jDLMS is a Java implementation of the DLMS/COSEM protocol. It can be used to develop individual DLMS/COSEM client/master and. based communication while DLMS is a binary protocol. This document provides overview of COSEM modeling of metering devices, addressing and DLMS. The open smart grid platform supports DLMS/COSEM (IEC ]. DLMS/ COSEM is a popular protocol to read smart meters. DLMS/COSEM is the de facto .

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It is one part of the identification of the object. For license information check the license directory in the distribution. Occasionally a manufacturer will invent a new quantity to measure, and in this case, a new or different data type will appear in the meter definition.

May be set to 0xFF where this is irrelevant. When changing the global encryption or authentication keys one has to wrap the new key before transmitting it. Any real world thing mapped protocll an appropriate class type can be described by the attributes defined in the standard; and the methods defined therewith allow operations to be performed on the attributes.

If the password exchange is ok, the meter accepts the hand held unit- it is “signed on. The logical device address is sometimes called server wPort or server SAP.


DLMS/COSEM Protocol – Microstar Electric Company Limited

In case of high security parameters,the meter challenges the hand held unit with a cryptographic password. Use British English Oxford spelling from December As an example, a meter could consist of one logical device for electricity metering at address 18 and another one for protoocol connected gas meter at address It has the the ID 0. DLMS Services After the connection to a logical device has been established, a client can send service requests to the server.

In this manual we will always use protoclo terms client and server. A command line application is part of the library that can be used to connect, read, write and scan DLMS devices. The master key is used for wrapping global keys.

Microstar Electric Company Limited

The generated classes protovol part of jDLMS. Executing the script without any parameters will print help information to the screen. Used by authentication mechanisms such as HLS 5 as well as optionally by encryption mechanisms such as mechanism 0.

The general protocol consists of a “sign on” sequence, in which a handheld unit identifies itself to the metering unit.

IEC – Wikipedia

Defines prktocol, or the result of the processing of physical quantities identified with the value groups A and Caccording to various specific algorithms e. Also if you want to import our software into Eclipse you can easily create Eclipse project files using Gradle.

By now new security mechanisms have been defined. After the connection to a logical device has been established, a client can send service requests to the server. One can communicate over this interface using optical probes that convert the signal to RS and back again.


Defines the abstract of physical data items, related to the information source e. You will not need this application if you simply want to use the jDLMS library.

The cosfm held unit then sends a sign-off message. Dedicated encryption key A temporary session key that can optionally be used instead of the global encryption key by encryption mechanisms.

Coswm from ” https: The library is licensed under the LGPL v2. Thus if you changed code and want to rebuild a library you can do it easily with Gradle. During sign-on, the handheld unit addresses a particular meter by number. Lowest Level Security 0 No authentication is used. The client ID 16 is a special client ID, which refers to the public client for which no authentication or encryption is required. Logical name referencing is recommend and is more commonly used.

The annotation processor can be applied using the following gradle build script.