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el Decreto Supremo N°/, y sus modificaciones, del Ministerio de Educación, 1, MOROCCO. UNIVERSITE HASSAN I. 1, 4, NETHERLANDS. LEIDEN UNIVERSITY. 4, SPAIN. Product EndofLife Notice EndofSale and EndofLife Announcement for the Cisco Small Business Stackable Managed Switches EOL Barcelona. Spain. Tel. +34 93 , Fax: + 34 93 .. ). Furthermore, role models are found to have a greater influence over the . proposed by the law (Real Decreto) / of the Government of Spain (BOE ).

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To explore the effect of this extractive management in the Tembembe population which is where extraction takes placenumerical simulations were performed on the population projection matrix for this site. In the non-protected areas we have observed grazed A. In Xochicalco individuals in these three size categories were observed producing daughter rosettes of different sizes i.

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Therefore, it is not surprising that the relatively milder conditions allow for growth to become an important process for population dynamics. Each fruit may produce up to ca. The most common shrub edcreto are Lantana hispida and Acacia farnesiana. Vegetative spread through the production of daughter rosettes was observed in both populations.

The observed and the stable size structure differed significantly in both sites Xochicalco: This may not be the case for other Agave populations, though.

An additional advantage is that these plants are valuable resources for local inhabitants, given their use for alcoholic beverage production; so their introduction as part defreto restoration programs would presumably be locally accepted and supported.

The mean number of fruits per reproductive plant was When adding up the elasticity values corresponding to the same demographic processes, we observed a similar pattern in both sites: Cambridge University Press, Cambridge.

Even if these results correspond to a single yearly period, it was a year in which the number of reproductive individuals was particularly low. However, three-month old seedlings did not have such high survival, so plant size or level of development would be an important factor to take into account for planning restoration strategies. Its calculation comprised four variables: Tembembein which the three main demographic process are represented.


Both germination and seedling establishment were lower in Xochicalco This site is currently a pastureland used for cattle grazing its main land use at least for the last ca. Exotic plant species as problems and solutions in ecological restoration: In contrast, the rest of the size categories had a much lower mortality rate, which tended to be higher in Tembembe than in Xochicalco.

Finally, we obtained the probability of seed germination termed G and seedling survival in the field termed P from the summer of up to May from the field experiments described above, for each site. Leguminosae is the most abundant plant family Discussion Population growth rate did not vary significantly between the two sites, suggesting that the difference in disturbance level between sites does not have an important effect on the population dynamics 22007 Agave angustifolia.

They exhibit a host of biological features that make them potentially successful: As this species is traditionally used for mezcal production mezcal is an alcoholic spirit similar to tequiladecrero is frequently favored by local peasants, and in some areas – e.

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A restoration program carried out in Tembembe, in central Mexico see Study Site below is considering the use of A. In mast-seeding years the population growth rate should be considerably higher.

Agave angustifolia Agavaceae produces large rosettes with green-grayish narrow leaves cm longwhich are stiffly and erect and show moderately spaced lateral spines and a terminal dark spine.

The entries of the elasticity matrices were obtained as described in de Kroon et al. To construct the Lefkovitch matrices, we subdivided the population in six size categories, according to rosette diameter Table 1. Population structure and density. A three-way factorial ANOVA was used to evaluate the effect of site Xochicalco and Tembembemicrosite exposed or protected and age three and five months old on seedling survival percentage arcsine transformed for normality.


These were the variations in the fecundity entries as discussed belowwhich were in turn determined by a higher seed germination and seedling establishment probability in Tembembe compared to Xochicalco, probably due to the higher altitude and thus lower temperatures that prevail at Tembembe.

In Xochicalco, individuals of A.

Análisis demográfico de Agave angustifolia (Agavaceae) con énfasis en la restauración ecológica

Annual Review of Ecology and Systematics In such situations, ecologists may choose to use stress-tolerant native species. Seed germination was recorded monthly during the rainy season from June to August. We followed the fate of individuals in each category and estimated the probability of remaining in the same category, moving to a different one by growing to a larger size category, or regressing to a smaller size category due to a reduction in plant diameter after the loss of leaves, for instanceor dying, from the proportion of individuals following each fate from May to May The first study site is located within the Ecological Restoration Station of the Tembembe River Basin referred to as Tembembe from now on.

The number of seeds per capsule was significantly higher in Xochicalco than in Tembembe Xochicalco: The relatively higher seed germination rates and seedling survival probabilities in Tembembe resulted in much higher fecundity values at this site compared to Xochicalco.

Seed germination and seedling survival data were used to estimate some entries of the Lefkovitch matrices, as explained below.