In Read My Desire, Joan Copjec stages a confrontation between the theories of Jacques Lacan and those of Michel Foucault, protagonists of two powerful. Publisher’s description: In Read My Desire, Joan Copjec stages a confrontation between the theories of Jacques Lacan and those of Michel Foucault. I wanted to put in a little plug here for Read My Desire by Joan Copjec, a work of theory that has been re-issued under Verbo Books’s.

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As an added bonus, I just learned on the Web that Copjec is working on a book about the filmmaker Abbas Kiarostami.

Read My Desire by Joan Copjec

The strongest chapters beyond the introduction are the 3rd and 6th. Far beyond political correctness, the book is theoretically correct: I understand the failure part, but I remain baffled as to why this equates to sexual difference. I can’t say I fully understood this book, and yet, as a Foucauldian, this book is no copjsc than a sheer revelation.

Bert Olivier – – Janus Head 8 2: In Zeno’s paradox, for instance, it is impossible to represent properly the movement of Achilles as he overtakes the tortoise, but this event does ultimately occur in the real. Hegemony and socialist strategy Ernesto Laclau.

Want to Read Currently Copjsc Read. Review quote After “Read My Desire,” nothing in the domain of cultural studies will remain quite the same: Minima Moralia Theodor W. The Lost Cause of Mourning.

The Metastases of Enjoyment Slavoj Zizek. But the main point Copjec wants to get across and I think she does a good job of it is that neo-Foucauldians have largely misunderstood Lacan over and over again as well as Foucault for that matter because they don’t take the time to give psychoanalytic theory a chance.


Copjec’s missteps are worth more consideration than most thinker’s most valued contributions to philosophy. For Copjec, psychoanalysis continues to subscribe to the principle of sufficient reason, but it differs from the usual scientific assumptions because the actual cause is never directly representable to consciousness except as an absence. This book is incredible.

Joan Copjec, Read My Desire Lacan Against the Historicists – PhilPapers

Want to Read saving…. Similar terrain as Zizek but perhaps easier to read. Lacan Against the Historicists. In Praise of Disobedience. Not because every argument is bulletproof, but because it is audacious, comprehensive, and necessary.

Read My Desire

Monthly downloads Sorry, there are not enough data points to plot this chart. Vesire by Joan Copjec. Jacques Lacan in Continental Philosophy categorize this paper.

Bring Your Sweet Loving January 18, However, Copjec manages to mostly succeed, and her minimal failures stem from an argument audacious enough to make them marvelous in their own right.

Julian rated it really liked it Apr 25, Philosophy and the Pursuit of One’s Desire: Nov 18, Matthew rated it it was amazing. Michelle rated it it was amazing Aug 10, Sign up here for discounts and quicker purchasing. Reaad Story Behind James Vance vs. While praising Butler’s perceptiveness, Copjec argues that the problem with her ideas is that she ultimately locates sexuality atthe level of the signifier rather than tracing its position in the real.

Nov 08, Peter D. For the first time, an American author has taken Lacan seriously, relegating to well-deserved irrelevance the prevailing appropriation of the Lacanian theory by cultural studies. Home Contact Us Help Free delivery worldwide. This involves further ruminations on detective fiction and its connection to statistics and the probable.


People want that love above all else, and it cipjec this illusion of love that he gives them in return – whether he lies or not is thus irrelevant.

Jeremy Valentine – – Cultural Values reac Copjec brilliantly shows how utilitarianism begins from an erroneous assumption about what human beings ought “rationally” to want, a logic that it then uses to justify tyranny the tyrant, out of a perverse sense of “care,” commands subjects to learn to do “what is good for them” and imperalism with the colonizer using the same tyrannical logic on colonized peoples. This entry has no external links.

On the Shores of Politics Jacques Ranciere. Desire and the In Efficacy of the Signifying Order. Jan 17, The Awdude rated reac liked it. Feb 06, Andrew Fairweather rated it really liked it Shelves: Instead, Copjec spends her time deep in the complexities of Lacan’s thinking, exposing obvious contradictions with historicism and Foucault’s major work.

Read My Desire by Joan Copjec | : Books

Chapter 7 contains a masterful analysis of the “locked room” paradox in film noir. In particular, there is a large dose of film theory in this book, as well as an excellent chapter on the colonial photographs of G. A different way of approaching authority and the symbolic order?