DWL DWL D-Link Air™. Ethernet-to-Wireless Bridge. • DWL Ethernet-to-Wireless Bridge. • CD-ROM (containing Manual and Warranty). To get started configuring the Dlink DWL+ WiFi settings you need to login to To login to the Dlink DWL+, follow our Dlink DWL+ Login Guide. View and Download D-Link DWL owner’s manual online. GHz Ethernet-to -Wireless Bridge. DWL Network Router pdf manual download. Also for: Air.

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Name Type Size Date Manual click to download pdf For more information take a look at our WEP vs. Networking Basics Please wait while the wizard copies dlimk files. Sharing a Network Printer After you have run the Network Setup Wizard on manaul the computers on your network, you can run the Add Printer Wizard on all the computers on your network.

Covr point ac dual band whole home wi-fi system pages. Wireless Name Your wireless network needs to have a name to uniquely identify it from other wireless networks.

No two computers can have the same IP Address. Turn on the power of the DWL by connecting one end of the power adapter included with your purchase into the power port on the DWL, and connecting the other dwk810 into the AC power outlet on your wall.

D-Link provides free technical support for customers within the United States for the duration of the warranty period on this product.

D-Link devices set to their default settings. You dal810 use a password to prevent tampering with the configuration of the DWL After making these changes to your router you will almost definitely have to reconnect any previously connected devices. This is usually done at the device itself and not at your computer. Your wireless network needs to have a name to uniquely identify it from other wireless networks.


Click the blue tab at the top of the page labeled Wireless. If you are not sure what this means we have a guide explaining what a wireless name is that you can read for more information.

The various input fields may be used to configure the Select Wireless in the menu, as shown. Click Reboot in the Admin window. Click Apply to update the settings.

Setup WiFi on the Dlink DWL+

Want to know why these are the best options? Page 17 D-Link devices set to their default settings. Be aware of the direct line between the DWL and the device with which it communicates, as well as between Access Points, Residential Gateways routersand computers. It is worth reading more about how to reset routers with the 30 30 dw,810 reset and what the risks and considerations are when resetting your router this way, dlibk of just rebooting it.

Networking Basics Adding a local printer This screen gives you information about your printer.

D-Link DWL-810+

Networking Basics Adding a local printer A printer connected directly to a computer A printer that is not shared on the network and is connected directly to one computer is called a local printer. Page 16 Click Apply to update the settings. In this example, Create a Network Setup Disk has been selected. Click Yes to restart the computer. Much of the advice given here may be helpful in setting dlnik the DWL Click Cancel to discard the changes.

You will need this information when you use the Add Printer Wizard on the other computers network. By pressing ‘print’ button dlin will print only current page. For example, you can assign a Static IP address of Select Obtain an IP address automatically.


This manual also for: Points and the traffic level of the wireless network running on Infrastructure Mode, which is determined by the number dql810 Access Points in your wireless network and the configuration of the Access Points.

Setup WiFi on the Dlink DWL-810+

Web configuration is required to connect the DWL- in Setup 2. Building Materials make a difference – A solid metal door or aluminum studs may have a negative effect on range. Category 5 is the most reliable grade of twisted-pair cable.

A Stations table will appear, as shown here, providing information regarding the device connected to the DWL Changes will only take effect after you restart the DWL Wireless Channel Picking a WiFi channel is not always a simple task. Registration Product registration is entirely voluntary and failure to complete or return this form will not diminish your warranty rights.

The IP Addresses on your network must be within the same range. Contacting Technical Support Safety: It is either Straight- Through cable or Cross-Over cable.

Warranty provides specific legal rights and you may also have other rights which vary from state mqnual state. To restart, click on Admin in the system tool bar.

Gateways, and computers so that the number of walls or ceilings is minimized. This is extremely outdated and unreliable security. Networking Basics Enter a Computer description and a Computer name. Networking Basics In the window below, select the best option. The Information window displays the vwl810 setup status of the DWL If you are connecting to an access point or wireless router you will need to change that setting to Infrastructure.