The research subject was “Problemi legati ai dissipatori sismici” (Problems linked to the seismic dampers), supervisors: prof. Antonio Tralli and Alessandra. Structural solutions and post-tensioning systems. L’efficacia dei dissipatori viscosi è evidente nella simulazione numerica, in cui nei sistemi dotati di “base-isolation” Edificio di media altezza: dinamica sismica.

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Davide Forcellini

Sito web non disponibile. Ahmed Elgamal and Dr.

Since then, he has continued collaboration with Prof. Ahmed Elgamal and Prof.

Kelly at UC Berkeley. He worked as a bridge engineer between and Sincehe has been teaching at University of San Marino. He completed his Ph. Oct 31,DOI: Cerisano KovacevicDOI: ForcelliniDissipqtori International Journal of New Technology and Research, vol.

Journal of Statistical Science and Application, vol. Accepted 7 November Durability of Bridge Structures.


Accepted December 06, Journal of Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Engineering. Accepted April 27, ; posted ahead of dissipafori April 30, Capetown, South Africa, September Edinburgh, England, September Soil Structure Interaction assessment with advanced numerical simulations.

Fondazione Eucentre | For Your Safety | Via Adolfo Ferrata 1, Pavia (Italy)

Crete, Greece, May Numerical simulations of liquefaction phenomena after Emilia Romagna 20 May Earthquake. Performance Based Earthquake engineering approach applied to bridges in a road network.

The influence of large deformations of elastomeric bearings. Seismic assessment of soil structure interaction on several isolated bridge configurations adopting a PBEE methodology.

Seismic isolators FIP | Isolatore sismico By FIP INDUSTRIALE

Numerical simulations of liquefaction phenomena after Emilia Romagna 20 May earthquake. Case studies on several isolated bridge configurations adopting a performance based design approach. Seismic resilience Seismic protection of historical buildings Pubblicazioni Forcellini D. Bandi, concorsi e selezioni.