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TRANSITION FROM DEVELOPMENT TO PRODUCTION. (Includes Change 1 Dated 13 Feb 89). SEPTEMBER Assistant Secretary of Defense Acquisition. This Manual is issued under the authority of DoD. Development to Production,” January 19, It. DOR M. Directive provides. , “Transition from. Page 1. Page 2. Page 3. Page 4. Page 5. Page 6. Page 7. Page 8. Page 9. Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page

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To make improvements in non-production activities, we need to identify the process, its inputs and outputs, and its customers and suppliers.

It calls for cultural change in organization through instituting a broader vision of management encompassing improvement of every process critical to organizational success.

A very structured approach to generate ideas and survey the opinions of a small group. They are representative of the tools that are used to improve any process and are presented in this section to provide an awareness of what they are, why they are used and how to use them.

Best Manufacturing Practices: DoD M: Transition from Development to Production

Even at this level, one would only expect 1 good unit out of every 15 units for a product composed of 1, parts. To simultaneously improve quality, reduce cost, and improve schedules.

Specify requirements in terms of results desired, not “how-to-design” or “how-to-manage. Focuses on shared savings rewards and contractor investment protection. It is written from both industry and DoD perspectives.

Total Quality Management A Guide For Implementation

If they do not, blind adherence to specifications can easily become counterproduc- tive. Negotiate changes after contract award. Commitment entails more than new policies, directives, letters, and speeches. Non-production activities benefit from quality improvement just as production ac- tivities benefit. Do a cause and effect analysis. QFD provides the framework for the cross-functional teams to work within. The only way the user can ultimately be satisfied is if the product or service meets the user’s need or intended use at a reasonable cost.


Measure the elements, using the same unit of measurement for each element. Method of measuring 42245.7-m processes against those of recognized lead- ers. The critical role of management is emphasized. It also provides quantifiable data for analysis, provides a reference baseline, and promotes participation and decision-making by people doing the job.


Trust between management and employees 3. Don’t institute a new behavior that can’t be maintained and improved forever!

Order the elements according to their measure, not their classification. Clarifies roles and responsibilities, resolves conflicts, eliminates duplications, and opens lines of communication. The conventional approach to quality is not to get rid of chronic waste but to prevent things from getting worse by “putting out the fires. The Transition from Development to Production Directive requires the application of integrated design and engineering disciplines in the construction and conduct of defense acquisition programs concurrent engineering.

SPC is an effective tool for improving performance of any process. While waiting for a breakthrough to arrive, a company’s level of perfor- mance often declines because of a lack of sustained attention. Data used to understand and continuously improve processes. A system providing managers with cost details often hidden from them.

Identify common and special causes. Eventually, as the TQM philosophy becomes a natural behavior exhibited in routine work, special support structures can be modified and blended into the organization. Provide incentives for contractors to provide continuous quality improvement.

List all elements of interest. Could Cost is a way to get industry and government to work together to eliminate non-value-added effort. Work on most important causes e. Identify tasks-basic steps used to perform each activity and to provide the most specific description of a process.


Integrated Product and Process Development Bibliography

Ideally, all products should be built to nominal dimensions. If the result does not match your current job description, your job description needs to be changed to reflect your mission. Identify functions-major responsibilities of organization including manpower and planning. Defense Acquisition Circular1 September These teams can range from 4 mem- bers to 20 members and can have representation from every function in the or- ganization.

Set True Customer Requirements Knowledge of the user’s needs and expectations internal and external is a pre- requisite to satisfying them. Thus, in procurement, conformance to Government or industry specifications will result in quality products only when those specifications properly identify user requirements. In evaluating behavioral changes, one might measure and compare em- ployee turnover rate, or the number of grievances filed in a month.

Wadsworth, Stephens and Godfrey. There is no substitute for the day-to-day discipline and tools of continuous im- provement needed to reinforce TQM. Quickly optimizes product designs robust design and production processes.

Every work activity also called work function or work process has inputs and outputs. The concurrent engineering approach is one way to do this. Be aware that customers and suppliers can be anything from another organization to a co-worker.

Every member of the organization must know the purpose of his job, his customersand his relation to others in the organization for providing cus- tomer satisfaction.

Decide the major categories of causes. Competent, dedicated employees make the greatest contributions to quality and productivity. Tools such as histograms and Pareto diagrams help to determine the most likely cause of the problems leading to waste.