Hey all, Thought there might be some good ideas on here as I have been having troubles with a new campaign I’m looking to run with my group. This is a D20 Modern day campaign for shadow chasers. was contacted by a new “Free Agent” looking for another Shadow Chaser team. Just to give everyone a better idea of what a Shadow Chasers campaign is like think of the TV series Supernatural. This is a group that is going.

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Twitch wants Adriana back before he will help Jason. Log in or sign up in seconds. Anistasia slapped Dak around a bit before agreeing to the deal.

[d20 Modern] Shadow Chasers

A handful of protectors, the so-called Shadow Chasers, band together to stop the evil tide that only they can perceive. Even if it’s used, it’s not guaranteed to make a difference anyway, and once it’s used, the character has nothing to fall back on–he’s got the fewest skill points, the lowest saves, the lowest defense, and a BAB x20 better than anyone else’s.

Our story so far Anastasia decided to cgasers the debate and put a bullet in Jasons head cutting short his promising acting and cannibal careers. Thought there might be some good ideas on here as I have been having troubles with a new campaign I’m looking to run with my group. The setting was a take off of anime mecha series, like Mobile Suit Gundam or Macross. Please login or register. We finished a 3-session mini-campaign using the Shadow Chasers setting last night, and since my character got taken out fairly early in combat, I had a chance to look over the rules in more detail.


The good is the Dinhcara Arachnid groups schemes were ended. Is it a sandbox world or are there modules?

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The worlds of H. Level 4 Adventures Scarecrow song: The group has learned that you need a special bracelet to use the elevators and that the DRG is doing some sort of genetic research. George was questioned mkdern the police and has also been threatened with becoming breathing disabled by Sams daughter for being less than truthful with her.

The group quickly realized that they were not next to deranged people but a small horde of zombies. November Learn how and when to remove this template message. Tune in next time for another exciting adventure! Basic Adventure Formula [spoiler]Scene 1: As the character moderrn these points, they’re very limited. They were also reunited with Shun who had escaped the police car captivity and followed the leader downstairs but could not get through the next portal so had been playing hide and go seek from the elemental for the last hour.


D20 Modern Shadow Chasers • No Goblins Allowed

The agents from Department 7 Jackson and Jackson obviously do not have much love for Sam but the group does not know the history behind it. After meeting with Sam and getting another BOMS Bounty for Occult, Mythical, and Supernatural they group tidied up the remaining zombies and a few ghouls that were holed up in the tunnels under the former factory.


Sat Mar 29, Posted By Morrus Friday, 28th December, A day at the beach turns bad In later levels, the player may choose to multiclass their hero. Cooper managed to convince the confused group to stay and wait for the Black helicopters from Department 7.

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Also included are game statistics for both modern weapons and “archaic” weapons, such as swords, axes, and crossbows. It also defines the characters’ financial conditions, mmodern being opulent to impoverishment. The group was able to run off John Saint Pierre and reports are that he has left the city and maybe country for the time being. I’m glad to be alive.

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Anastasia shot everything but what she was aiming at. Your Brains” by Jonathan Coulton. One of the cult leaders was killed and the other managed to escape.