Editorial Reviews. From School Library Journal. Adult/High School-Iselle, the royesse The Curse of Chalion – Kindle edition by Lois McMaster Bujold. The Curse of Chalion, written by Lois McMaster Bujold and published by HarperCollins Publishers in was the first book of the World of the Five Gods . The Curse of Chalion introduces us to Lupe de Cazaril, the scion of a noble family of the titular kingdom. War blights the landscape. Nearby Ibra is wracked by.

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So – is it best to start with ‘The Hallowed Hunt’? And here Bujold saddles up and brings forth all the showmanship and expertise she’s honed through over a decade’s and three Hugos worth of Vorkosigan novels.

The house of Chalion is under a curse, after all, and even after Noble Cazaril’s capture and having been turned into a slave, his subsequent escape, and reinsertion into his natural household, he’s still a conflicted and broken man in body and in spirit.

Furthermore, the story, as all good stories should, unfolds in both directions, into the future and into the past cirse not retrospectively, but in a way that allows the reader to make sense of seemingly unimportant events or to join them into a meaningful sequence.

As part of an attempt to force her agreement to the marriage, he threatens to rape her until she becomes pregnant; she responds by praying for vurse or her death, she doesn’t care which.

Although the frequent Deus Ex Machinima’s caused by the god’s interventions and lack of depth in secondary characters made it hard for me to really get into this one, overall I still found this to be an enjoyable story with a good setting and an interesting main character. The Curse of Chalion –August — spoilers. There is about this story much of the way a melancholy feel of the inevitable doomed hero moving inexorably toward his fate In fact, other than the fact that Cazaril was a broken man like Miles, he was pretty much Miles’s opposite.


In addition to the traitorous intrigues of villains, Cazaril and the Royesse Iselle, are faced with a sinister curse that hangs like a sword over the entire blighted House of Chalion and all who stand in their circle. Delving into the world of Chalion is certainly not a curse, it’s a blessing for your soul.

SF : The Curse of Chalion / Lois McMaster Bujold ☆☆☆☆½

I love this author, but I only knew her from her more popular sci-fi works. If you like one as I doyou’ll probably like them all Top it all off with stron What a delightful world. After suffering inhuman horrors as a prisoner of war and galley slave, the former courtier returns to a court he served in his boyhood, broken in body and tested in spirit, unable to fit into the world where he once belonged.

With only The Spirit Ring under her belt as her sole previous venture into fantasy, Lois McMaster Bujold veered away from her ongoing Vorkosigan saga to deliver what is arguably not only her best novel but one of the best and most mature works of medieval fantasy in recent memory.

For instance most writers curze recollection as a way of developing the characters. I have, however, stripped a lot of wallpaper, painted skirting boards and ceilings, planed and re-hung six doors, packed, carried and unpacked an awful lot of boxes, built a couple of beds, a cot and a bookcase, battled cats into cages and entertained a toddler.

The overarching sadness here, much of it from the weakness of the story’s gods and the way things had to be worked out was very effective.


That Yes in the following reading Ms. Not even your life. Furse the “curse” or “broken blessing” that became a curse is corrected by dy Cazaril allowing the gods to use him, to allow himself to be sacrificed and become a sort of gate the gods can use to get into the world and correct the “screw-up”.

Still emotionally and psychologically scarred by his recent POW slave experiences, and deeply vindictive towards the dy Jironals for their role in it, Cazaril takes a bold step and utilizes some proscribed magic to thwart the marriage. It isn’t that there’s anything particularly innovative or envelope-pushing about this story. I kept wanting to call them Tiddles and Beetroot. Because of his health and poverty, Cazaril never believes he is a serious candidate for her hand.

My understanding is it is actually 3 stand alone stories set in the same world. They swear, they rape, they mutilate and pillage. How is it for you?

The Curse of Chalion

Is there romance in the book? Indeed, it’s nearly spiritual in all the divine revelations.

The second costs a lot more to read it, but I was not knowing what was happening until I bought the complete novel. Basically, to become a stronger and better person than he was before, internally and externally. This narrator, Lloyd James, is new to me but I will definitely listen to chakion of his work.

She drags us along with him, step by painful step.

Most of whom I liked better than Iselle. It’s the characters that make this book enjoyable.