Silent in the Sanctuary: A Lady Julia Grey Mystery [Deanna Raybourn] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Fresh from a six-month sojourn in. Silent in the Sanctuary [Deanna Raybourn] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Fresh from a six-month sojourn in Italy, Lady Julia returns. The volatile environment, fueled by a charming but Gypsy-fearing vicar, the eccentric March family, besotted Italians, and Lady Julia’s own.

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It’s more like a mish-mash of disjointed plot points: Oh, and the font is now bigger and the lines are spaced wider apart to bolster silemt even more. And the ending just made me cringe. There are many references to things that happened in the first novel in this one, and I think it would lessen the reading experience. Sep 23, Ceki rated it it was ok Shelves: I went in with the highest of expectations and Silent in the Sanctuary more than lived up to them. As wonderful as Silent in the Grave is, its sequel is indeed even better.

In which we look back at SILENT IN THE SANCTUARY | Deanna Raybourn Blog

One thing that really bugs me is how Julia is portrayed as the bumblin Hooray! I could not love a man who did not love Jane Austen. I think part of the problem wiht this book is she brought in way too many new characters right away, then had to sulent them all a backstory so we would like them,or at least feel comiserate with them.

But I like her all the better for being slightly flawed. This series has been so surprising with the moments of dry humor and the funny moments between Morag and Julia.

Silent in the Sanctuary (Lady Julia Grey, #2) by Deanna Raybourn

Pugglesworth Puggya Pug Florence, an Italian greyhound Peter Simple and Christopher Sly, the cats and their kittens Crab, the mastiff and the pups And continue with a plum pudding recipe: Nicholas Brisbane hasn’t changed at all, he is still the same mysterious figure who doesn’t want to let anyone get a glimpse of his real self, especially Julia.


I plan on seeing it through now that it’s summer.

To be fair to Brisbane, I found him more likable in this book than in the first; he’s less violent and abrasive and somewhat more open with Julia. I enjoyed seeing Julia’s family again and her servants; the secondary characters continue to be a great addition to the series.

In which we look back at SILENT IN THE SANCTUARY

rayoburn I can’t even like the two evil women – or any character really. Her recuperation is cut short, however, when she and her brothers deahna delightfully named Plum and Lysander receive a summons home to England for the Christmas holidays.

What should have been the hightlight, her kissing him, feels as contrived and stupid as the whole book – Raybourne keeps TELLING us she evolved while I never saw a single indication she had been any different at the start of the first book than she is now.

You could cut the tension with a knife, as the expression goes. I was denna CLAWs with my fingers talking about her and how I’d have to wait another two years to read if she let J and B do the carnal thing, since it still seems marketed as romance and readers actually consider the bare bones of nothingness in this self-lauding drivel romantic.

The second volume picks up several months after the end of the first. Lady Julia is on vacation in Italy, attempting to recover from the traumatic events of her investigation into her husband’s death by basking in the Tuscan sun.

Rajbourn for 12 or 14 persons. That series is amazing and on a much higher level than this one. The actual investigation only goes as far as a routine search of belongings and extremely half-assed interviewing of suspects they don’t even interview everyone, just a few “obviously” suspicious individuals and at completely different times, i.

The mystery itself was semi!

Deanna Raybourn’s writing is fantastic. The vibrancy, humor, emotional poignancy and sharp insight that elevate books of all genres above the mediocre for me were all surprisingly lacking for me in this one.


Silent in the Sanctuary

This was way more entertaining than the first book. To ask other readers questions about Silent in the Sanctuaryplease sign up. Just as the debut was NOT evocative, this is another case of the wrapping being better than the content – nice cover, same annoying 3 blank pages and one stupid proverb between every short chapter, same modernisms, same pseudo-liberalness combined with rich, careless priviledge with a heroine that, when it comes down to deanan, is plain boring.

Well, inkonvellum will be very happy that I was finally able to squeeze Silent in the Sanctuary into my overfilled reading schedule, and boy was she spot on with her enthusiasm. No, really, such generally unpleasing characters – not because they are dark and dreary but because they are meant to be colourful and all seem like backstabbing housewives.

Further books in the Veronica Speedwell series are rabyourn through Feb 27, Samctuary rated rabyourn liked it Shelves: I can’t wait to read the next one. I also thought she was much more stuck-up than in Book 1, which did not endear her to me.

But what enrages me the most is that the author hasn’t developed ssanctuary character until now at all, he is still portrayed as an omnipotent man who knows everything but we never see him at work. The mysteries in each book, the writing, the full scope of the story were all reminiscent of Sherry Thomas’ Lady Sherlock series, an absolute favorite of mine, which made me love these books even more.

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