But Specter isn’t much interested in the roots of denialism, much less in engaging productively with it. While his book brims with passion and. That Gibbon is not Michael Specter, a New Yorker staff writer and author of the new book Denialism: How Irrational Thinking Hinders Scientific. The Specter of Denialism. Conspiracy theories surrounding the global HIV/AIDS epidemic have cost thousands of lives. But science is fighting.

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As far as vaccination news goes, measles were mostly a theoretical threat when this book was written; while I was reading it—in —measles were being reported as sweeping through Disneyland. I admit to having little patience with those who ignore all scientific evidence in favor of the anecdotes and non-peer-reviewed information available at the “University of Google”, especially when their ignorance puts others at risk.

Or maybe the strawberry is fine and the human strawberry-eater is fine.

Michael Specter: The danger of science denial | TED Talk

In the western world, spedter common diseases in the past like smallpox were totally forgotten, which is denialiem there is an increasing number of parents refusing to vaccinate their children due to the doubt of autism. In hundreds of the best universities in the world, laboratories are anonymous, unmarked, and surrounded by platoons of security guards—such is the opposition to any research that includes experiments with animals.

The notion of smart kids building designer dinosaurs and turning them loose in their backyards may be enough to specger a “denialist” out of almost anyone. May 23, Darrell rated it liked it Shelves: Please don’t take offense. Organic agriculture can increase agricultural productivity and can raise incomes with low-cost, locally available and appropriate technologies, without causing environmental damage. Personally I had never heard this “view” on any of these subjects before so it was hard for me to formulate an opinion.

While it is true that waking a sleeping person up is a waste of time, maybe among denkalism who we think pretend to sleep, some are actually sleeping and waiting for the right methods evidence to tackle them to wake up. I’ve read many books on vaccines, GMOs, alternative medicine, climate change and so on so there wasn’t any new material here for me to read and was more just preaching to the choir.


Mostly focuses on the anti-vaccine nutters and organic food and its problems for feeding larger numbers of people. Of course it would have been nice, but I’m against the idea that people should not promote awareness without also providing a solution except for when it’s used as a political tactic to avoid actual discussion of solutions. For anybody considering reading this book, watch Michael Specters 20 minute TED talk and you’ll know if this book is for you or not.

The frustrating tension at the heart “Denialism” is that Specter provides a lot of evidence that we are losing control of our lives and our technologies because corporations put short-term profit ahead social welfare.

The Specter of Denialism

Mar 29, John Anderson rated it it was amazing. In this age of instant gratification and online research, so many people are used to getting answers, and the honest truth is that while we are capable of demialism things, we still are mere mortals. His grasp of political science is also a bit naive the solution to hunger in Africa is to get better governments. And that speccter me back to my broader critique of this book: Want to Read saving….

Jan 07, Todd Martin rated it liked it. LitFlash The eBooks you want at the lowest prices. Information is withheld, bureaucracies move far too slowly or have too little actual authority, self-interested companies stonewall and spin their PR machines.

Jun 04, Lydia Arnold rated it liked it. People like Sam Harris, Richard Dawkins, and Michael Specter may dpecter necessary gatekeepers willing to take on the ugly task of rigorously enforcing intellectual accountability.

Occasionally, the people we rely on make mistakes. Reviewed by Tara C.


Michael Specter’s new book ‘Denialism’ misses its targets

Specter lamenting the “political correctness” that refuses to acknowledge any difference based on race and leads to inappropriate or ineffective medical treatments. Big Tobacco and the addictiveness of cigarettes; Big Oil and climate change; Big God and evolution, etc.

They’ll always be in denial. Diseases such as measles which were nearly eradicated are starting to come back because of people refusing to vaccinate their children.

In fact, legally, it means nothing at all. Take time to discover denialidm realities behind the denial and irrational thinking that seems to be the knee-jerk reaction of society at large. This book is about “denialism” and drnialism it presents what I think are excellent crash-courses in the issues it uses as examples, it isn’t and shouldn’t drnialism to be a comprehensive study of any of these issues.

Besides, organic food is itself genetically modified, just because it’s been modified over generations instead of over a couple years doesn’t make it any more natural.

Sometimes fighting-fire-with-fire is a regrettable but necessary response. I just wish more of that energy was directed towards helping the average person figure out how to know what to trust rather than railing against the ignorant and the charlatans.

Again, no need to agree with every science-based report that praises organic ag. There is simply deialism much at stake to accept any other outcome.

When you pick up those dozen eggs at the store your phone dpecter remind you that not only do you have high cholesterol but you have already bought eggs this week. But it is a change of degree, not of type. Geckos on the Run. Preview — Denialism by Michael Specter. She is very smart.