WHAT IS KNOWLEDGE REPRESENTATION? .. CRCP. Centre for Reflective Community Practice. DOM. Document Object Model. DTD. The Center for Reflective Community Practice () know what they know, emphasizing how things are made as much as what is made. but also documentation of the process: the steps along the way, the struggles they. Reflective Community Practice (), and was a model for future We recommend that you print out this document on three-hole punch paper and .. What is the caterer’s educated estimate on total costs for food, rentals and staff for .

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A “podcast” could be an audio-only digital story without the visual components. The online video editing tools are relatively new, and so here is a brief review of three of these tools:. In edi learning activities, such as a field experience in teacher education, there may not be a concrete product that can be represented in a discrete artifact.

critical_moments [kstoolkit]

Below is a sample of some of the Web 2. Here is a brief guide to the tools of digital storytelling. This general purpose or frame is formulated as an overarching question with implications for the subject of the learning and the time period to be covered.

Much of the work in both schools and the workplace is the result of collaboration. Because the critical moments time line often sheds new light on the experience, the group participants often slightly revise their inquiry question at this point to reflect any new learnings or revelations as a group, and then select the critical moments that, upon further analysis, would have implications for their revised inquiry question.

It is the heart and soul of the writing, the magic, the wit, the feeling, the life and breath.

The following list of desktop software is listed in order of cost and ease-of-use. In this context and in rocuments of whtis technology, a digital story is a digital video clip, told in the author’s own voice, illustrated mostly with still images, with an optional music track added for emotional effect.


The story types described above are constructed as part of the portfolio development process of reflection. CC Attribution-Share Alike 4. Through this documentation process, participants create a diversity of knowledge materials that can be used in the future by themselves and by other groups. Table of Contents Critical Moments Reflection.

Only in second grade could you summarize a life in one minute! More tools are under development, so this should be an exciting area for development in the next few years. I have been exploring the many uses of digital stories in electronic portfolios. Participants set aside their inquiry question and step back into their past by reflecting on their experience and identifying important events that represented critical shifts, either positive or negative, in this experience.

Digital Storytelling is also a motivating strategy for involving students in their own learning using 21st Century tools of engagement.

A digital story could be used to reflect on and document an experience in a format much richer than just text and images. Other papers in this book have included many of the tools listed above. Other ways to document the process while interacting with participants are: CMR leads groups through a reflective process that helps participants step back from their experiences, review their understanding of those experiences, and draw lessons that they can use to improve their future actions or work.

Building knowledge from the practice of local communities. However, as we put the story together as participants in our first digital storytelling workshop, it because obvious that the most powerful story was about my uncle the narrator and his relationship with his father my grandfather.

In this paper, I address two issues in developing digital stories in ePortfolios: The facilitator re-introduces the top inquiry question that the group identified in step 2, and asks the participants to select the critical moments that, if analyzed in greater detail, would help them answer their top inquiry question.


All of these software tools must reside on a personal computer. The process begins with the definition of the general purpose for which the knowledge to be generated will be used. Storytelling, lessons and implications for inquiry question.

The script for this story was drawn directly from her journal. Even when I show it as part of one of my presentations, I also get spontaneous applause. The personality that comes through in her voice is wonderful! The initial phase of portfolio development is the collection of artifacts, or pieces of work that are created in the course of ordinary school work or professional experience.

Here is a list of common software used on for both major operating systems, along with recommended hardware Barrett This student teachercame to the workshop without a story, sent by her principal to learn the skills so that she could come back and teach them to the rest of the staff! The CMR process traditionally consists of four steps; however, those four steps can be adapted to meet the specific needs of a group.

The goal of CMR is to enable individuals and groups to uncover or create knowledge from their own experiences for improving their future actions.

Digital Stories in ePortfolios: Multiple Purposes and Tools

Coming Full Circle http: Voiceas defined above, is often missing from electronic portfolios, both literally and rhetorically. And in that sense, the digital story format as a sort of PowerPoint on steroids, would be an appropriate way for education to take a snapshot of the educational process, for my ideal world, at the same point that people are being tested: User Tools Log In.

A digital story could provide another approach that allows learners to record their voice, speaking or reading out loud at different stages of development, demonstrating growth over time.