Dungeons & Dragons Edition Index – Feats Collected by Chet Erez ([email protected]) and Outlands. Dungeons & Dragons Edition Index – Feats – Chet Erez’s d20 Read more about bonus, feats, ranks, opponent, improved and combat. It’s a shame it’s too late to make class suggestions as this character’s ripe for factotum (Du ). More levels of wizard would really be a boon.

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Bane of Enemies EL 51 Your attacks deal great damage to your favored enemies. Expert Tactician SaS crystalkee; Your tactical skills work to your advantage. Improved Turning PH 96 Your turning or rebuking attempts are more powerful than normal. Frightful Presence Gh 33 Your very presence can cause others to be stricken with fear.

Killoren Ancient RW You favor the killoren aspect of the ancient. Throwing yourself into every brawl, you draw upon your mighty deity’s strength. Ghost Smiting Gh 34 You can use your smite ability to smite ghosts. Improved Resiliency RE You gain a construct’s resistance to nonlethal damage.

Post Your Answer Discard By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. Focused Antimagic LoM 45 A beholder with this feat can focus the antimagic of its central eye to target a single person or object.


Improved Grapple UE 44 You are skilled in martial arts that emphasize holds and throws. Artist OA 61 You claim descent from Doji, who was known as a creator of culture and civilization. Enlarge Spell PH 94 You can cast spells farther than normal. Hold the Line ShS 20 You are cryatalkeep in defensive techniques against charging opponents.


Complementary Insight RD You get more out of having skills that work well together. It’s just I can’t decide her feats and the DM said I should do it before playing again.

Duergar Mindshaper Rac You are accomplished at using the power of your mind to overcome weaker personalities. Aberrant Dragonmark ECS 47 Although you are not a recognized member of one of the dragonmarked families, you have manifested a dragonmark.

Improved Elemental Heritage PlH 40 You have manifested an even stronger tie to your elemental ancestor, resulting in a minor resistance to elemental effects.

Brute Fighting RE Your extensive training with two-handed weapons is revealed through brutally effective tactics.

This and other secrets you have learned from the church of Loviatar. Explosive Spell UE 43 You can cast spells that blast creatures off their feet. Favored Critical MW 23 You know how to hit your favored enemies where it hurts. Irresistible Gaze SK Your gaze attack is more potent than normal. Improved Sunder EA 42 You are adept at placing your attacks precisely where you want them to land. The fighter and general feat Master of Mockery Dragon 88 grants the creature the ability to make a Perform comedy skill check crystalkrep a standard action.

Incorporeal Form Gh 36 You can crystapkeep incorporeal even when you would otherwise be forced to manifest fully. Infinite Deflection EL 61 You can deflect an infinite number of projectiles.

Axiomatic Heritage PlH 38 You are descended from creatures native to the planes of law. You crystalkfep create magic items using that feat much more quickly than normal. Discipline PG 38 Your people are admired for their single-minded determination and clarity of purpose. Unfortunately it’s hard for me to recall every single feat without looking at it again. Heighten Spell PH 95 You can cast a spell as if it were a higher-level spell than it actually is.


Your spells of that school are even more potent than normal. Brachiation CAd You can swing through trees like a monkey.

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Cover Your Tracks ShS 20 You are good at masking your route, making it difficult for others to track you. Improved Paralysis LM 27 You are better at paralyzing your victims. Earth’s Warding RS You can channel energy to infuse your skin with the strength of the earth. Indexes will be periodically updated as new sourcebooks are released.

Exotic Armor Proficiency Und 25 Choose a type of exotic armor. Improved Ghost Flight Gh 35 Your ghost body can fly rapidly. Brachiation MW 21 You move through trees like a monkey. I assume the intent is the next one, though. My actual plan is to take a feat that boosts my senses it’s an homemade feat for my faction that’s really good for roleplaying. Improved Sigil Naen RD You tap into your naen power sigil to see through illusions and resist language-based effects.

Ability Focus SS 30 Choose one of your spell-like abilities.