Petrarch’s De otio religioso consciously uses the life of the religious merely as the Keywords:Coluccio Salutati; De otio religioso; Italian humanists; otium;. Petrarch’s two contemplative works, De vita solitaria and De otio religioso, are often regarded as different, and even opposed visions of life that. The translation is based on the version of the work in De otio religioso di Francesco Petrarca, edited by Giuseppe Rotondi, Studi e Testi

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Therefore, be quiet, take time, make good use of your leisure, see, rejoice, weep for me, and fare well, ever mindful of me.

On Religious Leisure (de Otio Religioso)

He initiates the climb because Livy had written about a mountain. It is no wonder, then, as Witt points out, that the treatise has aroused little interest on the part of scholars.

They also instill in our breasts both love and zeal for what is good and hatred and abhorrence of evil. A major theme religioeo St.

On Religious Leisure (de Otio Religioso) : Professor Francesco Petrarca :

Challenging the commonly shared view that a life dedicated to prayer and contemplation protected monks from temptations, Petrarch contends that the monks who live in the safe harbor of a monastery are in fact more exposed to the attacks of vice than those who live in the city.

Augustine, extravagant laureate of a decrepit Rome. In both cases, the human being is figured as a guest hospis on earth. However, she gives no rationale for such a division. De otio religioso has been translated into Italian and French before, but the present book seems to be the first English translation. Thus in book 2 Petrarch insists on the necessity of contemplating the cities where the vestiges of the past invite meditation on the caducity of earthly goods.


Their goals were different but connected; in both the action of the will to direct the soul toward virtue was crucial. You do not have a deceitful master such as Laban, whom Jacob endured, who envies your goods and your profits, but One Who may be delighted by your profits and your progress, One Who aids you in your need and sustains you in your weakness.

In it, moral philosophy inter- twined with a moral theology that does not descend from Scholasticism but from patristic and mystical theology.

De otio religioso

Dispatched from the UK in 3 business days When will my order arrive? Schearer Introduction by Ronald G. Augustineand to his own self-obsessed record, not spoken in his native tongue, but created in the script-centred Latin language. There is still no critical edition of it. Petrarch’s two contemplative works, De vita solitaria and De otio religiosoare often regarded as different, and even opposed visions of life that reveal the different existential choices of the sons of ser Petracco: For Petrarch, the writing is what matters.

Why should the monks value a commentary based on a fleeting visit? Bufanoneither of which is easily accessible. The servants they kept with them dutifully plod along, saying nothing. Two major features make this to a successful effort with this fairly neglected text.

Petrarch wrote De otio religioso in otko period of intense moral and spiritual meditation.

He will not otoi the monastic life and he will not venture on the journey. The only editions since are those of Giuseppe Rotondi and A. If the former showed that religious curriculum may include the humanae litterae human literaturethe latter contended that the program of study of the lay solitary should include the sacrae litterae divine literature.


De vita solitaria and De otio religioso : the perspective of the guest

This first English translation by Susan S. You have planted, but look at how we now harvest. Together, the two treatises questioned two main tenets of medieval monastic thought: Cautiously avoid those things which you have un- derstood to be more harmful: In translating the De otio, Schearer abandons the two-book structure of the Latin text and chooses instead oti divide her translation into chapters p.

Visit our Beautiful Books page and find lovely books for kids, photography lovers and more. Her translation captures effectively the meaning and tone of the Latin text. Rather, it urges us to turn our eyes toward the marvels of creation and discover in them the existence of God. It is an invitation to consider not only the marvels of nature but also the works of men, and meditate on the eternity of creation and the volatility of human art to learn the best course to take in this life to prepare for the other.