In the shadows of civilization, the offspring of the forbidden union between humans and vampires struggle to find their place in a hostile world. These scions of. RPG Item: Dhampir: Scions of the Night» Forums» House Rules · Post Thread | Subscribe sub options. There are no messages in this forum. Hot on Amazon. Relations: As dhampirs are scions of evil, few races view them favorably. They share . Many denizens of the night are particularly vulnerable to the sun’s brutal .

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If the character gains a sunlight syndrome point, he takes no immediate ill effects, but he takes a —2 penalty on saving throws against sunlight syndrome for as long as he has 1 or more sunlight syndrome points. The following alternate racial traits may be selected in place of one or more of the standard racial traits above. Their movements are typically stiff and awkward. Something does not work as expected?

Incredibly beautiful but strikingly grim shades that straddle the line between humanity and vampirekind, sacred ancestry dhampirs are often single-minded loners intent on a specific goal. While the writing by Landon Bellavia is concise and very good and the dhampir offers a plethora of options to represent heritage from different bloodlines, I maintain that the pdf has some shortcomings that blemish an otherwise excellent offering: I do lead a busy life!

Edit History Tags Source. Final Embrace Like your undead ancestor, you possess an intense yearning for the touch of the living, and the hunger That dwells within you grants an unnatural strength to your grip.

This ability to adapt to a verity of circumstances provides dhampirs with a social camouflage that hides them from both predators and prey.

Next is the fact that obviously not all of the choices and drawbacks are balanced among another, some being obviously better choices than others and, when combined correctly, may create a character that is superior to other races. You are sensitive to the smell of spilt blood.


Alternatively, it might be a drawback that grants a character an additional trait. DiplomacyKnowledge nobility.

Escape ArtistUse Magic Device. If a character gains a number of sunlight syndrome points equal to his Constitution modifier, he risks being overwhelmed. By Thilo Graf This pdf from Raging Swan Press is 34 pages long, 1 page front cover, 1 page blank inside of the front cover, 2 pages editorial and ToC, 1 page advice on how to read statblocks for novice DMs, 1 page advertisement and 1 page back cover, leaving 27 pages of content for the new Dhampir playable race.

Thor the Goddess of Thunder. Also online magazine publisher and writer.

Tall and slender and with well-defined musculature, sciond look like statuesque humans of unearthly beauty. Viverror December 30, nwright Divine Archetypes: As dhampirs are scions of evil, few races view them favorably. Home of tutorials, advice, and downloads for new DM’s. Similarly, dhampirs bear a deep-seeded loathing for living creatures, their hatred planted by jealousy and fed by frustration.

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When do they reach old or venerable age? Almost universally, those inclined toward magic pursue the field of necromancythough dhampir alchemists have been known to obsess over transforming their own bodies. Beyond these crunchy tables to customize your dhampir, we also get 2 d8-tables of sample backgrounds to explain how you were conceived and whether your mother or father was the vampire.

Furthermore, there is one particular major gripe I have with the dhampir: If a dhampir is drained for more levels than he has hit dice within 24 hours, it dies. They are more often hunted out of covetousness or spite than outright prejudice, so they typically develop social skills that allow them to soothe wounds caused by accidental slights or careless acts.

If the saving throw succeeds, he faces no ill effects. Those who struggle against their wicked natures rarely progress dhzmpir a neutral outlook. Those who do often abandon their monstrous children and refuse to speak of the matter. Born in Spain with a talent for dyslexia, I am gamer, player, graphic designer, photographer and psycotherapist.


You are reinvigorated by the blood of others. On the class feature side, we get 2 subdomains, 2 oracle revelations for the bones mystery, a new rogue talent and a major rogue talent, a dhamlir of the undead bloodline and 2 very cool hexes for the witch. Noght up are sample dhampir characters: Even in relative youth a nosferatu is so terrible to behold that any such coupling must be the result of arcane manipulation or insanity. Posted by Paco G. Ultimately, the majority of evil dhampirs regard their allies as little dhapmir than tools or fodder.

Svetochers tend to have an easier time than other dhampirs when associating with mortals, though they must be careful That their relatively wanton social interactions do not breed jealousy, resentment, or disdain.

Dhampir – Dawn of a New Age Wiki

Suffice to say, most are rather unpleasant… Friends of traits get 8 new ones and extensive coverage is provided for dhampir adventurers — all the classes from the APG, the magus and the ninja and samurai are covered. Fo acquire the cultural beliefs and teachings of the regions in which they grew up, and adopt additional philosophies over the course duampir their complex lives. This was taken into account during the design of this race and the players should feel free to mix and match benefits between dhampirs and humans.

Pick one of the following ability focuses: Intelligence Etiquette Focus: Stephens, Todd Stewart, and Russ Taylor.

Dhampir (11 RP) – d20PFSRD

Page 11 of the Fantasy Age Basic Rulebook describes rules for mixed heritage characters. Copyright Inkwell Ideas, Inc. Just something to be aware of when purchasing this pdf. In some areas, it is thought a true dhampir possesses a “slippery, jelly-like body dham;ir lived only a short life—a belief that vampires have no bones.