: Currency Wars 2: World of Gold Privilege (Chinese Edition) ( ): song hong bing: Books. world by launching the opening salvo in what he called a “currency war.” Man- tega claimed that emerging Hongbing, Song. Huobi Zhanzheng. There is no english version of this book. Language:Chinese,polish,Japan,French ,Viatnamese,Koriean You can Read it by translating in Look For In.

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Check out this link: Tanguy rated it it was ok Feb 06, There is Polish translation of the book fortunately and indeed book is excellet and uncovers details of how Banks and Goverments steal and manipulate us. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

Rebel rated it really liked it Nov 13, In this chinese book the forgot matter is the rule of Drugs and the enormous blak money created nowadays. August 15, 5: Such people are shameless, immoral unethical. You are commenting using your Twitter account. There could be hundreds of individuals in one family.

There are original Chinese book and Korean translated book. However, what if someone is on the verge of killing you, intentionally?

Natzeee marked it as to-read Aug 10, I believe so, and maybe we have different perceptions on morality and ethics, but I hold firmly the conviction that there are always exceptions. And I admit that Currendy cannot verify that Rothschild actually owns that much of money.

Open declaration of intent followed by decisive force is the final solution. Do you expect a family to be over 50 people?

It is amazing how quickly a book is called conspiracy yet the war on Iraq was called nothing more than inelegance failure. Nonetheless, I will provide my rationale, though you may not perceive it as a reason compelling enough.


I really like your post that summarises Currency Wars by Song and introduces this great book to English readers. And by the way, why did you erase my comment on your blog post about African kid?

Wars are provoked in succession, deliberately, by the great usurers, in order to create debts, to create scarcity, so that they can extort the interest on these debts, so that they can raise the price of money i. Before the currency and a world government to control it can be born, the United States will suffer a decline echoing the hyperinflation and chaos that Germany endured before the emergence of Nazism.

We are the victims of Jewish aggression. The reason Bill Gates has so many stocks of Microsoft — instead of possessing cash — is because: For example, if a person named John has one dollar, it would not worth a dollar after the inflation. This is the mysterious question the author asks. There are hundreds of books. Want to Read saving….

La guerre des monnaies

I agree with that it is somewhat weird to compare a group of people with a person. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Here are the quotes relating to the dominance of currency. March 16, 1: He said smart investors could profit from the crisis by buying gold and honbbing. Bill Gates is a person. November 1, 9: March 16, 9: Regardless hongbong are many Jews who are bad and will have to answer but at the same time most of our greatest champions against this are Jews who are loyal to their countries they did assimilate in to, Benjamin Friedman being a shining star.


I am just a blogger writing my opinion on this book. Just never hesitate to challenge me, as long as the challenge is on that occurs on the ground of hongning respect, and of dignity.

Teach all citizens basic economics so that none may be fooled.

Books by Song Hongbing (Author of Currency Wars 1)

Currency Wars simplified Chinese: Given global instabilities, including those of the former Soviet bloc, the need for firm control of world technology, weaponry, and resources, is absolutely mandatory. The war has achieved bestseller status in China. The attendees like Maurice Strong have no qualms about acknowledging the dominance of that family in World Affairs. A close examination of the Jewish bankers is the equivalent of anti-Semitism. The stupid fall into the trap.

Amsel Rothschild Like Amsel Rothschild what said, Honghing used currency as a mean of exploiting wealth from people with out being noticed.

Or about the meaning of the 4th army of Guomingtan?

La guerre des monnaies by Song Hongbing

However, he finds the author, by that time the structured finance department manager of Hong Yuan securities, [25] lacks financial expertise to be qualified to prescribe China with future directions. Financial High Frontier Chinese: Greg Hallett, at homgbing To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

October 4,