Suggested references are: G. Ghione Semiconductor Device for High-Speed Wiley (); G. Ghione Dispositivi per la Microelettronica, McGraw Hill (). Basics in solid state physics [Fonstad, Sze02, Singh, Ghione]. The pn junction Ghione, “Dispositivi per la microelettronica, Mc Graw-Hill, (Bibl. Tecn. G. Ghione, Dispositivi per la microelettronica, McGraw-Hill – J. P. Colinge, Semiconductor device physics – Muller-Kamins, Device electronics for integrated .

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By specifying this value, on the contrary, currents are multiplied by AreaFactor, which in this example with take equal to 2 mm G.

All the produced material will be made available on the course website disposituvi pdf files. Betti Beneventi 4 The diode: The course goal is to complete the student knowledge in the field of microeletttronica devices with the topics related to advanced electron devices for high-speed and optoelectronics applications.

The fact that the profiles do not appear identically symmetrical is only due to different mesh discretization carrier depletion with respect to equilibrium G.


Theoretical lectures and practice classes are used in the course. Schematics, HDL, diagrams; different abstraction levels. Another possible breakdown mechanism is the Zener breakdown which is due to band-to-band-tunneling. Argomenti trattati nelle lezioni: This is related to the physics of charge injection thermionic emission in non-degenerate semiconductors.


Betti Beneventi 17 SDE command file 4 sdedr: This teaching module is centered on the designa and the development of an instrument which will be used in an experiment at the Elettra Synchrotron Radiation Facility. Le esercitazioni in aula permetteranno agli studenti di applicare in modo quantitativo i modelli ricavati a lezione per eterostrutture e per i principali dispositivi che le utilizzino.

Technology Computer Aided Design (TCAD) Laboratory Lecture 4

HAL Hardware abstraction Layer development. Servizi per la didattica.

Betti Beneventi 45 Electrical characteristics: Techniques for FPGA configuration. Betti Beneventi 9 Secondary effects 1. Homework exercises are also provided in.

Betti Beneventi 35 Post-processing: Dipsositivi Beneventi 51 Uniform doping: It can be shown that the minority carrier concentration is exponentially decreasing from the junction line. Deviations from the ideal models [Fonstad, p. Normally the oral test has to be taken right after the results of the written test are provided. Betti Beneventi 3 The diode: Documents Flashcards Grammar checker.

Practice classes will allow the students to quantitatively apply the equations derived in class on semiconductor heterostructures and for the main heterostructure devices. Convergence is achieved if error is smaller than one.

Nanoelectronics and Bioelectronics (integrato con Electronic Devices and Components) — Uniud IT

When the reverse bias exceeds a certain level called breakdown voltage, the current is no more constant but shows a dramatically increase. IVA – C. Type of Learning Activity.


Betti Beneventi 11 SWB: Check on the Sdevice file: It depends on many physical parameters like doping and diffusion lengths.

Betti Beneventi 41 Post-processing: The course, taught in English, is mandatory as an alternative to Optoelettronica for the MSc-level program in Electronic Engineering. Betti Beneventi 32 Output of the simulation: Betti Beneventi 19 Sdevice: Regole d’esame Assessment and grading criteria. Betti Beneventi 38 Post-processing: Organizzazione dell’insegnamento Course structure. There are three main steps – dispositiv specification – lessons to provide students with necessary competences and skills – actual design and development.

Scaling in ICs [Fonstad, p. It consist of two regions of homogeneous semiconductor, one doped with acceptors p-type and the other one doped with donors n-type. By default, the width in the third dimension is taken to be equal to 1mm.

DIDATTICA del Dip. di Ingegneria :: Scheda Docente – Università del Salento

The space-charge region width is increased, and there is a diminution of minority carriers compared to the equilibrium condition.

At a critical field, the carriers have enough kinetic energy to create electron-hole pairs by collisions with the lattice silicon atoms. Compilazion and debugging tools. Betti Beneventi 39 Post-processing: