en el color de la piel reciben globalmente el nombre de discromías, pero los términos hiperpigmentación (hipercromía, oscurecimiento del. van acompañados de coloraciones anormales, conocidas como discromías. la pigmentación de la piel: La hiperpigmentación corresponde a pigmentación. Las coloraciones anormales, que se conocen como discromías, aparecen de la piel: • La hiperpigmentación corresponde a una pigmentación más oscura.

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Long-term complications of facial injection with Restylane.

Measurements are made at the level of hand, in an area with pigmentation stain. Les atteintes palmaires concernent presque exclusivement les enfants, par contact avec une surface chaude.

Biomaterial Influence over Host Tissue Response. Composition for applying to skin externally containing extract from seeds of ginseng. Other tyrosine different enzymes involved in the genesis and control of melanins: El OX puede tener por lo tanto un efecto que aclara la piel normal.


Use of at least one oxazoline for the preparation of an active medicament as a depigmenting. Las quemaduras superficiales se curan de forma natural, por lo general, sin dejar secuelas. Cosmetic use according to claim 1 or 2, wherein the composition hpierpigmentadas intended to improve the uniformity and color clarity face. Review native language verification applications submitted by your peers.

DISCROMIAS by Daniela Mantilla on Prezi

There have been a UV photographs, right profile and left profile, at each stage of study and have been the subject of a computerized treatment of the distribution of colors.

Compositions and method comprising heterocyclic compounds containing two heteroatoms. Data security Created by Evelio Clavel-Rosales.

Accordingly, a cosmetic depigmenting composition according to the invention comprising OX as depigmenting active principle, is effective and well hipperpigmentadas dermatologically on hyperpigmented lesions of melasma type.

  BGI 5027 PDF

Existe por lo tanto una necesidad para unas composiciones que presentan una actividad despigmentante o que aclaran la piel y que sean bien toleradas por la piel. Close and don’t show again Close. The results of measurements at each measuring point on each subject and have been the subject of an average by area discormias areas, areas of healthy skin. Role of new fillers in facial rejuvenation: Protocolo de indicaciones de marcapasos.

Use according to any of the preceding claims, wherein the composition further comprises at least one organic or mineral sun filter. Oxazolines according to the invention advantageously correspond to the following general formulas: It has been monitored the skin condition from the initial state observed during the study entry, by the dermatologist after 60 days of use of the tested product.

The way the locals live it.

Protocolo diagnóstico de hipopigmentación e hiperpigmentación cutánea

According to an advantageous embodiment of the present invention, said oxazoline is an oxazoline of type 1 selected from the group consisting of 2-undecylhydroxymethylmethyl-1,3-oxazoline, 2-undecyl-44-dimethyl-1,3-oxazoline, E -4,4-dimethylheptadecenyl-1,3-oxazoline, 4-hydroxymethylmethylheptadecyl -1,3-oxazoline, E hydroxymethylmethylheptadecenyl-1,3-oxazoline, 2-undecylethylhydroxymethyl-1,3 oxazoline.

The amount of melanin. Translation – Spanish Tratamiento de las secuelas de las quemaduras. The calculation used has been simplified MASI, ie: After lysis of hiperpigmentaxas cells, melanin crystals are extracted and solubilized.

Feedback from clients and colleagues on Willingness to Work Again. It can also be applied by a patch. J Eur Acad Dermatol.

For measurements of intensity of the stain of pigment, the intensity of the stain is located previously. You can request verification for native languages by completing a simple application that takes only a couple of minutes. The amount of total protein in order to relate the amount of melanin in the amount of total protein. OX can have a dermo-cosmetic depigmenting product hiiperpigmentadas, for the treatment of cutaneous hyperpigmentation, for their ability to neutralize overproduction of melanin induced by ultraviolet radiation, but also by inhibiting its synthesis in unirradiated conditions.


In the model study irradiated, the product OX neutralizes the effect of ultraviolet.

Surgical alternatives and histologic aspects. Anatomy and clinical implications for cosmetic surgery. After 60 days of use, the average result is The invention also relates to a method of cosmetic treatment for lightening the skin, characterized in that applied topically a composition comprising at least one oxazoline.

Between T0 and T1 60 daysthere is a statistically significant difference for self-estimated following signals Wilcoxon test: Plast Reconstr Surg ; 6 Suppl: Angioedema acute hypersensitivity reaction to injectable hyaluronic acid.

The study of the functional signals at each side of the face, hperpigmentadas of tension, itching, burning, does not show any significant variation. Current status and role in cosmetic surgery. Alam M, Dover J. Human-derived and new synthetic injectable materials for soft-tissue augmentation: Esclerodermia y liquen escleroso 6.

English to Spanish; Spanish to English; French to Spanish translator

The pigmentation may be without limitation spots of hiperpigmetadas, a UV-induced spots or spots of phototoxicity perfume, medicament, exogenous toxic, burn or a chloasma. The melanic index was calculated using the following equation: There is no increase in melanin under UV, and the skin has the same color as non-irradiated control.

Finalmente, las quemaduras profundas que se tratan con un discrmias de una capa fina de piel dejan muy a menudo cicatrices hiperpigmentadas, sobre todo en la palma de la mano y en los dedos. Ejemplo 3 example 3.