CS Computer Networks Two Marks Questions With Answers Anna University, Chennai. Anna_University,_Chennai_logo. UNIT I. 1. Explain ISO/OSI . CS COMPUTER NETWORKS TWO MARK QUESTIONS WITH ANSWERS ANNA UNIVERSITY QUESTION BANK BY SELVAM COLLEGE OF. A Computer network is a number of computers interconn this is for 2 marks and 16 marks question papers for data communication. Copyright: Attribution CSComputer Networks – Anna University Engineering Question Bank 4 U. Uploaded Mobile Communication 2-MARK Questions and Answers. Uploaded .

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The MTA transfers the mail across the Internet. If it dose not, a change is assumed to have occurred and the sending router then alerts the rest of the network in its next LSP. The system must deliver data in a timely manner. Write short notes about repeaters, routers and gateways.

E Civil 5th Semester Question It supports data rates of Mbps and provides a high-speed alternative to Ethernet and token ring access method used here is token passing. Specific responsibilities of data questkons layer include the following. There are 3 types of HDLC frames.

One questiions more synchronization bits are usually added to the beginning of each frame. Explain the timers and time registers in FDDI. CS — Computer Networks Page 12 of 24 6. The four types of S-frames are Receive ready RR. What is meant by router?

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There are 4 types of redundancy checks are used in data communication. Packets in this technology are referred to as datagram. The value of the code sub field is 11 What is the purpose of HTML? Netwkrks is the difference between network layer delivery and the transport layer delivery?


The client has three components: Anna University Department of Civil Engineering B. It is similar to that of signing transactions documents when you do business with a bank. The most important criteria are performance, reliability and security.

Newer Post Older Post Home. UNIT — V 1. A token is passed among stations. The transport layer ensures end-to-end reliable data transmission. Domain name space is divided into three different sections: Name the four types nftworks S-frames? What are the two interfaces provided by protocols? Write short notes on VRC. The primary station has the complete control of the link.

CS Computer networks – RJ edition 2marks and 16marks with answers

Assume 6 devices are arranged in a mesh topology. It learns exactly the same way that a bridge learns whether it should forward a unicast frame over a particular port- by observing the source addresses that it receives over that port.

What are the properties in star topology? The three basic techniques of multiplexing are, Frequency-division multiplexing Time-division netsorks Wave-division multiplexing Workstations interact with the SMTP host, which receives the mail on behalf of every host in the organization, to retrieve messages by using a client-server protocol such as Post Office Protocol, version 3 POP3. In secret key, the same key is used by both parties.


Write down the three types of WWW documents. Explain the two approaches of packet switching techniques. Flow control refers to a set of procedures used to restrict the amount of data. So it is used to encrypt or decrypt long messages.

Each receiving device has a block of memory called a buffer, reserved for storing incoming anwers until they are processed. The three HDLC station types are: If a station wants to send data, it must wait and capture the token. These functions are handled by the Compter A protocol is a set of rules that govern data communication.

For securitythe transport layer may create a connection between the two end ports.

Each station may transmit only during its turn and may send only one frame during each turn. Explain socket in detail. List answets types of stations is HDLC. What are the responsibilities of data link layer? The secondary station sends responses.

It allows netwprks text to include codes that define fonts, layouts, embedded graphics and hypertext links. Explain the main idea of UDP? What is meant by Concatenation?

Congestion occurs because the switches in a network have a limited buffer size to store arrived packets. The transport layer ensures end-to-end reliable data transmission.