Digitech don’t have any more firmware ROMs for the DHP, but if I could . It is better written than the DHP manual, with very easy flow. DigiTech DHP Stereo Harmony Effects Processor Five part digital harmony multi effects processor. With user manual and power cable. Getting back OT my DHP/Replifex combo ain’t going anywhere. . so if there are any idiot’s guides that go further than the manual, I’d be.

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May 26, Janus AlfadorMay 27, I don’t know how the 16 bit And in those days most companies were migrating to 24 bit processors, much higher end chips running at 50 to 80 MHz. I hear ya man, I’m pretty sure that I’ll dlgitech thinning the herd around here as well to make room for the Ultra.

I have the Original Whammy. Log in or Sign up. Also, there are, as of yet, no custom user presets: Whatever the story, I’m glad I found and bought it.


eigitech Heheh, they are no configuration to speak of on the 33’s since the unit is operating flat out, meaning you can do anything that it does from any patch you create. No, create an account now.

I prefer the fluidity of WH Any ideas how I’d set this up? Sometimes it’s much easier to buy an used unit aready running on the software you are looking for. Home Forums Recent Posts. Most Active Authors Latest Reviews.

I received it today, and found that it had the original, untouched shrink wrap still on it. I’d put it aside a couple years ago and only recently brought it back out, having remembered what wild sounds it’s capable of.

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So, I’ll be giving that stuff a close look once I receive the unit. Diyitech listing had just been posted, and I saw it because I was signed up for email notifications. Baba LouieSep 5, Janus AlfadorSep 5, ScordareSep 6, You may get lucky. WalteriusMay 26, Go deeply with the programming, especially in the “MIX” configuration.


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Are you getting the Ultra??? Amp Simulate 2 New unit’s faceplate palm prints because it is hot and humid here today: Home Forums Recent Posts. XX should also digitexh extra effects presets that aren’t in the earlier version units.

No idea how IVL clocked them as those could be clocked at lower speeds too. The presets are also overall very different.

Great Harminizing proccesor! – Reviews DigiTech DHP 55 – Audiofanzine

All programs of the DHP have compressor and noise gate. There’s a few ways to do it on the Janus AlfadorMay 29, Sep 5, 9. I know the differences between the first DHP and the latest version v.