has a tutorial for a basic one. We’ve been kicking around hydrone ideas for a while. There was talk of trying to work with a few. While doing my normal scan of citizen science projects out on the net, I came across a simplistic hydrophone for whale sounds. While I know. For a bigger DIY submarine project, we decided to use a DIY hydrophone instead of a classic microphone or the microphone integrated in a.

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DIY hydrophones

Better insulated cable should improve things, especially if you can earth the signal somewhere. Epoxy is great but its toxic so be sure to dih in a well ventilated space. While in Riga this past weekend, I dropped the hydrophones into the Daugava river.

Of course, we tried a sound test in the water as well.

Then, we took the cover plate of the box and we made a little hole in the center of it to hydroohone the cable. These recordings were made with a home made hydrophone see photos and link belowpre-amp and and analogue cassette recorder.

The first question most people will have is, why am I trying to make a stereo contact mic? Sound of the sea from Rhode Island Office of the Marine: The center goes to the positive and the ground goes to the outer ring. To start with you need to solder the piezo to the cable. Original pair of hydrophones I decided to build but then lost after hearing some good recordings djy discussing with others their experiences. Your email address will not be published. Lead weight underneath to counteract buoyancy.


Istanbul is great for materials especially in the Karakoy district near the Galata bridge. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here This entry was posted […]. And here is the final result! We tried our hydrophone in water to see if it was well sealed.

A small collection of binaural field recordings made on a visit to Istanbul Turkey. Allow the epoxy to harden 4 Use a generous amount of epoxy to cover the inside surface of the larger plastic foot. This site hydriphone cookies.

I put things together in this order to insure a solid construction.

Hydrophone Sound Recordings

Most importantly, water must not be able to enter the body of the microphone. If you have a mono input on your recorder than you can simply use one piezo. Ideas of sound and its signification are key elements in Louth-Robins’ work, traversing the space between the visual and aural his sound art is realised through the mediums of recordings, installation and performance.

Then, we filled the box with vegetabel oil and sealed it with the glue gun. I got a Tascam DR to line-in my contact mics, but I get too much buzzing interference. It is spring time in Estonia so the local lakes provide a good source of sounds.


To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Of course, the piezo had to be in the hjdrophone, so we glued it on the right side of the cover plate whith a glue gun. Telephone condenser microphone, with built in pre-amp, covered in rubber to keep water out.

You are commenting using your Twitter account. Allow dij epoxy to harden 2 mix a little bit of epoxy and cover the backs of the piezos to make sure the solder connections are covered. Once this has been done, several sticks of hot glue are used to seal everything up. Water dept hydrophome 7m, hydrophone hydrohpone 5m. First of all, we had to weld the piezo with a jack to listen to the piezo frequences on a pc. Or try Orca sounds. There are several design plans offered on the web.

Hydrophones are microphones used for the purpose of recording sound in water and often consist of a transducer housed in a water resistant membrane or ceramic enclosure which facilitates the capture of vibratory phenomena.

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