In the nightmare future of Warhammer 40,, the galaxy-spanning Imperium is riven with dangers. In the Chaos-infested Sabbat system, Imperial Commissar. The Gaunt’s Ghosts (Novel Series) is a Black Library series written or edited by Dan Abnett following the adventures of the Tanith First and Only Imperial Guard. Gaunt’s Ghosts: The Founding [Dan Abnett] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This omnibus edition of the first three Gaunt’s Ghosts novels.

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Gaunt’s Ghosts Covers for the three omnibus collections. We will see how much shorter those numbers get in the next few novels. I am military fiction lover and believe me this is trash. I figured this was going to be a duplicitous game of subtle interactions between characters one-on-one, however it turned out much better with the majority of the Ghosts in the know. A victory for either side will decide more than just the fate of Urdesh… it will determine the outcome of the entire Sabbat Worlds Crusade.

The Vervun Primary militia prepares to repel the invasion forces, but as Vervunhive’s High Master refuses to believe that Ferrozoica has mobilised against them, they are not given permission to arm their defence batteries before the Zoicans fire the opening salvos.

Personal tools Log in Request account. Something insidious and appalling ghosta blistering inside the sack of his skin. These short stories are varied in nature and tone, gosts are all pretty good in quality, mixing humour, tragedy and action with some interesting character-development.

These findings only cause more issues when the Blood Pact attempt to storm Hinzerhaus, and the Ghosts are forced to mount a defence against a superior foe. Instead, new Ghosts are adopted into the regiment as the series progresses.

I can’t help it! It is a very cool way to add back story to Gaunt’s character in an interesting way. With a firm grasp of character and a superior ability to convey action you can almost hear the bullets roaring overhead and feel the apprehension of troops stuck in foxholesAbnett delivers a great, readable SF novel here and earns his comparisons to an SF Bernard Cornwell.


First and Only

The Ghosts have to cooperate once again with the Royal Volpone 50th, and with an inquisitor who had accused Brin Milo of witchcraft. The Armour of Contempt. Which is great, mainly due to the amount of characters being introduced — last time I counted I got bored of it in the end was 31 in the first pages or so.

I am really very excited to read the other books.

Gaunt’s Ghosts – Wikipedia

Abnett isn’t as skilled as some other sci-fi authors in this. Covers for the three omnibus collections. Pinned behind the commissar, Brin Milo fired his own weapon, a compact automatic handgun that the commissar had given him some months before. Why has it taken me 10 years to finally read this book that one of my good friends told me to read back then? We are still gahnt the scope of who many souls make up the Tanith First and Only, but it is shown as a story of a few ghosst than of many, but how those few can be so important to those around them.

This isn’t an all-white novel, Abnett seems to think skin color is determined by planet – everyone from Tanith is white, as is our hero, Gaunt, but the valiant and super-efficient Vidrian troops are all black men and moreover all have names starting with Yaunt for some reason.

Three and a half stars, I guess?

Internal inconsistencies within the Gaunt’s Ghosts novels themselves include the operation of the hotshot las weapon. It is also the first appearance of Mabbon Etogaur, a former commander in the Blood Pact who returns in the Victory arc.

The series is one the most successful lines of the Black Library, consisting of 13 Novels, two short story anthologies Sabbat Worlds and Sabbat Crusadetwo spin-off novels Double Eagle and Titanicus and two background books as of the end of While I used to play a lot of Warhammer RPG back in the day and I thought it was pretty great, because it had the most actual role playing of all role playing games I’ve triedI really did not know much about Warhammer 40K, the crazy, violent, battle-ravaged universe this novel is based in.


Bonin also remarks that this tradition wasn’t observed much in Tanith’s final years.

First and Only (Gaunt’s Ghosts, #1) by Dan Abnett

Sep 10, Bookhode rated it it was ok. In Blood Pacta small chapel was erected in memory of Tanith on Balhaut.

I picked this up after baunt impressed with the high rating on goodreads. Feels like I had an incredibly long break similar to what bad relationships tend to go through. We’ll cover the good and the bad and the ugly, but first a run-down. Please consider this before you edit this text! I mean who wants to live forever! But it turned out that it was pretty simple to figure out the setting, and after that just relax and dive into this action packed story.



This article is being created or revised. With this fourth book Abnett is also showing increasing proficiency at inverting or dismissing cliches, with Commissar Hark a notable new character whose motivations and goals are not quite as clear-cut as they first appear.

First and foremost I would say that as the first novel published by Black Library it holds up extremely well and A warp-beacon is activated in the process, and a Chaos fleet advances on Hagia to obliterate the Imperial forces. Gaunt almost faces a court-martial when he punches Colonel Ortiz, the Ketzok commander, but is let off when Ortiz claims that his injuries were caused by his Basilisk artillery vehicle’s recoil.

I’m sure if you’re reading this you know the basic plot. Se agradecen mucho los flashbacks.