David Berglas (born 30 July ) is a magician and mentalist. His secret technique of locating The effect was first named “The Berglas Effect” by Jon Racherbaumer in his book At The Table. The British Magical Society is the oldest. The big hardcover book that reveals the innermost secrets of the card miracles performed by the legendary David Berglas for 60 years, written by magic’s most. In fact, the creation of the legend was a surprise even to David. He has been performing what is now widely known as The Berglas Effect fox.

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Berglas first became a household name in Britain through his regular performances on BBC radio, an unusual role for a magician. Dvd 2 is performances of this “Jazz” style. I would then ask for any number and then do that old bluff thing where you count them off rapidly reversing the cards and when you get to the card slap them face upwards showing you got to the correct dagid.

Berglas Effect

Kaufman has done in response to me and to others whine that Of course, Mr. Most importantly they had to speak 2 languages besides English, one of which had to be fluent German.

Somebody else in the audience calls out a number. He encourages them subtly, saying, “Just cut the cards about halfway, don’t even think about it. Now the second person’s card might be on top of the pack or somewhere equally prominent but it would be a mistake to stop here and reveal the card.

A snooker table is the ultimate close-up mat. That is—the Genii of my youth, back in the early s when Bill Larsen, Jr. Over in a fraction of the time and far less boring and convoluted. He says this statement in a humorous light, but actually states the truth. Kaufman is not a fan of free expressions of opinions. Ruling out chance, and taking it as a proper routine, a stunt that may be repeated at will any number of times with consistent success, it not only defies logic, but—is at odds with the very purpose of the craft, which is to devise a plot, a scheme by which to deceive the viewer.


Bill and Richard both make entirely valid points: They had to have some previous military training, and to be able to pass strict physical and mental tests.

The effects with each pack were equally impressive.

But I don’t understand, how it help me,because i will be able to produce one card at only positions,but not at ANY number. He rarely has cards removed from the pack, returned and then the berglsa shuffled.

Jul 11, His brrglas career is replete with bombast and hauteur. When the card is revealed the audience will have forgotten that David ever had the opportunity to put it there.

Questions about Berglas Effect – The Genii Forum

Comments 22 Comments Categories Uncategorized. Post a comment Name Jul 31, Messages: The bridge is still there but it’s now almost invisible. In fact, the creation of the legend was a surprise even to David. Why is it necessary for him to handle them at all, as he is making the point of doing nothing with them?

So a stacked deck berlas certainly a possibility. But his best tricks were not card tricks and certainly not mentalism which apart from his blindfold work could be excruciatingly boring. When the card shows up at the right number they think it was fourteenth from the top of the pack, not the bottom. Or, at least they are dissuaded from doing so.

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Still—they ought to know better! Ross BertramJack Chanin That is what they remember.

Shop with confidence thanks to our Price Matching Policy. It is literally jazzing with the cards, thinking up spur of the moment effects and methods and implementing them in the best way possible given the circumstances under which he is performing. And to date, four other James Bond movies. berglae

More interestingly the same technique can also be used to cut a packet containing a known number of cards. That said, it would take all of ten seconds for a half-competent reader to identify the published techniques in use on the DVDs And you mention one, and you Recall that whilst David was asking the sole participant to pick a card in the close-up version, he was I daresay hunting for it himself.

David handles this situation by having the chosen number of cards dealt from the pack and then saying, “Now we have taken away the number of cards that you wanted, if the very next card were the card that you thought of, that would be quite fantastic, wouldn’t it? What I cannot understand is the hostility towards an alternate suggestion from a man who explains that you need options!

Magic Tricks

And all without palming. It is written in a way that will enable anyone at any level to egfect the miraculous effect of their magic upon an audience. On video, on the other hand, it was blatant and obvious what he was up to, which took away from any sense of magic you might experience.