DIN VDE 0833-2 PDF

This standard specifies requirements for design, planning, installation, operation and maintenance for fire alarm systems in conjunction with DIN VDE Alarm systems for fire, instrusion and hold-up; Requirements for fire detection and alarm systems. Alarm systems for fire, intrusion and hold up; Part 2: Requirements for fire alarm systems.

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It is crucial that an alarm concept is drawn up in advance in order to define the hazardous areas.

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Furthermore, signaling devices with a clear flashing light offer a larger coverage volume, which can allow fewer signaling devices to be used, thus cutting costs. They set out the general requirements of the devices and the technical parameters used to calculate coverage volumes for audible signaling devices.

Devices with M12 plug Art Illumination Accessories. For visual alarm systems, the individual coverage volumes in the relevant approval category must now be arranged so that they cover the whole of the space throughout which the signal is to be seen. This applies to production sites as well as administrative and public buildings. Siemens uses Pfannenberg devices for its industrial applications as they are economical and easy to use in their properties.

First of all, it proved possible to use the existing cabling network for the fire alarm system. It describes clearly how many and in what way visual signaling devices should be planned for inclusion in a project and for the first time states clear requirements concerning their planning and arrangement.

The choice of light technology can also be crucial. The focus is always on the actual coverage volume of the signaling device, which can be used to determine the device requirements.


As well as the established method of alerting with audible signaling devices, additional alerting can be provided by visual signaling devices. This is stated 1: The planning and configuring of audible and visual fire alarm systems must fulfill many conditions.

Fire protection in accordance with VDE – Pfannenberg

On the other hand, Category “O” open installation allows the manufacturer to describe the coverage volume in any way or 0833–2 design the best possible coverage volume for specific applications and constructions.

Accessible building regulations are set out in DIN The ceiling height was just under 10 meters.

Fire alarm systems in both cases fulfill their purpose of allowing fire to be detected at an early stage, irrespective of whether people are present or not, so that appropriate action can be taken without delay. Intelligent bus systems are preferred for public buildings. One of the benefits of loop signaling devices is simple installation in public buildings. Furthermore, increasing numbers of people worldwide suffer from hearing defects and for them a purely audible alerting system is not effective.

Test yourself or your business online. In an emergency such as a fire, it must be guaranteed that every person present in the affected area vd even those with impaired ability to hear or see — are immediately and unambiguously alerted and evacuated as quickly as possible.

The product standard also requires the devices to deliver a specific light output and light distribution. The preferred color for alarms is red.

By continuing to browse the website, you consent to our use of cookies. The ZVEI fact sheet 1 summarizes the principles and challenges of visual alarm systems: More information add to basket. April Number of pages: Making the right choice The planning and configuring of audible and visual fire alarm systems must fulfill many conditions. Option to visualize changes at a glance. Their design and components are set out in VDE Downtime due to upgrades and modernizations in the relevant areas were reduced to a minimum.


NF X June Safety instructions and information – Orders and instructions, evacuation plans, intervention plans, safety plans and safety technical djn. Industrial buildings normally have high ceilings and large surface areas which clearly define the coverage volume.

DIN VDE – October

As such, he or vse must determine with the authorities responsible, the designer and possibly the installer of the fire alarm system FAS measures such as how to create an audible and if relevant visual alarm system to meet the requirements of certain areas.

Purchase More information add to basket. Furthermore, visual signaling devices must emit white or red flashing lights at a frequency from 0. Alarm systems for fire, intrusion and hold up – Part 2: The aim of the Equality for Persons with Disabilities Act Behindertengleichstellungsgesetz – BGG is to eradicate and prevent the discrimination facing disabled persons and to grant them equal rights to participate in social and working life.

Safety instructions idn information – Orders and instructions, evacuation plans, intervention plans, safety plans and safety technical documentation. Get a quote for don of systems, products or services, and get certified.