Into the Storm has ratings and reviews. Mr. Matt said: Matt Ready and the crew of the USS Walker are on the run from the Japanese when they fin. Into The Storm is the first book of the Destroyermen series of alternate history novels by Taylor Anderson. The main setting of the series is the four-stacker USS . In Into the Storm, the story begins during the Second Battle of the Java Sea. The USS Walker (DD) is a destroyer of the United.

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When one looks across the length and breadth of history, the inquiring mind wonders what could have been done differently.

Into the Storm

They meet new people, they fight new people, some live, some die. The two destroyers separate after Reddy transfers the two pilots and four nurses to Mahan. Fourth book in the series that was released in June Other books in the series.

Views Read Edit View history. It’s a story written for adults, with some harsh language, that is where harsh language should be, lots of violence, depicted as I wish violence to be depicted in stories with the right tone and attitude about it.

Although the stars and the land formations are the same, the people and cities are gone. A WWI destroyer that entered an peculiar event and travelled to a parallel universe Earth which underwent different evolutionary stages? The clear delineation between the ‘good’ race and the ‘bad’ one is a bit simplistic, so I hope he blurs that line a bit in subsequent volumes. I especially enjoyed the way the crew Silva mostly saw the solution to only having two females aboard and both taken.

The miles ticked by in an amazing hurry, and this book kept me very much interested. To ask other readers questions about Into the Stormplease sign up. The tensions on the ship effective. The racial relations and sexual relations stories swamped and in my opinion overwhelmed the actual plot of the books unless of course you see that “as the actual plot” then it did what it was meant to.


It’s all well done. In the other, a Union regiment from the US Civil War is transported to an alternate world to fight an unholy tbe where humans are on the menu. Destroyermen by Taylor Anderson.

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The fifth novel in the series was released in February I made a big mistake. Strange animals showed up, there might or might not have been time travel, the ship’s crew wasn’t sure, so I wasn’t either. I suspect that his choice of a ship, the same class as USS Walker is because it could run thd poorly refined crued destrpyermen. Mallory reports his observations at Tjilatjap and the Americans learn that the city was Chill-chaap in this world.

This is a series I’ve been curious about for some time, so I decided to finally give it a shot. And their involvement promises to turn the tide of what was looking more and more like certain defeat. The characters are rich and wonderful, the world building as meticulous as it desteoyermen creative and the wicked villains cold blooded Although he rather disliked his ship and its crew when he was first assigned to it, he grew to care – and respect – both.

Enroute, the Thhe and the Lemurians discuss privately what they know—and think they know—about the other species.

Taylor Anderson should write military science fiction, not romance. Book 10 was published in May Great concept but I thought it dragged on a bit. I didn’t have destroydrmen specific titles in mind, but I knew precisely what kind of books I wanted to enjoy.

The Destroyermen series is a series of alternate history books, written by American writer and historian Taylor Anderson. Dec stkrm, Evan Hunt rated it really liked it. A minor criticism though. If Anderson had just stuck to a handful of select, important characters, it would have been far easier to settle down and like the characters through whose eyes the reader engages with the world. What’s a poor Captain to do? From an objective viewpoint, the story was riveting and suspenseful, introducing a lot of interesting twists and several exciting battle confrontations.


These are descendents of Lemurs, who turn out to be the good guys, and descendents of carnivorous dinosaurs somewhat similar to the Velociraptors of Jurassic Parkwho are the bad guys.

A very well written book by a man that understands history and naval warfare, and a destrouermen introduction to an interesting series. Give me the kraken! As this book started rolling along, and the time travel part happened Destroyermen is the story of a pair of World War II tje at the beginning of World War 2 that are sucked into a dimensional rift to a destrlyermen where dinosaurs didn’t die out. I was fascinated to see that teh author is a forensic ballistic archeologist- I never knew such a thing existed, and how cool is that!?

Retrieved from ” https: Without going into too much detail and giving away a key plot point that’s as far as I’ll go.

These guys are neither perfect nor completely flawed.

Pretty cool stuff, except that I’m pretty sure that I’ve seen it before. Commanding a WWI ship during WWII is a challenge in itself but Matt Reddy is shown as a confident, able leader who cares deeply for his men and who feels more than responsible for their wellbeing. The two ships took cover in what they thought was a storm, but it turned out to be an inter-dimensional rift.

That is definitely a good thing.

The eighth book in the series picks up with the desperate situation in Grik India from Book 7, as well as covering some new developments on the Eastern Front in the battle against the Dominion.

If Anderson brings them in, then they have an interesting story and a remarkably different sstorm.