth that the thing is already existent in the thought, do we not see that this transcendent Omega must be already existent in the Divine ideal of every one of us? On the other hand this must not lead us into the mistake of supposing that there is nothing higher, for, as we have already seen, this inmost principle or ego is itself the effect of an antecedent cause, for it proceeds from the imaging process in the Divine Mind.

He realizes that there is a Heart and Mind of the Spirit reciprocal to his own heart and mind, that he is not dealing with a filmy abstraction, nor yet with a mere mathematical sequence, but with something that is pulsating with a Life as warm and vivid and full of interest as his own–nay, more so, for it is the Infinite of all that he himself is. The creative process thus in the first instance is purely a matter of feeling–exactly what we speak of as “motif” in a work of art.

Why not to the highest point of all? We shall realize in ourselves the working of a new principle whose distinguishing feature is its simplicity. They ARE reproduced in the world of nature, so far as a mechanical and automatic action can represent them, but their perfect reproduction can only take place on the basis of a liberty akin to that of the Originating Spirit itself, which therefore implies the liberty of negation as well as of affirmation. But the figure in the apocalyptic vision is not that of man as we ordinarily know him.

It is just here that subconscious mind performs the function of a “bridge” between the finite and the infinite as noted in my “Edinburgh Lectures on Mental Science” page 31and it is for this reason that a recognition of its susceptibility to impression is so important. If the principles here stated are carefully considered, they will be found to throw light on much that would otherwise be obscure, and they will also afford the key to the succeeding essays.

Lawrence Hung rated it it was rhomas Feb 27, The more we see into this position the more intolerable it becomes, because from this stand-point we can never attain any certain basis of action, and lecturfs forces of trowarc evil multiply as we contemplate them. Hitherto we have inverted the true order of cause and effect; now, by carefully considering the real nature of the Principle of Causation in itself–causa causans lecturee distinguished from cause causata–we return to the true order and adopt a new method of thinking in accordance with it.

If toward principle is once recognised the sequence is obvious. The Octave is the starting-point of a new series reduplicating the starting-point of the previous series at a different level, just as does the octave note in music. This is the New Thought which in time will fulfil itself in the New Order, thomsa we thus provide new thought-conditions which enable the Spirit to carry on its creative work from a new stand-point, that of our own individuality.

But when the light begins to break in upon us, all this becomes changed. Whole volumes have been written on the topics that Murphy boils down to their essentials in this all-in-one guide. The wisdom in this document is based on conversations with some of the world’s richest and most influential people.

The progress of shipbuilding affords a good example of what I mean. Men and women throughout history have searched for the secrets to attaining wealth and prosperity. Then it perceives that its Unity consists in a greater and a lesser movement, just as the rotation of the earth on its axis does not interfere with its rotation round the sun but are both motions of the same unit, and are definitely related to each other.

Thus the Great Affirmation makes us children of the Great King, at once living in obedience to that Power which is above ldctures, and exercising this same power over all that world of secondary causation which is below us.


It will be quite clear as far as it goes.

The Dore Lectures on Mental Science

Now, however, we know that Life is much more than this; but, as the greater includes the less, it includes physical life as one mode of its manifestation. The knowledge of a principle is to be gained by the study of its affirmative action; when we understand THAT we are in a position to correct the negative conditions which tend to prevent that action.

It is always the principle of Being–that which is, as distinguished from that which is not; but to grasp the true significance of this saying we must understand what is meant by “that which is not.

The further the created thing is from being a merely mechanical arrangement, the higher is the grade of creation.

The early “New Age” philosophy of “New Thought”, which was wildly popular at the turn of the 20th century, owes much of its emphasis on the concept of “mind over matter” to the works of Thomas Troward. The law which every new creation carries with it is therefore not a contradiction of the old law but its specialization into a higher mode of action.

Your thoughts shape your life, create your reality, and ultimately limit or expand your true potential. True, the investigator is met at every turn with individual failure; but his answer to this is that there is no cosmic failure, and that the apparent individual failure is itself a part of the cosmic process, and will diminish in proportion as the individual attains to the recognition of the Moving Principle of that process, and provides the necessary conditions to enable it to take a new starting point in his own individuality.

Thomas Troward – Dore Lectures on Mental Science – Hermetik International

When we have learnt this lesson we have grasped the foundation principle on which individual specialization of the generic law of the creative process becomes a practical possibility. Our part is to provide a concrete centre round which the Divine energies can play. This realization of the true relation between the Originating Spirit and the individual mind is what is esoterically spoken of as the Mystical Marriage in which the two have ceased to be separate and have become one.

For this reason systematic spiritual study commences with the contemplation of the existing cosmos, and we then transfer the conception of the monogenetic power of the Spirit from the cosmos to the individual and realize that the same Spirit is able to do the same thing in ourselves.

In order to get a principle to work in the way we require it to, we must observe its action when it is working spon” taneously in this particular direction. The preceding lectures have led us step by step to see that the Originating Spirit, which first brought the world into existence, is also the root of our own individuality, and is therefore always ready, by its inherent nature, to continue the creative process from this individual stand-point as soon as the necessary conditions are provided, and these conditions are thought-conditions.

The more intimate his knowledge of this Law of Reciprocity becomes, the more he finds that it leads on to Liberty, on the same principle by which we find in physical science that nature obeys us precisely in the same degree to which we first obey nature. Hence if the Originating Mind is to realize the reality of Love, it can Only be by relation to some being which has the power to withhold love.