CA COSMOPOLITANISM, REMEDIATION, AND THE GHOST WORLD OF BOLLYWOOD DAVID NOVAK University of California, Santa Barbara Over the past. Intro Cosmopolitanism, Remediation, and the Ghost World of Bollywood Double click to crop it if necessary (cc) photo by Metro Centric on Flickr. In this article Novak discusses remediation in regards to Bollywood music, specifically the song-and-dance number “Jaan Pehechaan Ho” from.

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Spiegelman, Art —91 Maus: The store was very close to the Chameleon nightclub where the Heavenly Ten Stems performance was to take place, and the activists came in to tell Chien of their plan to disrupt the concert. His young protagonists do not so much actively resist as remove themselves from the project of defending their own taste identity. I am just a mockery and so are YOU! Anthropology in a Media-Saturated World.

Are these corporeal aspects more important for the circulation of some forms of media than others? Pinto, Jerry Helen: Enid knows the dizzy rhythm so well she can close her eyes and reproduce the dance exactly.

Desai, Jigna Beyond Bollywood: You are commenting using your WordPress. But somehow this ghostly world finds its way to feeling, to a transformative embrace of alienation.

UC Santa Barbara

It questions what is defined as culture, and what is pulled back and held apart from that category. How do dance, movement, costuming and other bodily performances change our cultural ghosf of media? A Guidebook to Popular Hindi Cinema. Media and the Creation of Parallel Modernities.


Cosmopolitanism, Remediation, and the Ghost World of Bollywood — Cultural Anthropology

About 15 minutes into the concert, a stream of paint is thrown from off screen, most of which hits the female singer Laura Allen, who is outfitted in a Korean hanbok dress. Shukla, Sandhya India Abroad: Through this itinerary, he demonstrates how cultural remediation involves “multi-directional overflows of media resources shaped by cultural differences, globalist desires, and cross-cutting aesthetic affinities.

Often the actors are transported to an unexplained overseas setting, and perform musical references to foreign artists or genres, clad in spectacular costumes. Did you just throw paint in my eye?

Cosmopolitanism, Remediation, and the Ghost World of Bollywood

Cultural Nationalism in a Global Arena. At the moment of her graduation into an unpleasant, rationalized, rote adult life, Enid revels in the possibility—however remote, implausible, and fantastic—that there is another world, another way to imagine being a part of all of this stuff, another channel in which to immerse herself.

Collectors like Clowes were not deliberately subversive of Indian and diasporic perspectives on popular culture in their remediations of Bollywood. Does the process of remediation look different from a local perspective?

“Cosmopolitanism, Remediation and the Ghost World of Bollywood.” | David Novak –

Filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt argues further that these remediations are not just pragmatic, but ontological: They reappro- priate received materials for widely divergent personal goals, and construct social relations through an intertextual discourse of mediated references.

And recognizing oneself as a part of this process—whether one is invested in nostalgia or newness— requires de-emphasizing the authority of an original media context in favor of its remediations. Through how many ears must that sound travel before its reverberation reveals more than repetitions, but begins to stand apart, in the new places in which it re-sounds?


The Emergence of Multi-Sited Ethnography.

Uni- versity of California Cosmopolitanusm. In fact, I was told several times that Chien was the protester responsible for the onstage action at the Chameleon, although she did not enter the club and does not appear on the videotape of the confrontation. The popularity of a song can vastly influence the public reception of a film, and audio-only mixes of film songs circulate widely long after the film in which they were featured have disappeared Arnold ; Manuel I describe a perfor- mance of the song by a short-lived Bay Area rock band called Heavenly Ten Stems, whose brief life in the early s crystallized the debates around cul- tural appropriation for a nascent cosmopollitanism reception bollgwood Bollywood in North America.

Industry, Ideology, and Tye. Majumdar, Neepa The Embodied Voice: For a history of musicians in the Bollywood film industry, see Booth Who has the right to quote and reference, and which mediations belong to which cultural realms? A few moments after the intervention dissipates, with some players continuing to talk with the protesters offstage, Davies addresses the impatient audience with a halting speech: Protester 2 off camera: Boyle, Danny Slumdog Millionaire.