The Forests of Silence is a collection of three forests that span both Topaz and Ruby The rest of Gorl’s vines were destroyed by the animals of the forest. All that stands against him is the magic Belt of Deltora with its seven s. Contact Us. Book – The Forest of Silence by Emily Rodda. Deltora Quest #1. Emily Rodda’s book “Deltora Quest; The Forest of Silence” is a fantasy book with magic like no other. The Kingdom of Deltora is under attack from the Shadow.

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If you are the copyright holder of this image and you feel that its use here does not fall under “fair use,” please contact one of the administrators. Coffin Pods are pods that hang from the flowering branches of the Coffin Tree.

Mar 30, Dani Wood rated it really liked it. Gorl wanted to drink the nectar and rule the seven tribes of Deltora, but he had been auest the Forests for so long that he had never heard about the first king, Adin. Lief puts the Topaz in the Belt of Deltora and together he, Barda and Jasmine and her two animal friends, Filli and Kree, foreet out on the quest to free the land foredt Deltora, by searching for the rest of the gems.

The Store – Deltora Quest 1 #1: The Forests of Silence Collectors’ Edition – Book – The Store

Sort of a nine chapter prologue, if you will. The book ends on a massive cliffhanger that leaves the reader practically drooling to get their hands on the next book in the series to see what happens to Leif throughout his quest. To do this he must travel far and wide to find the gems that have been lost. StarFruit I feel ya!

The people’s trust in Adin, channeled through the gems, was powerful enough to drive fodest the Shadow Army into its own dark home, the Shadowlands. He qjest notices Barda’s body and uses the nectar of the Lilies of Life to save him. It’s an extremely popular series in Australia that’s never quite taken off in America so if you can give it a chance. V series along fofest it is another, enjoyable show to binge watch.


The united country was able to defeat the Shadow Lord, driving him away with the belt-clad blacksmith leading a mighty host. You will not regret it. I remember running to the Childrens’ section of Barnes and Noble and hoppping up and down waiting for my dad to buy us the next book, and physically fighting with my sister to read it first this was before my dad set up the foolproof rotation system we later set in place to ensure peace in the household.

The Forest of Silence

Last appearance Tales of Deltora. I read this series when i was younger, and remembered that it was a nice escape from reality. Seven years later, the gems of Deltora were stolen by the Ak-Baba under the Shadow Lord and were scattered throughout the land. I thought the funniest thing in the book was when Sharon tricked Prandine and pushed him out a window to his death, well I don’t think death is funny, it’s just that he fell delltora the trick.

Rodda writes this alien world with a grim sense of humor, an eye for detail and a clear love of fantasy itself, from ancient myth and folklore to the classic foundations of the genre and more modern works. Children’s literature portal Novels portal. Only days before, this same illness took the queen.

The Forests of Silence (Deltora Quest #1) by Emily Rodda

This article is about the book The Forests of Silence. The Shadow Lord ruled Deltora for many years and the 7 Gems were gone so Leaf goes looking for them with some guy named Barda. Nonetheless, it shows up too briefly and doesn’t pose enough of a threat to be truly memorable or interesting — certainly not as much as future obstacles like the zilence dystopia of Noradz or the Giger-esque Sand Beasts.

He has been raised to reject the Shadow Lord, but never to show any obvious opposition. They hurried back to the chapel, where they left the palace the way Jarred came. It was going to murder and eat them but Lindal of Broome appeared and saved them.


Her current family is composed of a small lemur-like animal and a raven, she lives in a nest in the Forests, and she can converse with the trees. He investigates and uncovers a plot by the seneschal to overthrow the kingdom and pave the way for the return of the Shadow Lord.

When I was a teenager I got into the habit of reading the books he was reading so we could talk about them. In the ensuing battle, Gorl stabbed Barda and prepared to kill Lief, but he was interrupted by Jasmine, who cut off a large tree branch that crushed Gorl’s armour and released his spirit. On Lief ‘s sixteenth birthday he, along with Barda a former palace guardleave Del on a quest to restore the Belt of Deltora by finding the gems.

A person identified as Jarred’s son and apprentice, Lief, has been born during this time.

He went to the library for research and found The Belt of Deltoraa book containing information about the Belt of Deltora. And the theme the author gives is that good always prevail over evil. To consummate this, a magical steel belt, the Belt of Deltora, is set around Endon’s waist.

The companions, now numbering three, continue to the smallest of the Forests. Sharn cried out to Prandine that there was no one out there, but he did not believe her and stuck his head out the window.

Barda asks is she is ever lonely. Its a nice intermezzo between all the horror. They reach their goal, and Barda thanks Jasmine for leading them silenve tells her that she need not go any further.

He tries to convince his friend, the King, but the seneschal returns then and turns the King against him. To consummate this, a magical steel beltthe Belt of Deltora, is set around Endon’s waist.

Sep 19, Novalee Gorden rated it it was amazing. The series has done so well that it has evolved from a standalone 8 book series to something much larger.