: Die okkulten Wurzeln des Nationalsozialismus. ( ) by Nicholas Goodrick-Clarke and a great selection of similar New, Used and. Results 33 – 40 of 40 Die okkulten Wurzeln des Nationalsozialismus. Sonne: Arische Kulte, Esoterischer Nationalsozialismus und die Politik der Abgrenzung. Buy Die okkulten Wurzeln des Nationalsozialismus. by Nicholas Goodrick-Clarke () by Nicholas Goodrick-Clarke (ISBN:) from Amazon’s Book Store.

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As I was reading, I kept wondering This was somewhat difficult reading, particularly the primary sources, not necessariy because the ideas were complex, but because I struggled to find the frame of mind that would consider these ideas compelling, internally consistent, and socially useful. Skickas inom vardagar.

The Goodrick-Clarke work is well-researched and fascinating. But nonetheless a well put together book which I am sure I will come back to many times in the future. For Hitler they had their uses though, further fomenting ever present anti-semitism, ever present in Austria and Germany and helping to make it feel more acceptable? The Occult Roots of Nazism: An excellent book which gives a very detailed look into the lives and thoughts many major players of nordic philosophy, magic, and religion, which in turn sharply influenced many of dess leaders of the third reich.

Nov 01, Paul Fox rated it it was amazing. Wotan, Wili, We is the unity of the trinity. Ariosophy and Adolf Hitler Appendices Notes and Fes Bibliography Index Acknowledgements I hesitated before reading this book fearing it might be some wacky neo nazi treatise that tends to froth and then bore. Contrary to the title, the bulk of the book is actually about the revivals of Paganism and general Occultism in the German-speaking countries from the late 19th century to the early 20th.

Aug 13, Simon rated it liked it Shelves: Auschwitz, Sobibor, and Treblinka, the hellish museums of Nazi apocalypse, had psychic roots reaching back to millenial visions of occult sects. Dec 27, Don rated it it was amazing. An absolutely essential academic work for serious students of the Third Reich which authoritatively establishes the links among the irrationalist and nationalist Germanic occult movements of the late 19th century, early Pan-Germanism, the world view of Mein Kampf and the mythology of the Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei under Hitler’s leadership.

An introduction recounts the life of this celebrated Swiss alchemist. The Private Magus ide Heinrich Himmler This book examines how Devi has been lionized by the fringe radical ri Nearly half a century after the defeat of the Third Reich, Nazism remains a subject of extensive historical inquiry, general interest, and, alarmingly, a source of inspiration for resurgent fascism in Europe.

Böcker av Nicholas Goodrick-Clarke

What I found most interesting from Goodrick-Clarke’s piece was his chronology of how the effort to make this occultist movement take roots within a wider context in its shifting names and forms kept failing. These sects combined notions of popular nationalism with an advocacy of Aryan racism and a proclaimed need for German world-rule.


If anything, it demonstrates that in the years leading up to the Nazis gaining power, there was a great raft of extremist thought that created lots of weird belief systems designed to demonstrate the superiority of the White Aryan Man over all other forms of life, which was a wave of thought that clearly the Nazis were on the crest of the wave of.

Not a shred of good evidence for any of it.

What was quite a surprise was how much Austria was a key part to this. A good follow up to Fritz’ Stern’s the Politics of Cultural Despair, which covers some of the same topics. Pet peeve, perhaps, but some of the comments had me scribbling all over the margins in response LOL. I really liked this book. Basically, its central thesis is that humanity is the result of interbreeding between extraterrestrials with psychic powers and the early hominids, with the Germanic peoples being the closest modern day relatives of the alien gods thus necessitating eugenics programs to create a new race of Nordic star gods.

Anyway, the occult Thule Society from which much of the Nazi leadership came were strongly influenced by List’s Armanenschaft.

Die okkulten Wurzeln des Nationalsozialismus

One of the appendices also contains an excellent overview of the Nazi Occult literature, most of which is based on a handful of books that came out in the 70s in the wake of the Holy Blood Holy Grail scam, and was basically all just a bunch of lies made up to sell books because Nazi Occultism is cool and sell books.

Aug 17, T. For me it brilliantly put into European context the rise of Hitler and the Third Reich. There is virtually no evidence that any of these occult groups really had any influence with the Nazis at all, indeed some of the groups that people try and argue had lots of influence with the Nazis were in fact banned by the Nazis, and their members chucked in jails for subversive activities.

More than a century after her death, Helena Petrovna Blavatsy remains a legendary figure. This type of thinking, in other words, is not dead and buried.

That should be a doddle after the cryptic ordeal on wrzeln. Nearly half a century after the defeat of the Third Reich, Nazism remains a subject of extensive historical inquiry, general interest, and, alarmingly, a source of inspiration for resurgent fascism in Europe.

Die okkulten Wurzeln des Nationalsozialismus : Nicholas Goodrick-Clarke :

Hitler found the ideas appealing and useful, but they did not absolutely shape his world-view the way they did Himmler’s, and the Nazi Party as pkkulten whole was not as occultic at its core as the SS specifically was.

No one goes further than Goodrick-Clarke, however, in developing the outer reaches o informative — on the outer limits of political psychology. Herbert Reichstein and Ariosophy Apr 04, Owlseyes rated it really liked it Shelves: A gifted medium, she opposed the prevailing materialism of 19th century science and culture by seeking out sources of ancient wisdom as a key to spiritual tr I borrowed it from the library and am debating buying my own copy so I can scribble notes in it.


Open Preview See a Problem?

These millenarian sects principally the Wuzreln espoused a mixture of popular nationalism, Aryan racism, and occultism to support their advocacy of German world-rule. It was a movement that grew out of the increasing panic brought on by the approach of the modern world, globalism, the rising threat of equal rights, and was essentially the efforts of rich white men to hold on to the good old days where aristocrats ruled the roost and everybody else did as they were told.

George Robert Stowe Mead was a major translator, editor, and commentator on Ggnostic and hermetic literature and thus a pivotal figure linking the late 19th-century esoteric revival to 20th-century art, literature, and psychology. His book, The Occult Roots of Nazism, has remained in print since its publication in and has natipnalsozialismus translated into eight languages. Oct 06, Oliver rated it really liked it. Cie was quite a surprise was how muc The book lays out quite clearly that there were some occult connections to the Nazi movement and that these were not just the creation of the writers of diw pulp fiction.

The really weird part of Theozoology is that Liebenfels, a former Cistercian monk, tried to reconcile all of that okkutlen traditionalist Roman Catholicism! While I understand how some of these ideas floating in the cultural ether nationalsoxialismus fed by anti-Catholocism and a general anxiety about the strength of German identity could be taken as the basis for a leader’s platform, I don’t have the sense of how these ideas took root in more mainstream associations beyond volkisch movements, which themselves only bear a weak connection, I think, to more bizarre occult ideaslike civic organizations, the wurzelnn, youth groups, workers’ guilds or unions, or protestant churches.

To see what your wutzeln thought of this book, please sign up. Also, I’d been given to understand that Rudolf Steiner invented Anthroposophy because he was disturbed by how Blavatskian Theosophy was being misused by the Ariosophists, but it turns out his main objections were that Theosophy under Annie Besant was become too close to simple Hinduism, with not enough universalism or Christianity in it.

Want to Read saving…. I used this book as research for my novel Where Oblivion Lives, and I have referred to Goodrick-Clark’s research several times.