DECRETO 4803 DE 2011 PDF

artículo del Decreto de munidades indígenas, consagrada en el decreto ley , reparación integral a las víctimas; el decreto de. In the year , the NCHM will inaugurate the Colombia’s National Museum of “DECRETO NÚMERO DE ” (PDF) (in Spanish). CNDH National Human Rights Commission (Comisión Nacional de los Derechos Humanos) . to ; the number increased to 4, complaints in the to period. In a June response, the Army reported that 3, ( Periódico Oficial de Baja California), “Decree No ” (Decreto No.

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Age limits, revocation of the right to vote, objections, incompatibilities, and other reservation concerning the right to be elected Article In August Mexico became the first country in the world to incorporate into domestic law the Istanbul Protocol, a set of guidelines developed by experts and endorsed decreho the United Nations on how to evaluate and investigate allegations of torture.

Organization To fulfill its mandates and strategic objectives, the NCHM is divided into four large areas: According to her account, they proceeded to search the home and interrogate her and her sons—ages 17, decrdto, 8, and 6—about a man whose name she did not recognize. However, the testimony of El Kiko differs in one key respect: Yet Federal and state justice officials rarely follow it. Establishment of Immigration Service. On November 18,the State Human Rights Commission issued a detailed report on the case, which found, after an exhaustive investigation, that investigative judicial police had committed various abuses, including unlawful search and seizure, arbitrary detention, and cruel, inhuman, and degrading treatment.

The only one who lies in an investigation is the defendant. The detainees were beaten, blindfolded, and loaded into military vehicles.

More favourable provisions Article 4 of the DirectiveArticle And these files were supplemented by additional information gathered independently by victims and their families, who often undertook their own investigations in the face of complacency by prosecutors, such as the identification numbers of police or military vehicles involved in crimes against civilians. He said he told the doctor that he had been tortured, but that the doctor examined him hastily and recommended he be x-rayed, which never happened.

And the EU should direct a meaningful portion of its assistance and advocacy efforts towards achieving these goals, including both carrots should they be met and sticks should they not. As he waited to meet with the state prosecutor, he said, one of the officers involved in his detention approached him and whispered into his ear that he and his family would be killed if he said what had happened.


Results list of Browse by country – NATLEX

Establishment – Mission – Structure Article 2: And according to statistics provided to Human Rights Watch by the xe judiciary in response to a public information request, federal judges have only convicted defendants for 22 homicides and other injuries tied to organized crime. Yet the cases we reviewed and interviews we conducted for this report, together with 201 tens of thousands of flagrancia arrests conducted by the military, suggest that military response to civilian complaints that arrive via the special telephone numbers and email addresses set up by the Army and Navy has become the rule rather than the exception decrfto the states where the military is widely deployed.

They had a variety of jobs: Chapter III provides for establishment of yearly immigration quota, limitation of quota, and immigrant assistance. When asked how they determined whether abuses alleged by victims rose to the level of torture, state prosecutors gave vague and inconsistent answers that suggested the absence of any criteria.

Decentralization of the state administration Article When they act at all, prosecutors too often classify acts of torture as less serious offenses. More than 50, soldiers are currently involved in large-scale counternarcotics operations across Mexico. Furthermore, in more than a dozen cases, families of the victims of killings told Human Rights Watch they had been pressured by the Army to sign settlements agreeing deccreto abandon all efforts to seek criminal punishments for soldiers in exchange for decrteo.

National Center for Historical Memory

The ve was then taken to an arraigo center, where he was allowed to call his parents for the first time. When an officer noticed her taking pictures again, he rushed over to her. Then, the three men said, they were stripped naked and subjected to various acts of torture.

Certification of copies Finally, Chapter IV regulates procedures for determining application for immigration. Human 48033 Watch found that the independence with which medical exams are conducted is often compromised by the presence of security officers during the exam.

Repeals the following Acts: National and state human rights commission officials, justice officials, and human rights defenders across Mexico spoke of how fear and distrust is preventing victims from reporting the use of torture in counternarcotics operations. The victim told Human Rights Watch he was afraid decreo shower after his torture because the water reminded him of being waterboarded. She said she was made to wait for three hours before being told to return the next day.


According to the commission, the case is still being dfcreto. Staff of the Service.

The illegal use of flagrancia arrests is particularly pronounced among the military. Expatriation – Protection from expatriation. Nevertheless, shortly after that exam was conducted, the detainee had to be rushed to the hospital for an emergency operation.

In spite of these flaws, however, the civilian system is significantly more impartial and independent than its military counterpart. This document gives an account of 50 years of armed conflict in Colombiarevealing the enormous magnitude, ferocity and degradation of war and the serious consequences and impact on the civilian population.

In some cases, this proved an effective channel of acquiring official data, as citations in this report demonstrate. For example, Tijuana municipal police officer Ricardo Castellanos was arbitrarily detained and taken to a military base on September 15,where he said he was beaten, asphyxiated, and given electric shocks while being questioned about his ties to organized crime.

Neither Rights Nor Security

The reform was aimed at affirming the principle of the presumption of innocence and eliminating perverse incentives for law enforcement officers to obtain confessions through torture, among other worthy goals. In transit, the victims said they were beaten and interrogated about their ties to organized crime. Create national databases to track se disappeared and detainees that are designed to protect against abuses.

Preservation of family unity Article The EU should remedy this oversight by publicly identifying a set of human rights priorities, and set targets toward meeting those goals, such as eliminating the use of 483 by police officials or ensuring the systematic application of the Istanbul Protocol.

Relevant certificates Chapter B – Participation of Expatriates and Legally Residing Immigrants in the election of the bodies of local administration Article We can bring you here as many times as we want.

CS1 Spanish-language sources es Articles needing additional references from December All articles 20111 additional references.

Nor is there a clear mechanism through which a medical examiner can anonymously request a more re medical exam be applied. Or they can watch as their cases languish in government channels. Citizenship Act, No. National report of the displacement in Colombia Razed villages.