First in a three-part series of adventures. The mighty statue of a forgotten king stands atop a lonely hill overlooking the town of Kingsholm. No one remembers. The new adventure Barrow of the Forgotten King is occasionally referred to as DD1: Barrow of the Forgotten King. Pity it isn’t on the cover of the. (from the back): Who Disturbs the Slumber of the Forgotten King? Wolves prowl the graveyard of sleepy Kingsholm, and death lurks behind shadowed.

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Friday, 2nd March, Dragon Issue – Jun More Information Edit History. With that said, “Dungeon Magazine is the best value in gaming today”.

Barrow of the Forgotten King (DD1), adventure for D&D 3rd/3.5th ed.

Class Based Pilot, Wizard, Scientist, etc. Level Based Earn XP and level up. Home Recent Additions Welcome Wiki. Join Date Jun Posts 1, More Information Edit History. Please select a support frequency.


DD1 Barrow of the Forgotten King

Since it’s not on the cover it wouldn’t be a very effective gimmick, nor useful for identifying the trilogy. Add tags Tags separate by space: Skill Based buy or gain skills.

Posted By Morrus Friday, 28th December, What could have befallen them? Wednesday, 28th February, Sounds good to me. Results 1 to 5 of 5. Tuesday, 30th May, Posting Quick Reply – Please Wait.

DD1: Barrow of the Forgotten King | RPG Item | RPGGeek

So, what does “DD” stand for? Endless Quest Books Systemless Gamebooks. Friday, 2nd March, Barrow of the Forgotten King. Relatives have gone missing since beginning to make preparations for a funeral and the two local guardsmen that were sent to investigate have not returned.

Random Attribute Generation during Character Creation. Saturday, 3rd March, I also told that player the only other grownup in the group that his character hated the town, and couldn’t wait to leave, so we got some actual kiny playing in for a change. Random Attribute Generation during Character Creation.


You can edit this page to create it. Previews, news, and gear for gamers.

Barrow of the Forgotten King- NOW WITH PLAYTEST – Page 4

Please select a support frequency. Login Register forgot password? They got very distracted by a side-trek tomb, on the assumption that EVERY room has something of value to them.

Kinng, 4th April, Periodical Articles Podcast Episodes. Ah, speaking of extras here are the rooms I enlarged in PDF format. Reset Fields Log in.