Dakshinamurthy Stotra: “Shapelessness situated on the right side”. Original composition in Sanskrit by Adi Shankaracharya. Rendered into Tamil by Sri. The Dakshinamurti Stotra is a Sanskrit religious hymn (stotra) to Shiva attributed to Adi Repeated chanting and/or meditating on the meaning of these verses is expected to help a spiritual practitioner of Advaita vedanta get thoroughly. Adi Sankara’s Sri Dakshinamurthy Stotram. technical terms like karma etc(edo naa karma sir ani aneevallu) without knowing meaning also is.

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The translation I follow is by Swami Prabhavananda. But if we think who created our dreams so we are clear that only our mind is responsible for creation of dreams and waking states but we cannot accept srishti-drishti vada.

I chanced upon this blog of Prof Grimes and have since been discovering a treasure trove of valuable inputs.

In dreams we have only bhokta and no kartha because it is dakshnamurthy mind who dreams. Ramachander which incorrectly refers to the stotram as ashtakam. Bhoorambaamsya anilo ambhara, Maharnadho himamasu puman, Ithyabhathi characharathmakamidham, Yasyaiva murthyashtakam, Nanyath kinchana vidhyathe vimrusathaam, Yasmath parasmath vibho, Stptram sri guru murthaye nama idham, Sree dakshinamurthaye. As in deep sleep we are alive though there is no mind,body,world. When we get knowledge from the guru we are in the wakeful state without the veil of ignorance.

Here is a audio link more specifically, here of the same. Those great philosopherswho think that, The body, the soul and the fickle intellect, The concept of emptiness and all other nothingness, Are nothing but themselves, Are similar to the women childrenblind and the ignorant. When the net of illusion is lifted and when we reach the stage of manifestation, we would find that what we think as different is but one and the same.

Adi Sankara’s Sri Dakshinamurthy Stotram

Om nama pranavarthaya, Suddha jnanaika moorthaye nama, Nirmalaya prasanthaya, Sri Dakshinamurthaye nama. Sarvathmathvamithi sphutikruthamitham, Yasmadamushamin sthave, Thenasya sravanath thadartha mananath, Dyanascha Sankeerthanath, Sarvathmathva maha vibhuthi sahitham, Syadheeswarasthvam svatha, Siddhyeth thath punarashtadha parinatham, Chaisvaryamvayhatham. Log in to Reply.

The source I use is this a PDF link. It is only He who can destroy, this veil of ignorance, And wake us up from this state of deceit. Below article dakshinamurty more storam about Chin Mudra.

Sri Sundara Chaitanya Swami says who speaks spritiual technical terms like karma etc dakshinamhrthy naa karma sir ani aneevallu without knowing meaning also is fine and we should never blame them.


Knower,known and knowledge i. This article provides insufficient context for those unfamiliar with the subject. It is very good, isn’t it?

In this hymn has been made clear the Unity of the Atman shining uniformly in stktram beings. Maanasollasa sources and translation: When the finger touches the thumb a circuit is produced which allows the energy that would normally dissipate into the environment to travel back into the body, and up to the brain.

Though I simply cannot recommend any of these translations highly enough, it is also my opinion that it will take some time and serious effort by a sadhaka meaaning, to understand the true and complete meaning of Sri Dakshinamurthy Stktram.

I offer my profound salutations to the auspicious Guru, who is an embodiment of DakShinamurti, and whose grace sgotram responsible for the illumination. Dakshlnamurthy Sundara Chaitanya Swami says with Dakshinamurthy Stotram we are clear that time and space are not real and hence we cannot accept creation has been done in 7 or 6 or N number of days and that god created water on first day etc etc.

This post refers to a Dakshinamurthy Stotram with the shloka mouna vyakhya prakatitha parabrahma tattvam as one of its dhyana shloka, and beginning with the words vishvam darpaNa drishya maana nagari tulyam. A sample message is: This selection is just a collection of 42 quotes from the book meaningg this post for all of them.

Nanachidhra ghato dhara sthitha maha, Deepa prabha bhaswaram, Jnanam yasya thu chakshuradhi karana, Dwara bahi spandathe, Jaanameethi tham eva baandham anubathi, Yethath samastham jagat, Thasmai sri guru murthaye nama idham, Sree dakshinamurthaye. Salutations to him who shines and exhibits, Himself by the beatific Chinmudhra of the hand, That he exists within the humans as self, Forever and non changing, Even during the changing states of childhood, youth and old age And even during the states of sleep, dream and wakefulness.

Yasyaiva sphuranam sadathmakamasath, Kalparthagam bhasathe, Sakshaath thathwamaseethi veda vachasa, Yobodhyathyasrithhan, Yath saksht karanath bhavenna punara, Aavrithir bhavambhonidhow, Thasmai sri dakshihamurthy murthaye nama idham, Sree dakshinamurthaye.

You must log in to post a comment. Retrieved from ” https: So world is in us rather than we in the world.


Later we start asking questions like mother,where did father go outside? To keep company with the holy, to renounce all thoughts of me and mine, to devote himself to God. As soon as we wake up, we realize that the dream is false and even while seeing our image in the mirror, we ,eaning that we are not seeing us in the mirror but our image.


Of water, fire, air, space, The sun, moon and the individual soul, And also to those who examine the truth behind, The meaning of this universe and find, That it Consists of nothing but, The God who is every where.

Similar the sun existing even when there is eclipse, we exist meanibg we are sleeping. It is similar to his seeing due to illusion, During the state of sleep, That the one real fact appears as many different truths, And he realizes,when he wakes up and sees the reality, That he is really the one and only one soul. As sundara chaitanya swami says,in dreams we create the world drishti-srishti vada but in waking state world is already created and we see the world.

On Having No Head G. This translation was posted as a series of dakshinamurthhy by Shri V. To the sake of which supreme Brahman, The universe is shining as self, Which is Movable and immovable, with its aspects? This is a sample of the approach of negation in identifying the truth about the concept of self. First, my Pranams to all those who have contributed here and a “Dhan-Yosmi” for your time and efforts. When we get knowledge from the guru we are in the wakeful state without the veil dakdhinamurthy ignorance.

Here is the one by Shri. The only sane Indian Newspaper. I will edit the comment removing the email address to save you from spam. Of water, fire, air, space, The sun, moon and the individual soul, And also to those who examine the truth behind, The meaning of this universe and find, That it Consists of nothing but, The God who is every where.

The identity of the brahman and the Atman is apparent after self-illumination. This aspect of Shiva is his personification as the supreme or the ultimate awareness, understanding and knowledge. This page has another one these last two again incorrectly refer to the stotram as ashtakam.

This is because the verses are packed with upanishadic meaning.