The compact DISOMAT® Tersus weighing terminal is ideal for use in a wide range of weighing applications, regardless of whether you’re focusing on operating. DISOMAT® Tersus to control a crane DISOMAT® Tersus panel-mounting unit in field housing DISOMAT® Tersus Crane Scale, see Manual BV-HAA. A Schenck model DISOMAT Tersus (VTG ) digital indicator as shown in between weighing ranges may be automatic or manual.

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Input voltage 85 – VAC. B02 mmmust be supplied. Dongle With Jumper Settings To parameterize and calibrate your system: Local Box VVG For details, please see technical data of individual bus system. The following search criteria are possible: For items diso,at, see Fig. The module is organized as ring buffer, i. Secondary Displays This page has been left empty intentionally. Display Cable If the distance exceeds 30m, double the supply line cross-section of terminal DT A Maximum transmission rate is 10MBaud.

Sustainable in all regards: Any use other than originally intended is considered inappropriate.

Filling or discharge scales can also be easily combined at the same time. It is compatible with the previous version and also offers a range of noteworthy optimisations for ambitious planning. The table below lists the available variants: The use of a bus termination as shown below offers a reliable remedy. In operation with two measuring channels: Maintain jumper position on all other devices.


System Manual DISOMAT_百度文库

Remove clamping nut and press in plug flush with the screwed connection outer edge. When mounting the explosion-proof protective circuitries complete with connecting parts, ensure that protection to at least IP20 is reached.

The system identifies a hersus memory module automatically and outputs an error message upon the next storage attempt. The spacers are included in the board mounting kits. RS and RS can be used as alternative only 1 physical interface. The individual Z barriers are equipped with an exchangeable preliminary fuse.


Fitting D is provided for fieldbus connectors. The passive bus connection can then be omitted. In the safe area, the sealing ring may be exchanged; certified screwed connections must be replaced in set. Connect and supply the DT control terminal in the safe area as shown in wiring diagram on page This file is supplied.


Load cells are supplied with a cycled alternating voltage. VKG for wall-mounting To affix to the wall: CET Service specialists are available to you in every department during our normal office hours for analying problems and malfunctions. System checks terrsus see if the data to be overwritten have the predefined minimum age. Schedule an appointment with us whenever you need it.


The ICP relay outputs can be loaded with max. ATEX Zone 1 7.

They can also adversely affect weighing operation. The present manual is valid from firmware version Vxxyy Width [mm] 73 10 6 24 40 30 Height [mm] 99 99 35 48 48 90 78? Separate flat cable connectors of connector board from measuring circuit board.

This type is a variant of stainless steel unit VKG adjusted to explosion protection requirements. Use screened cable and contact screen using clamp.

They are of rugged and standard industrial design. Office contacts Contact us. Explosion-proof Protective Circuitries Connectors 5. RS, baud, 8 bits, no parity, 1 stop bit. The device is equipped with corresponding type plate. Fieldbox VFG The fixing elements are supplied.