Discourse Networks, / has 65 ratings and 2 reviews. Christina said: Because hard stuff to read likes to make think that you feel better about you. Cover of Discourse Networks, / by Friedrich Kittler Translated by Friedrich Kittler Translated by Michael Metteer, with Chris Cullens Foreword by. Discourse Networks / Thomas Sebastian. Some consider Friedrich Kittler’s Discourse Networks *. (originally published in under the .

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The work might be classified as a German equivalent to the New Historicism that is currently of great interest among American literary scholars, both in the intellectual influences to which Kittler responds and in his concern to ground literature in the most concrete details of historical reality.

Afterword to the Second Printing. Syllabic hodgepodge and automatic writing, the language of children and the insane– none of it is meant for understanding eyes or ears ; all of it takes the quickest path from experimental conditions to data storage ” The section argues that the new discourse network in which literature is situated in the modern period is characterized by new technological media – film, the photograph, and the typewritten page – and the crisis that these caused for literary production.

The author focuses on the differences between ‘discourse networks’ in and inin the process developing a new analysis of the shift from romanticism to modernism This is a highly original book about the connections between historical moment, social structure, technology, communication systems, and what is said and thought using these systems – notably literature.

Kittler’s explanation of technological media suggest that they are capable of subsuming human corporeality, subjugating the subject to data such that agency dissolves and Man and soul no longer apply [Fuller uses this point to distinguish Kittler from McLuhan who suggests a more cooperative dynamic between humans and their extensions].

Richard rated it it was amazing Jan 29, In his book Dracula’s Legacy, he meticulously analysed the band’s song Brain Damage from the album Dark Side of the Moon, arguing that its three verses move from mono to stereo to “maddening” surround sound — the hi-tech version of Wagner’s Gesamtkunstwerk. I can’t pretend I entirely understand, although I daily pretend Because hard stuff to read likes to make think that you feel better about yourself.

Discourse Networks, / by Friedrich A. Kittler

Natisha rated it liked it Aug 08, That was his first wife, Erika Kittler, with whom he remained on good terms after their divorce. Kittler, sometimes dubbed the “Derrida of the digital age”, thus tapped into humanity’s fear of being neutralised by its own tools. Queen’s Sacrifice ; gender: Post-hermeneutic literary history or criticismtherefore, becomes a sub-branch of media studies ” xiii.


Want to Read saving…. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. His parents left East Germany in to enable Kittler to get the best German university education possible.

Discourse Networks, 1800/1900

Instead of the play between Man the sign-setter and the writing surface, the philosopher as stylus and the tablet of Nature, there is the play between type and its Other, completely removed from subjects. Jul 11, Steen Ledet rated it really liked it Shelves: Kittler is influential in the new approach to media theory that grew popular starting in the s Kittler’s central project is to “prove to the human sciences [ Stanford University Pressneyworks Literary Criticism – pages.

Kittler turned that philosophy on its head. Lucleao rated it it was amazing Apr 12, Refresh and try again. They follow the logic of escalation that leaves a written history behind it. He was born in Rochlitz, Saxony, and one of his earliest memories was seeing from a distance Dresden ablaze, bombed in February by the allies.

It also gives such a great “reading” of the “recording angel” logo that it will get tattooed on my arm, or re-inscripted, as it were. In his extraordinary book Gramophone, Film, Typewriter he argued that “those early and seemingly harmless machines capable of storing and therefore separating sounds, sights and writing ushered in a technologising of information”.

Kittler No preview available – The aura of Martin Heidegger, the Nazi-supporting philosopher and the university’s former rector, hung over the town.

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Keith rated it really liked it Mar 29, The artful structure of the book begins with Goethe’s Faust and ends with Valery’s Faust. Steven networ,s it really liked it Aug 26, Because it’s the most impenetrably brilliant and impossibly absurd piece I’ve read.

He told one interviewer in that the internet hardly promotes human communication: In retrospect the discourse kittlre of is a single machine designed to neutralize discursive effects and establish ‘our absurd world of educators’–‘to the “able servant of the state” this promises a regulating schema’–founded on the ruin of words ” Roger Whitson rated it really liked it Nov 17, Arguably, Pink Floyd meant more to him than Foucault.


Chris rated it it was ok May 30, Rebus ; psychoanalysis, literature: The discourse network of is set against the discourse network of We know that he was married, for instance, because he reported that his interest in Lacan caused arguments with his wife “as she wished to remain professionally faithful to Freud”. Kittler sees an autonomy in technology and therefore disagrees with Marshall McLuhan’s reading of the media as “extensions of man”: Kittler joked that it was unusual for a German intellectual to get tenure discoourse being inspired by a madman’s text.

Lists with This Book.

Friedrich Kittler obituary

Wellbery suggests that Kittler “establishes a positive research program for posthuman criticism ” xii and that he does so, in part, by analyzing at the level of machines rather than the signifier.

Emily rated it really liked it Feb 09, The artful structure of the book begins with Goethe’s Faust and ends with Vale;ry’s Faust. Writing, disconnected from all discursive technologies, is no longer based on an individual capable of imbuing it with coherence through connecting curves and the expressive pressure of the pen; it swells in an apparatus that cuts up individuals into test material ” And yet the traces of this particular aspect of the German military industrial complex, which were located on a very romantic and idyllic island so as not to be seen, were everywhere.

The eclectic German post-structuralist philosopher and media theorist Friedrich Kittler, who has died aged 68, once wrote: Account Options Sign in. Friday, November 10, TAGS agency alphabetization archive association author Benjamin body channel coupling cybernetics data Derrida discourse epoch exteriority film Foucault free.

Common terms and phrases aesthetic alphabetization Anselmus Anton Reiser aphasia automatic writing became become beginning Bettina Brentano brain Brigge bureaucratic child circa classical course culture dictation difference discourse network dream Ebbinghaus essay experimental Faust feminine readers Fichte film Foucault Freud function German Goethe Goethe’s Golden Pot handwriting Hegel hermeneutics hero Hoffmann human Ibid interpretation J.